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Single place record details
Place code NA503
Country Wales
Associated records
RHP1916Chart of the coast of Ireland and the Western Coast of Great Britain1746
RHP1923General Map of Great BritainMid 18th Century
RHP1996Copy of Ancient Map [Bodleian or Gough Map] of Great Britain c.1300 held in the Bodleian Library Oxford1870
RHP2199Chart showing the position of all lighthouses, etc. in the British Isles and describing their respective appearances:1833
RHP3201Chart of the British Channel and Bay of Biscay, with part of the North Sea and entrance of St. George's Channel: 1794. By Monsieur L'Abbe Diquemare, with amendments and additions by L.S. De La Rochette. Publisher: W. Faden, London1794
RHP5523Map of the Great North Junction Railway, showing the various lines connecting Edinburgh and Glasgow with London19th century
RHP5538Map of Great Britain showing lines of Caledonian Railway and connections1844
RHP6957Coastal charts of England and Scotland1686
RHP6958Charts of west coast of Great Britain1776
RHP6982Admiralty chart of western part of the English Channel, and the coast from Milford Haven to Plymouth, including part of Finistere1913
RHP11774Pocket volume of plans of roads through England and Wales, revised and reduced from Ogilby's Survey.1762
RHP12205Map of England and Wales showing the canals and railways1844
RHP12210Map of most of Great Britain, showing the telegraphic system of the Electric Telegraph Company.1852
RHP14761Photostat copies of plans, elevations and sections (83 + contents list) in an "Atlas to the Life of Thomas Telford, Civil Engineer ... illustrative of his Professional Labours", including ones of Tongueland Bridge, the Caledonian Canal, Ardrossan Harbour, Aberdeen Harbour, Dundee Harbour, the Gothan Canal in Sweden, various Highland bridges, bridges in Lanarkshire, Glasgow Bridge and the Dean Bridge in Edinburgh, published in 1838.1790-1831
RHP26729Map of the United Kingdom marked to show essential railways1936
RHP26824Bradshaw's railway map of Great Britain and Ireland marked to show the principal railway systems connecting Scotland with Englandc 1900
RHP28503Map of Great British showing the railways complete and in progress and Acts of Parliament have been obtained1849
RHP32943Map of the British Isles.1874
RHP32944Stanford's Stereographical Map of the British Isles.1877
RHP34501Photocopy of map of Great Britain, showing routes of the armies in 1745-1746 and of the Prince after Culloden.1746
RHP36904Railway Clearing House map of England and Wales.1897
RHP394851. Key plan to the Railway Clearing House official railway maps of England and Wales. 2. Duplicate of no. 1c 1910
RHP39564System map of the London Midland And Scottish Railway.1923
RHP41052Map of railways in Great Britain showing existing and proposed lines.July 1845
RHP41097Map of the London And North Eastern Railway system and connecting railways.1923
RHP42693Bradshaw's Railway Map of Great Britain and Ireland.1859
RHP42794Admiralty chart of the Irish Sea with St. George's and North Channels, corrected to 19461925
RHP43151Stanford's large outline map of England and Wales, marked to show 'through routes', hostels and regional councils.1931
RHP43285Chart of the British Isles, showing the limits of the wreck register[early 20th century]
RHP44056Map of Scotland (Caledonian and London and North Western Railway)[early 20th century]
RHP44057Map of Glasgow and South Western Railway and connecting linesEarly 20th century
RHP44060Map of North British Railway and its communications[early 20th century]
RHP44061Map of British Railways, showing regional boundaries1950
RHP44062Map of British Railways1958
RHP47436Plan of operational areas of major omnibus companies showing areas served by each company in which B.T.C. have an interest, number of vehicles per company and other informationFeb 1950
RHP82111Photocopy of map of the six counties of North Wales, divided into their respective hundreds, drawn from the best authorities, adorned with views of the cathedral churches of Bangor and St Asaph, with descriptions of the dioceses, and other improvements1 Jun 1777
RHP82112Photocopy of Cary's pocket companion to the roads of Great Britain, showing all the post and market towns with the days prefixed on which they are held and the exact distances from the metropolis15 Jun 1784
RHP86215Photocopy of 'Itineraire de la Grande Bretagne' - Cary's Pocket Companion to the roads of Great Britain showing all the post and market towns, with the days prefixed on which they are held, and the exact distances from the metropolis15 Jun 1791
RHP87007Map of Motive Power Districts (London Midland and Scottish Railway)21 Aug 1935
RHP87527Architectural plan, elevations and section of lengthmen's hut (British Railways)Mar 1965
RHP88984-88985Diagrams of typical layouts of private sidings with drawing of maintenance plates (British Railways)8 Mar-6 May 1955
RHP89091Drawing of rail built buffer stop type B (British Railways)6 Dec 1951
RHP89587Plan of mineral property leased from Henry Lewis by Pen-Y-Garn Iron Ore Co1861
RHP92953Map showing situation of each Roman Catholic chapel, college and seminary throughout England, Scotland and WalesMar 1839
RHP93057Bradshaw's map of Great Britain showing railways completed and in progress, with the line of navigation from the principal seaports[c 1890]
RHP93658Map of English and Welsh militia brigade districts, also showing `the primary river, hill and railway systems'1855
RHP94536Greenwood's "Atlas of the Counties of England": 1 April 1834, based on surveys from 1817 to 18331817-1833
RHP98180Official Railway Map of England and Wales1918
RHP98181Official Railway Map of England and Wales1926
RHP141017Map of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland4 Jun 1806

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