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ReferenceTitleDateAccess status
ED Scottish Education Department 1872-1999 Access conditions may apply - please click on reference to display details. Check details
ED1 Teachers Superannuation Files 1894-1976 This record is Open.
ED1/1 Draft Superannuation Scheme, 1911 1906-1908 This record is Open.
ED1/2 Draft Superannuation Scheme, 1911 1911 This record is Open.
ED1/3 Draft Superannuation Scheme, 1911 1908-1911 This record is Open.
ED1/4 Superannuation Scheme for Teachers, 1911 1911-1918 This record is Open.
ED1/5 Financing of 1911 Scheme 1908-1912 This record is Open.
ED1/6 Financing of 1911 Scheme 1920-1921 This record is Open.
ED1/7 Superannuation Scheme, 1911 1910-1911 This record is Open.
ED1/8 Order in Council 1912 This record is Open.

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