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GD45/27/8 Register of the priory of St. Andrews 1144-1438 Access conditions may apply - please click on reference to display details. Check details
GD45/27/80 Retour before Robert Grhame of Aldmonros, bailie of the bishop of St. Andrews, of Thomas Hvme as heir to Elisabeth of Lawadar (?), his mother, in a quarter of the lands of Abrillot held of the lord (baro) of Rostowy by three suits at the head courts thereof and for a feu-duty of 25/-, formerly held by deceased Thomas Hvme, father of said Thomas, in courtesy 30 Oct 1459 This record is Open.
GD45/27/81 Crown charter of resignation to William of Vchtirlowny of that ilk of the barony thereof alias Kelly, following on resignation by said William. Reddendo: common suit in the courts of the sheriffdom of Forfar and other services due and wont 20 Mar 1459/1460 This record is Open.
GD45/27/82 Instrument narrating that Sir Andrew Gray, kt., Lord of Fovlis, as attorney of Thomas of Maule, declared that John of Ogilvy, sub-sheriff of Forfar, had not appeared at a second court fixed for determining whether the said Thomas was in possession of the lands of Kambystoun when they were recognosced 26 Oct 1426 This record is Open.
GD45/27/83 Instrument of sasine propriis manibus in favour of Andrew Maule, portioner of Skryne, and Margaret Durham, his wife, of the lands of Guldy, following on charter by James Durhame of Ardesty and Helen Inglis, his spouse 20 Apr 1591 This record is Open.
GD45/27/84 Precept of clare constat by Patrick, archbishop of Glasgow, in favour of Robert Mauld in Guildie as heir to Andrew Mauld of Guildie, his father, in the lands thereof 17 May 1637 This record is Open.
GD45/27/85 Crown charter of confirmation of a charter by James, Lord Balmerinoch, to Henry Maull, portioner of Scryne, and Henry Maull, his son, of the lands of Eister Innerpeffer in the barony of Ballumbie 28 Dec 1605 This record is Open.
GD45/27/86 Instrument of agreement between Robert Mawll of Panmwir and Katherine Liddaill, daughter of deceased David Liddaill and grand-daughter (? niece) of deceased Robert Liddaill of Panlathy, with consent of John Arbuthnot of Brychtye, her curator, concerning her marriage to George Stewart, son of John Stewart of Arntayle 12 Mar 1525/1526 This record is Open.
GD45/27/87 Precept of sasine under the Quarter Seal in favour of Robert Maule of Panmure and Isobel Merser, his spouse, of the lands of Panlothy and a third of Petcunren 25 Feb 1528/1529 This record is Open.
GD45/27/88 Instrument of sasine in favour of Thomas Mawll, son of Robert Mawll of Panmur, and Margaret Haliburton, daughter of Janet Owgstoun, lady of Petcur, and spouse of said Thomas, of the west third of Panlathy in the barony thereof and regality of Kerymwr in consideration of part of tocher paid by said Janet and following on precept of sasine by said Robert dated 26 May 1547 27 May 1547 This record is Open.

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