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Single place record details
Place code NA763
Country Europe
Associated records
RHP754Johnstons War Map of Italy with the islands of Sardinia and Corsica, EuropeSep 1860
RHP2019/1-2Map (in 2 parts) of Italy by Mr. D'Anville, Geographer to the King of France: 17451745
RHP4983/2Plan of the fortifications of Melazzo.1718
RHP9093Plan of Palladio's villa in the Borgo Santa Croce, Padua[18th century]
RHP9830Map of Rome, Italy1748
RHP9831Map of the Kingdom of Naples1769
RHP9832Map of Italy, divided into its several dominions, and the islands of Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica1776
RHP9833Map (in 3 sheets) of the Papal State, "Nuova Carta Geografica Dello Statto Ecclesiastico"[mid 18th century]
RHP9834Plan of the city and castle of Parma, "Pianta della Regio-Ducale Citta e Castello di Parma"[mid 18th century]
RHP9836Plan of the Battle of Maida, with inset pictorial view of a period in the battle (Vignette of soldiers)1806
RHP12202Map of Italy1845
RHP12203Map of the city of Naples: [1840s] (With pictorial views of Naples and Castello Nuovo).1840
RHP12236Map of ancient Rome, based on archaeological discoveries1826
RHP20671Map of the theatre of war in northern Italy1799
RHP22361/15Map of Savoy and Piedmontc 1748
RHP22361/16Map of Italyc 1748
RHP22839Plan of Milan.[19th century]
RHP35191'Panoramic Bird's-eye View of the Seat of War', showing the Kingdom of Sardinia, the route of the Austrian army over the Bridge of Buffolera across the River Ticino, the advance of the French army over the Mount Cenis Pass, and other troop movements1859
RHP35192'Panoramic Bird's-eye View of Lombardy and its fortresses'1859
RHP35193'Enlarged Panoramic View of View of Fortresses, Towns, Railways, and Rivers on the Immediates Centre of Hostilities in Italy', [etc.]1859
RHP41060Plan of the city of Rome, dedicated to Gen. John Ramsay.1841
RHP41871Map of Italy, with Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica:1826
RHP42196Plan of disposition of forces commanded by Count Traun and Count de Gages at unidentified battle [during War of the Austrian Succession]: [1741 or post][1741]
RHP43401Plan of the Faro of Messina, showing its breadth and French batteries.[early 19th century]
RHP43402Plan of mountain ridge near Messina.early 19th century
RHP44694Map of North Italy, showing the 'Seat of War'.1859
RHP46210Illustrations (4 on one sheet) of parts of coastline of Sicily19 Jul 1823
RHP72840"Celdecor" Straw Cutters for Cellulose Development Corporation Ltd, Middlesex (for Italy): General Arrangement1950
RHP72896Willow and Duster for Thomas Miln, Dundee ("for Monza"): Arrangement.1913
RHP72903Esparto Duster No. 286 for S. A. Cellulose-Cloro-Soda, Naples: Arrangement.1938
RHP82128Photocopy of map of Italy, "L'Italie distinguee suivant l'estendue de tous les estats, royaumes, republiques, duches, principautes qui la partagent presentement"; dedicated to the Dauphin1696
RHP82801Photocopy of plan of Rome1864
RHP86243Photocopy of military map of Monte Verena area showing allied and enemy trenches etc13 Aug 1918
RHP86244Photocopy of military map of Asiago area showing allied and enemy trenches etc2 Oct 1918
RHP93484Map of principal towns and roads of the dominions of Italy, compiled for George, Duke of Modena[c 1750]
RHP97879Architectural detail of railing of Chapel of Marchese Nicolini in Santa Croce, Florence, with sketch of Hope crest insertedNov 1874

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