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SC36/30/1971/1 Fatal Accident Inquiry: Bryan George Todd, 18 Park View, Markinch; Robert McAdam, 14 Temple Denny Road, Denny; Peter Wright, 19 Lincoln Avenue, Tannochside; John Gardiner, 5 Avenel Road, Glasgow; Richard Bark, 752 Shettleston Road, Glasgow; William Thomson Summerhill, 791 Gallowgate, Glasgow; George Anderson Adams, 5 Orbiston Place, Clydebank; John Neil, 671 Shettleston Road, Glasgow; James Trainer, 91 Arcadia Street, Glasgow; Richard Douglas Morrison (formerly Jarvis), 28 Park View, Markinch; James Rae, 79 Newdyke Road, Kirkintilloch; David Douglas McGee, 48 Mosshead Road, Bearsden; Robert Colquhoun Mulholland, 73 Jedworth Avenue, Glasgow; David Ronald Paton, 40 Geroge Street, Markinch; George McFarlane Irwin, Northfield Annex, Alfred Street, Dunoon; Ian Frew, 1C Drumclaire Place, Airdrie; John Crawford, 39 Springbank Street, Glasgow; Brian Hutchieson, 62 Bressay Road, Glasgow; Duncan McIsaac McBrearty, 140 Torphin Crescent, Glasgow; Charles John Griffiths (formerly C. J. G. Livingston), 7 Ard Street, Glasgow; Adam Henderson, 9 Stonylee Road, Cumbernauld; Richard McLeay, 2 Binniehill Road, Slamannan; David Cummings Duff, 14 Balgair Street, Glasgow; David Fraser McPherson, 9391 85th Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Robert Lockerbie Rae, 40 Stewartville Street, Glasgow; Robert Campbell Grant, 17 Lyle Crescent, Bishopton; John McNeil McLeay, 37 Binniehall Road, Slamannan; David Anderson, 23 Dalilea Drive, Glasgow; John Buchanan, 192/7 Mitchellhill Road, Glasgow; John McInnes Semple, 8 Mauchline Court, Kirkintilloch; John Jeffrey, 3 Greenlaw Road, Glasgow; Robert Maxwell, 50 Northway, Blantyre; Matthew Reid, 108 Moss Avenue, Caldercruix; Alexander McIntyre, 3 Stewart Court, Barrhead; Peter Gilchrist Farries, 6 Dodside Gardens, Glasgow; Thomas Ireland Melville, 231 Saracen Street, Glasgow; John James McGovern, Philips Cottage, Longmoor, Liss, Lincolnshire; George Wilson, 5 Lansbury Street, Greenock; Robert Charles Cairns, 18 Downfield Place, Edinburgh; Hugh McGregor Addie, 2 Cedar Place, Barrhead; James Yuilie Mair, 52 Robert Smillie Crescent, Larkhall; Margaret Oliver Ferguson, 21 Craigend Drive, Maddiston; Robert Turner Carrigan, 227 Meiklehill Road, Kirkintilloch; George Alexander Smith, Flat 14/66, 80 Tarside Oval, Glasgow; Walter Robert Paton Raeburn, 17 Claremont Crescent, Edinburgh; Andrew Jackson Lindsay, 32 Dalilea Drive, Glasgow; Charles Bigham Dougan, 178 Faifley Road, Clydebank; William Mason Philip, 1 Park View, Markinch; Thomas Russell Morgan, 64 Bailie Drive, Bearsden; Peter Gordon Easton, 15 Park View, Markinch; George Crockatt Findlay, 99 Ayr Street, Glasgow; Charles Stirling, 44 George Street, Chapelhall; Thomas Dickson, 39 Glenpark, Airdrie; James Graham Gray, 41 Shaw Street, Larkhall; Thomas McRobbie, 165 Stamford Street, Glasgow; Ian Scott Hunter, 72 Manse Road, Newmains; Nigel Patrick Pickup (otherwise McPherson), 9391, 85th Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Alexander Paterson Orr, 121 Whinhall Avenue, Airdrie; Russell Malcolm, 64 Park Grove, Broxburn; Thomas Walker Stirling, 96 Burns Court, Kirkintilloch; James William Sibbald, 6/5 Lochend House, Restalrig Gardens, Edinburgh; Francis Alexander Dover, 32 Burmola Street, Glasgow; Walter Shields, 12 Ryebank Road, Glasgow; Thomas Morrison Grant, 135 Yoker Mill Road, Glasgow; William Duncan Shaw, 8 Drumlochy Road, Glasgow and Donald Robert Sutherland, 31 Spey Road, Bearsden, all died on 2 January 1971 at Ibrox Stadium at the end of the Rangers v Celtic football match held on 2 January 1971, when the steel barriers gave way on Stairway 13. 1971 This record is Open.
SC36/30/1971/10 Fatal Accident Inquiry: George Hamilton Weir, shipwright, 78 Whiteacres Road, Glasgow, died on 15 January 1971 1971 This record is Open.
SC36/30/1971/11 Fatal Accident Inquiry: Robert Alfred Black, rigger, 130 Barrack Street, Glasgow, died on 6 January 1971 1971 This record is Open.
SC36/30/1971/12 Fatal Accident Inquiry: Daniel Skullen, lamplighter, Flat 9/3, 20 Balbeggie Street, Glasgow, died on 12 January 1971 1971 This record is Open.
SC36/30/1971/13 Fatal Accident Inquiry: John McKay Ryder, second engineer, "White Horse of Kent", Great Maplestead, Halstead, Essex, died on 18 October 1970 1971 This record is Open.
SC36/30/1971/14 Fatal Accident Inquiry: Robert Gerald Mackay, engine driver, 45 Glover Street, Perth, died on 13 February 1971 1971 This record is Open.
SC36/30/1971/15 Fatal Accident Inquiry: Sharon Macauley, 23 Fettercairn Avenue, Glasgow, died on 26 November 1970 1971 This record is Open.
SC36/30/1971/16 Fatal Accident Inquiry: Edmond Williams Lamberton, building site watchman, 174, 99 Prospecthill Circus, Glasgow, died on 28 January 1971 1971 This record is Open.
SC36/30/1971/17 Fatal Accident Inquiry: James Conway, shoemaker, 15 Hopeman Avenue, Glasgow, died on 18 February 1971 1971 This record is Open.
SC36/30/1971/18 Fatal Accident Inquiry: Peter Gallacher, engineer's rigger-labourer, 20 Harmony Row, Glasgow, died on 29 March 1971 1971 This record is Open.

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