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Wednesday 28 February 2024 22:02
Single place record details
Place code NA1008
Country Africa
Associated records
RHP2099Map of Egypt showing the entrances to the Nile, etc.1798
RHP12206Map of Egyptc 1840
RHP12207Plan of Lower Egypt, the Sinai Peninsula and adjacent landsMid 19th century
RHP12219Ordnance Survey photozincographed map of Lower Egypt1882
RHP12220War Office plan of Lower Egypt1882
RHP12222War Office plan of the Nile provinces from Siut (Asyut) to Berber1884
RHP12224War Office plan of Upper Egypt, to illustrate obstacles to the navigation of the Nile between Cairo and Khartoum1884
RHP12225War Office plan of Upper Egypt, showing the telegraph service1884
RHP12227War Office plan of the Nile provinces from Siut (Asyut) to Berber1884
RHP12231Plan of Upper Egypt and Sudan[1884]
RHP12419Admiralty chart (2 copies) of Suez Bay, marked: 18701870
RHP22803Photostat copy of plan of Alexandria and adjacent country showing dispositions of British and French troops and of the British fleet in Aboukir Baynd
RHP42646Bacon's was map of Lower Egypt and the Suez Canal, with inset map showing routes to Egypt routes to Egypt from England and India.c 1882
RHP43389Chart of coast from western mouth of the Nile to the Tower of the Arabs showing the operations of the British Forces.1801
RHP43390Sketch plan of military operations at and near Alexandria.1801
RHP43391Plan of Alexandria and Rosetta, showing 'English army' positions.1801
RHP43392Plan of operations of British Forces from landing in Aboukir Bay to the Battle of Alexandria.1801
RHP44683Plan of the operations of the British Forces from the landing at Aboukir Bay to the Battle of Alexandria.1801
RHP82131Photocopy of "an exact representation" of the English and French fleets under the command of Rear Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson KB and Admiral Brueys off the mouth of the Nile on 1 August 1798, with pictorial north view of the castle and bay of Bequire or Bokkier [Aboukir] and details of lines of battle, copy despatches, etc18 Oct 1798

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