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GD10/14 Transumpt by John of Moussald [Mouswald], priest of Glasgow diocese, imperial notary, narrating that John of Lenax [Lennox], son and heir of the deceased Donald of Lenax, lord of Gyrtowne [Girthon], produced the following letters to Master David of Cadzow, official of glasgow, sitting in judgment:- Letters by James, earl of Douglas, narrating that if James, lord Hamilton, happens to obtain the lands of Kirkynnane [Kirkennan], within Butill [Buittle] in Galloway, by reason of tailzie, the said earl quit-claims Donald of Lenax, his wife, their heirs etc of all receipts, maills and profit which he or his predecessors might have had right to, dated 14 April 1452. Witnesses to transumpt: Walter Stewart of Arthurle [Arthurlie] and Thomas of Maxwell, esquires, Master William of Arthurle, MA, sir Robert of Langmur, sir Thomas Raburn [Raeburn], vicar of the choir of Glasgow, and sir John of Murintoun, priests. 21/10/1454 This record is Open.
GD10/16 Transumpt by James of Fausyd [Fallside], priest of Glasgow diocese, imperial notary, narrating that John of Lenax [Lennox], lord of Balcorvache [Balcurroch] presented the following charter to Master Simon of Dalgles [Dalgleish], licentiate in decreets, precentor and official general of Glasgow, sitting in judgement:- Charter by Archibald, earl of Dowglas [Douglas], to Elizabeth Stewart, daughter of Sir John Stewart of Gyrton [Girthon], of the lands of Kalleth [Cally], formerly pertaining to the said John; performing three suits at the granter's head court of Kirkcudbright; dated 6 February 1418/9 and witnessed by Alexander, earl of Marr [Mar] and Garviauch [Garioch], John, earl of Buchan, Chamberlain of Scotland, Sir John of Seton [Seaton], Sir William of Borthweik [Borthwick] and Sir Robert of Maxwell, knights, the granters; kinsmen, and Alexander of Hume and James of Dundas, his squires. Witnesses to transumpt: George of Mungumery [Montgomery], son of Sir alexander of Mungumry [Montgomery], Cuthbert of Dunbar, canon of Glasgow, Finlay Park, Master William of Arthurle [Arthurlie], sir John of Mowssald [Mouswald], sir John Hasty [Hastie] and sir john Reid, notaries. 26/5/1459 This record is Open.
GD148/59 Instrument upon the Resignation by John Sperk burgess of Irvine of the lands of Arthurlie in the hands of William Cunyngham of Craganys as superior 1 May 1501 This record is Open.
GD148/67 Instrument narrating that John Stewart of Minto and William Cunynghame of Craganis for himself and on behalf of William Cunynghame, his son and apparent heir, portioners of the lands of Arthurlie and Perthuic, compeared before Andrew, Lord Gray, Justiciar, on 4th June in a justice ayre held at the burgh of Renfrew and explained that they had been fined for not presenting a suitor, but they were not liable so to do because they held of the Steward of Scotland, and thereupon they exhibited a charter by the late King dated in [ ] ; whereupon the Justiciar examined the charter and exonerated them from suit at the said court. Done within the burgh of Dunbertan in presence of William Bishop of Aberdeen, Matthew Earl of Lennox and others 7 Jun 1505 This record is Open.
GD148/101 Instrument of Sasine of William Cunynghame as heir to his deceased father, William Cunynghame of Craganis, in half lands of Wester Perthik and fourth part of Arthurlie, with the office of Crowner and Mair of fee of the West Ward of Stragryf and Over Ward of the barony of Renfrew, on Crown Precept dated 4 September 22 Sep 1520 This record is Open.
GD148/146 Instrument of Sasine of John Stewart, son of deceased Robert S. of Minto, as heir to his father in half of the lands of Wester Perthwik and fourth part of Arthurlie, in terms of Crown Precept, dated 12th May 1537. [Fine sample of notary's mark] 14 May 1537 This record is Open.
GD148/180 Sasine of William Coninghame, as heir to deceased Gabriel C. of Craigence, his father, (who died at Pinkeclewch), in half of the lands of Wester Practik and fourth part of lands of Arthurlie, and office of crowner and mair of fee of the West Ward of Stragryif and Over Ward of Renfrew 18 May 1552 This record is Open.
GD148/202 Contract (registered 23 May 1576) made at Irvine between Margaret Cwminghame, widow of William Cwminghame of Cragance, on the one part, and Alexander Cwminghame of Cragance, their son and heir, with consent of William C. of Cuninghamheid, Patrick Houston of that Ilk, knight, John C., younger of Cuninghamheid, Mr. David C., parson of Inchkello, Mr. Robert C. in Velyaird, and James C., chamberlain of Kilwinning, curators to said Alexander, on the other part, whereby Margaret C. for love and favour dispones to her son certain victual and cattle on the lands of Craigance, and 100 merks due by Hew C. of Vatterstoune to her late husband; and she has paid £400 to said William C. of Cuninghamheid and Elizabeth C., his spouse, so that her son may obtain from them the gift of his ward and marriage; and she is willing to exchange her terce lands of Cragance, Tounehil, Manniswray, Lintquhyt, Knopis, Dennestoune, Auchenis, Lochirsyd and Auchinbothie, for the lands of Arthurlie, Yoker and Drummis; and she undertakes to secure him against any claim at the hands of her other sons and daughters. In respect that she has been "ane thankfull mothair "to him in his minoretie" Alexander undertakes to relieve her of all burdens upon the lands assigned to him, and to discharge all her intromissions with his heritage since his father's decease 13 Jan 1575-1576 This record is Open.
GD421/7/1420 Miscellaneous titles and other papers concerning various portions of lands of Broughton. 1538-1594 This record is Open.
GD430/5 Charter of sale by John Farnell, burgess of Edinburgh, in favour of Alexander Napier, younger, burgess there, of an annual rent of 30s Scots from his land or house in Edinburgh in tenement of William Purrock on east side of the crossing called "Througange". 27/2/1433 This record is Open.

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