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CS228/P/1/62 James Peadie and others v Syme: Suspension 1730 This record is Open.
CS237/P/1/18 James Peadie v Barr 1725 This record is Open.
GD1/23/5 Inventory of writs of lands of Ruchhill, Garroch, mill and mill-lands thereof in Barony, regality and parish of Glasgow, one fifth of said lands having been disponed by Crizall Peadie, daughter of deceased James Peadie of Ruchhill, late Provost of Glasgow, and spouse of William Maxwell, younger of Calderwood, in favour of Thomas Dunmoor, merchant in Glasgow. Inventory lists 17 writs dating 20 September 1670 to 2 and 17 February 1743. 25/8/1749 This record is Open.
GD1/28/11 Extract Registered Heritable Bond by James Williamson, portioner of Mugdock, to John Colquhoun, clerk to the Regality of Glasgow, factor on the estate of James Peadie of Ruchhill, infant son of deceased John Peadie of Ruchhill, for £120 sterling and said James Williamson binds himself to infeft said James Peadie in an annual rent of £6 sterling furth of a fourth part of the town and lands of Midle Mugdock, with the commonty of moss, muir and pasturage effeiring to the twelfth part of the three towns of Easter Mugdock. Registered Books of Council & Session 27 Apr. 1739 20 May 1736 This record is Open.
GD1/28/15 Precept of Clare Constat by James Williamson, portioner of Mugdock, in favour of Margaret Peadie, wife of William Colquhoun of Garscadden, Grizell Peadie, Mary Peadie, wife of John Coulter, merchant and late provost of Glasgow, Agnes Peadie and Janet Peadie, as nearest lawful heirs portioners of James Peadie of Ruchhill, their nephew, and ordering sasine to be given to them of an annual rent of £6 sterling mentioned in GD1/28/11 and also of the said lands in security of said annual rent 15 Dec 1740 This record is Open.
GD3/5/594 Letter from James Peadie, Glasgow, to earl of Eglinton about bonds. 5/5/1662 This record is Open.
GD3/5/600 Letter from James Peadie, Glasgow, to earl of Eglinton. 21/5/1662 This record is Open.
GD3/17/2/5 Letter from the proprietors of the Wester Sugar Works, Glasgow, to Hugh Montgomerie [MP] at the Old Mans Coffee House, Charing Cross, London 12 Dec 1707 This record is Open.
GD3/17/2/9 Plea for James Peadie and other defendents, partners of Eastern Sugarrie at Glasgow to the bill exhibited against them at instance of HM Advocate General 1709 This record is Open.

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