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CC2/7/56/7 Petition by Ann Gardner Campbell (Ann Campbell), relict of the defunct, for warrant to open the repositories of and inventory the effects of the deceased Duncan McIntyre, tacksman of Glenoe (Glennoe). Granted. 19 October 1808 This record is Open.
CC2/7/57/2 Petition by Ann Gardner Campbell (Ann Campbell), relict of the defunct, as nearest in kin, for the Clerk of Court to hand over to her the papers belonging to the deceased Duncan McIntyre, tacksman of Glenoe (Glennoe). Granted. 17 May 1809 This record is Open.
CC2/7/58/7 Petition by Ann Campbell, mother of the defunct and widow of James McIntyre of Glenoe (Glennoe), to release the papers in the repositories of Archibald Campbell at Easdale belonging to the deceased Duncan McIntyre of Glenoe (Glennoe). Granted. 5 October 1810 This record is Open.
CC2/9/3/5 Bond of Caution granted by John Campbell, writer in Inveraray in favour of Patrick McIntyre, late in Glenoe now in Inverinanbeg and 11 other creditors, executors of the deceased Malcom McIntyre (Malcolm McIntyre), tenant in Inverinanbeg. 27 Jan 1769 This record is Open.
GD112/11/9/6/40-1 Memorial of John MacIntyre, tenant of Glenoe, to have tenement of Glenoe and Duarr in joint name of himself and his son Donald for a few years 28 Oct 1830 This record is Open.
GD112/11/10/9/28 Letter from A MacIntyre, Glenoe, complaining of intrigues interrupting wintering of his hogs 14 Aug 1844 This record is Open.
GD112/15/168 Instructions of the accounts of Glenorchy, crop 1720, John Campbell, chamberlain 1720 This record is Open.
GD112/15/449 Vouchers of account of John Campbell of Lochend, charmberlain for the Earl of Breadalbane of the rents of Glenorchy, martinmas 1783. Settled 30 August 1783 1783 This record is Open.
GD112/16/11/2 Papers relating to woods 1620-1788 This record is Open.
GD112/23/57 Bonds, discharges and related papers 1685 This record is Open.

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