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Wednesday 28 February 2024 21:54
Single place record details
Place code NA1002
Country Europe
Associated records
RHP1646Chart of Wormso Sound: 18551855
RHP3198Plan of the town of Revelc.1730
RHP4977Pictorial etching of Kronstadt.1854
RHP9839Map of the Kingdom of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania, showing their dismemberment, with inset plan of Warsaw1799
RHP9842Map of the Empire of Russia, "Nova Tabula Geographica Imperii Russici in Gubernia divisi edita" (Vignettes of mythological figures and provincial crests)1787
RHP12189Admiralty plan of the Black Sea1853
RHP12192Plan of the Sea of Azov1855
RHP12195Admiralty plan of Kronstadt and adjacent sea, Russia1853
RHP12196Bird's-eye-view lithographed etching of the island of Kronstadt, RussiaMid 19th century
RHP12197Architectural elevation and section of Fort Alexander at Kronstadt, RussiaMid 19th century
RHP12198Architectural elevation and section of Fort Prince Menzikoff at Kronstadt, Russiac 1851
RHP12217Pictorial coloured sketch of the town of Revel, Russia1854
RHP23406Economic map of the Russian Empire[Early 20th century]
RHP38271Johnston's Map of Afghanistan, showing the North West Frontiers of India and part of the southern boundaries of Russia.nd
RHP38485General railway map of Japan, with insets of Tokyo and Environs, Nagoya and Environs, Osaka, Kyoto and Environs, railways in Kyushu Coalfields, Taiwan (Formosa), Okinawa, South Manchuria, Chosen (Korea), and Karafuto (Saghalien).[early 20th century]
RHP41058Map of the Russian Dominions in Europe drawn from the latest maps printed by the Academy of Sciences, St Petersburg, revised and corrected with the post roads and new governments from the Russian Atlas of 1806 by Jasper Nantiat.4 June 1808
RHP72640Paper making machine No. 45 for Vargounin Brothers, Nevesky Paper Mill, St. Petersburg: Plan and elevation.1872
RHP72683Paper making machine No. 202 for Siberia: Arrangement.1919
RHP72684Paper making machine No. 202 for Siberia: Elevation.1919
RHP72756Super Calender No. 958 for Siberia: General Arrangement.1919
RHP73006Paper Making Machine for Siberian Paper Mills, Russia: Plan and elevation.1912
RHP141962Plan of Commissariot wharves and buildings at Balaklava, Russiamid 19th cent

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