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Simple search for catalogue records where any field contains the word or phrase pedie; dates up to 1800, not including undated records
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ReferenceTitleDateAccess status
CC12/2/9/2 Summons (Cognitionis causa): Alexander Pedie (Alexander Peddie) baker in Rothesay agt the executors testamentars, bairns and intromitters with the goods of the defunct. 10 Mar 1764 This record is Open.
CC12/6/2/5 Petition by Alexander Pedie baker in Rothesay concerning the late John Glass in Rothesay. 28 May 1766 This record is Open.
CS271/8045 Thomas Peddie (Pedie) v John Blair 1773 This record is Open.
CS271/8186 William Peddie (Pedie) v Sir John Stewart 1769 This record is Open.
CS271/10585 John Peddie (Pedie) v John Bisset 1783 This record is Open.
CS271/13548 John Peddie (Pedie) v David Smith 1781 This record is Open.
CS271/27923 John Hart (Harte, Heart) v Charles Pedie 1759 This record is Open.
CS271/35931 James Peddie (Pedie) v Isabel Graham 1799 This record is Open.
CS271/36093 Laurence Peddie (Pedie) v William Murdoch 1790 This record is Open.
CS271/39657 Andrew Peddie (Pedie) v Susan Graham 1783 This record is Open.

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