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Single place record details
Place code NA1009
Country Europe
Associated records
RHP764Map of Zealand with the rivers Schelde, part of Holland, Flanders and Brabant, Belgium29 Nov 1792
RHP1907Plan of the town of Menin, a fortified town in West Flanders on the River Lys, Belgiumnd
RHP2110Map of the frontiers of the Emperor and the Dutch in Flanders and Brabant from survey made under direction of Le Comte de Ferraris.1789
RHP2114Map of the River Maese from Dinant to Venlo.1797
RHP2130Plan of the theatre of the present war in Brabant, Flanders and Westphalia.c 1793
RHP3205Map of the River Scheldt from Bouchain to the sea by Matthias Koops: 1797.1797
RHP3206Plan of the harbour and town of Ostend with the basin and sluice gates of the Bruges Canal at the village of Sluykens destroyed by H.M. Forces under the command of Maj. Gen. Eyre Coote, 19 May 1798: 1798.1798
RHP3299Plan of the Battle of Waterloo1815
RHP9793Map (south-east part missing) of the Australian Low Countries, "Nouvelle Carte Chorographique des Pays Autrichiens"1789, 1793
RHP9794Plan of the field of Waterloo1815
RHP23139War Office map of North West Europe (GSGS No.2733, sheet 1 and Part of 4).1915
RHP23140War Office map of North West Europe (GSGS No.2733, sheet 4).1918
RHP30915Map of the circle of WestphaliaLate 18th century
RHP31449Photocopy of Fairburn's map of the present seat of war in Holland and Flanders intended to illustrate operations of the forces under command of Field Marshal Duke of York ("Grand Expedition"). (Original damaged)1799
RHP35189Copy of a plan showing the dispositions of troops at the siege of Namur in 1695, under King William: 18411841
RHP42195Plan of disposition of troops in area of Chievres, Brugelette and Lens [prior to battle of Denain during War of the Spanish Succession]: [1712 or post][1712]
RHP42204Map of Belgium:Late 19th century
RHP42245Map, from German timetable, of railways in [German- occupied] Belgium and France:c. 1916
RHP43407Plan of battle of Waterloo.1815
RHP43408Plan of battle of Waterloo.1815
RHP48752Volume of GSGS railway maps (5) marked to show works undertaken on French and Belgian lines, and new British military lines1918
RHP48753Gradient profiles and diagrams of lines: Bethune to Le Treport, Les Attaques to Hazebrouck, Fives to Dunkirk, Rouen-Martainville to Amiens, Arras to Etaples, Hazebrouck to Libercourt (In pencil)1918
RHP82115Photocopy of plan of the citadel of Ypres, "Plan des attaques d'Ypres1744
RHP82116-82125Photocopies of series of maps (10) of Northern France and Belgium1706-1712
RHP82463Plan of the battle of Waterloo taken on the spot after the action of 18 June 1815, with description and position of the battles of 15-18 June; dedicated to HRH Duke of York1 Aug 1815

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