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AD Lord Advocate's Department 1147-21st century This record is Open.
AD1 Crown Office Writs 1147-1889 This record is Open.
AD1/1 Charter by Rannulf de Solis, cupbearer of the king of Scots, to abbey of Jeddw[ort] of church of Dodintona, as Walchelin the chaplain held it; half a carucate of land beside the church of Nesebith and the teind of the mill and of the fishing; the church of St. Martin of Lideldale with a measured carucate of land, as Osbert, the grantor's chaplain held it, for service of said church of Jeddw[orth] with wine for masses and the rest to the brethren; to be held in perpetual alms c 1147-1151 This record is Open.
AD1/2 Charter by Rannulf de Solis, cupbearer of the king of Scots, to abbey of Gieddew[ort], in terms similar to AD1/1, but with bounding description of carucate attached to church of St. Martin c 1147-1151 This record is Open.
AD1/3 Confirmation by King David I to the church of St. Mary of Jeddew[orth] of gift by Rannulf de Sola of church of Lideldale, with teind of hunting in the dale, as Rannulf's charter bears witness c 1147-1151 This record is Open.
AD1/4 Charter by Ratius son of Malger to abbey of Jeddewrd, in free alms, of half of the land called Scortebuttes, in territory of Sourebi, with one acre of arable land on the east of Scortebuttes and the whole Scawe in the field of Sourebi, by boundaries detailed; one acre of arable land beside Scawe on the north, with common pasture for 40 cows with their followers of one year, and for 2 bulls, 10 oxen and 2 horses; with free ish and entry and all liberties pertaining to said toun of Sourebi c 1165-1214 This record is Open.
AD1/5 Charter by Rannulf de Sulis to abbey of Jedde[worth] of the Wambehope towards the west, by boundaries detailed, to be held with the pasture which they have of him in Lideldale, as the chirograph between them bears witness; for which agreement the canons have given him 10 merks for the first year and are quit of all other exaction c 1170-1207 This record is Open.
AD1/6 Resignation by Symon Cornet, son and heir of deceased John Cornet, made at the king's assembly (colloquium) before Malise, earl of Stradherin, Sir John Comyn, Sir William de Soulis, justiciar of Lothian, Sir John Comyn of Buchan, Sir William Comyn of Kirkintolah, Sir Hugh de Perisby and Sir John de Strivelyn, of land of Mylis in hands of Sir Alexander Comyn, earl of Buchan, constable and justiciar of Scotland, for infeftment of William of Preston, kinsman of said Symon 25 Jan 1284/1285 This record is Open.
AD1/7 Charter by Symon Korneth, son of John Korneth, to John of Preston, son of the grantor's aunt, of lands of Mylis called Krawwoyth, for payment of 1d. annually if asked and performance for the chief lords of the king's forinsec service which pertains to said land c 1249-1286 This record is Open.
AD1/8 Charter by Peter of Preston, son of deceased William, lord of Preston, to William of Preston, son of John of Preston, grantor's uncle, of land in tenement of Preston called Mackabey, which grantor had by gift of William, lord of Preston, his father, to be held of chief and superior lord of the fee for performance of forinsec service pertaining to said land. Since his seal is little known, he has procured seal(s) of Sir Ralph of Heylyn, burgess of Hadington, Richard, vicar of Travernent, Henry, vicar of Muskylburg, dean of Hadington, and John of Helfyniston to be appended to this deed c 1249-1286 This record is Open.

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