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ReferenceTitleDateAccess status
GD4/1 Charter by William (the Lion) King of Scots, granting Benne [Benholm] to Hugo brother of Helias the clerk. 1189-1196 This record is Open.
GD4/2 Charter by William (the Lion) King of Scots granting Benne [Benholm] to Hugo son of Hugo de Benne [Benham]. 20/8/1201 This record is Open.
GD4/3 Sasine to John Lunde [Lundie] of that ilk of the barony of Benham [Benholm]; on Precept from Chancery. Given at the Castell-wallis of Benham [Benholm]. 16/10/1445 This record is Open.
GD4/4 Judicial Ratification by Elizabeth Hepburne [Hepburn], spouse of William Lundy [Lundie] son and apparent heir of John Lundy [Lundie] of that ilk knight, of the resignation of the lands of Benham [Benholm], Tullo [Tulloch], Casteltoun [Castleton], Carnenow, Mithil and Brewland, by her husband in favour of the said Sir John and Isabel then his spouse and the heirs of their marriage. Done before the Official of St. Andrews principal, in St. Leonard's kirk in St. Andrews. 18 Feb 1484/1485 This record is Open.
GD4/5 Procuratory by Sir John Lundy [Lundie] of that ilk knight, for resigning the Mains of Benhame [Benholm], the lands of Knox Uvyr [Upper Knox] and Nethir [Nether Knox], and of Inchemethane [Inchmeddan], into the hands of the King as superior thereof. 15/10/1485 This record is Open.
GD4/6 Instrument upon the resignation by John Lundy [Lundie] of that ilk knight, of the barony of Benholme [Benholm] and Mains thereof; and by William Lundy [Lundie] his son and heir apparent, and Elizabeth Hepburne [Hepburn], William's spouse, of the lands of Tulloch, Castelton [Castleton], Carmenach and the Brewland, which pertained to the said barony (resigned in excambion for the lands of Halton of Balcormok [Balcormo] and Nethyr Prateris [Nether Pratis], in Fife, which had been resigned by Sir John and Isabel Forster his Spouse and granted to said William and Elizabeth); all into the King's hands in favour of said Sir John and Isabel. Done in the King's chamber within Edinburgh Castle. 6 Jan 1485/1486 This record is Open.
GD4/7 Another Instrument of the same date and to the like effect, but omitting Sir John's resignation of Benholme [Benholm]. 6 Jan 1485/1486 This record is Open.
GD4/8 Charter by King James III granting to Sir John Lundy [Lundie] of that ilk knight and Isabel Forstare [Forrester] his spouse, and the heirs male of their marriage, the barony of Benholme [Benholm] and Mains thereof (on Sir John's resignation); also the land's of Tulloch, the Casteltoun [Castleton], Carnenach, Mutehill and the Brewland (on the resignation of William Lundy [Lundie] and his spouse). 4 Jan. 1485/6, an.reg.26 (Reg.Mag.Sig.ii 1631.). Note:- Willlam Lundy [Lundie], who was a son of Sir John by a former marriage, had a royal charter of Benholm to him and his spouse on 4 May 1469, of which a Transumpt is preserved among the Lundin [Lundie] charters at Drummond Castle. 4 Jan 1485/1486 This record is Open.
GD4/9 Sasine to Sir John Lundy [Lundie] and his spouse, conform to Precept (dated 10 January 1485/6) following on GD4/8. Dated 3 February 1485/6. 10 Jan 1485/1486 This record is Open.
GD4/10 Charter by John Lundy [Lundie] of that ilk knight and Isabel his spouse, granting to Robert Lundy [Lundie] their son the lands and barony of Benhame [Benholm], viz. the Manis, Casteltoune [Castleton] and Tulloch, with the mill. To be held of the King. Reserving the granters' liferent. At Lundy [Lundie], 24 March 1491/2. Sir John's seal is gone. Isabel Forrester's is entire. 24 Mar 1491/1492 This record is Open.
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