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Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference RH15
Title Miscellaneous Papers (Formerly known as MP Bundles)
Dates 1502-1907
Access status Open
Location Off site
Description RH15/1. Gordon of Carnousie
General and legal papers 1551-1751 RH15/1/1-42
Correspondence 1674-1745 RH1/1/43-225
Tacks 1691-1719 RH1/1/226-246 (formerly M.P. 91-104)
Writs 1609-82 RH1/1/247-255

RH15/2. Argyll papers 1591-1779 (from West Stand)

RH15/3. Isobel Goudie, relict of James Watson, vintner in Dalkeith 1669-1709 (formerly M.P. 24)

RH15/4. John Stewart, chirugeon in Kinghorn 1739-46 (formerly M.P. 24)

RH15/5. David Buchanan, merchant in Montrose 1687-1731 (formerly M.P. 25)

RH15/6. Anne, duchess of Buccleuch 1678-93 (formerly M.P. 25A)

RH15/7. Andrew Brown, knockmaster in Edinburgh 1675-1711 (formerly M.P. 24)

RH15/8. John Bredie, merchant in Glasgow 1670-82 (formerly M.P. 23)

RH15/9. Annandale papers 1567-1735 (from West Stand)

RH15/10. Lord Edward Murray, and hon. John Murray, his son 1669-1745 (formerly M.P. 212)

RH15/11. William Blair, regent in College of Glasgow, 1606-1706 (formerly M.P. 19)

RH15/12. Livingstone papers 1560-1712 (from West Stand)

RH15/13. Robert Fraser, advocate, and William Fraser, W.S. 1618-1776 (formerly M.P. 83)

RH15/14. Alexander Campbell, merchant in Edinburgh, and Alexander Campbell, advocate, his son-in-law

General and legal papers 1601-1725, 1802 RH15/14/1-188
Army papers 1685-1724 RH15/14/189-209 (formerly M.P. 36-45)

RH15/15. Sir Andrew Home, lord Kimmergham, son of Patrick, 1st earl of Marchmont 1631-1730 (formerly M.P. 129-30)

RH15/16. Home of Predergast 1564-1703 (formerly M.P. 131-2

RH15/17. Major William Howe

Military papers 1705-33
Personal affairs and letters 1716-33 (formerly M.P. 128)

RH15/18. Glendoning papers 1661-1842

RH15/19. Home of Eccles

General papers 1523-1683
George, earl of Dunbar, and his daughters 1610-12
Priory of Eccles 1567-1678 (formerly M.P. 124-7)

RH15/20. John, 2nd earl of Stair 1712-41

RH15/21. William Seton, W.S. 1610-1763 (formerly M.P. 269-70

RH15/22. Robert Seton, grandson of Sir George Seton of Haills 1629-1705.

RH15/23 Papers re James Anderson, W.S., and his 'Diplomata et Numismata Scotiae'. 1599-1737

RH15/24 Miscellaneous Letters. 1593-1907

RH15/25 Gordon of Grange. 1542-1701

RH15/26 Board of Ordnance Estimates. 1802

RH15/27 Business correspondence of James Elder, merchant in Perth and Aberdeen. 1749-1769

RH15/28 Cuningham of Cuninghamhead. 1557-1790

RH15/29 Adam Hepburne of Bonhard and lands of Craigmackerrane. 1545-1637

RH15/30 Andrew Hay. 1688-1698

RH15/31 Smollett of Bonhill. 1595-1743

RH15/32 Arthur Clephane, seed merchant in Edinburgh. 1685-1730

RH15/33 The company trading to Africa and the Indies (The Darien Scheme). 1695-1707

RH15/34 George Dallas of Saint Martins, W.S. 1687-1703

RH15/35 Documents found in the Reference Room Ante-room 1502-1797

RH15/36 Sir William Dick (formerly Cunningham) of Prestonfield, 2nd BT. 1718-1746

RH15/37 Rait of Hallgreen 1507-1723

RH15/38 Hugh Forbes, Advocate, one of Principal Clerks of Session. 1647-1760

RH15/39. Haddington papers (formerly MP 108-9)
Correspondence 1623-94, 1735
regality of Melrose 1532-1688
misc. 1542-1737
estate & financial papers 1606-1736

RH15/40. Arnot of Arnot 1528-1713, 1812 (formerly MP 13)

RH15/41. Andrew Downy, burgess of Burntisland, 1607-48 (formerly MP 70)

RH15/42. William Lawrie, tutor of Blackwood 1634-1703 (formerly MP

RH15/43. Gilbert Hay, writer in Edinburgh, 1675-1744 (formerly MP 116-17)

RH15/44. David Ross, accountant to the GPO, Edinburgh (formerly MP 235-6)
Correspondence 1660, 1762-89
David Ross, licensee of Theatre Royal, and Walter Ross, WS., 1769-80
legal & general papers 1606-1800

RH15/45 Thomas Adamson, Town Clerk of Crail

RH15/46 Anderson of Westertoun

RH15/47 Alexander Anderson, merchant burgess of Edinburgh

RH15/48 William Veitch, W.S.

RH15/49 James Baillie, Captain of the Town Guard, Edinburgh

RH15/50 Lord Balmerino

RH15/51 Barclay of Cullernie

RH15/52 Andrew Birnie, Lord Salen

RH15/53 Sir Alexander Brand of Brandsfield or Dalry

RH15/54 Edward Burd, merchant in Leith

RH15/55 Robert Burnet, W.S.

RH15/56 James Carnegie, writer in Edinburgh

RH15/57 George Cessford, writer in Edinburgh

RH15/58 Writs of property in Canongate, Edinburgh, belonging to J., E. and W. Chalmers

RH15/59 John Charteris, merchant in Edinburgh

RH15/60 Cromartie Letters

RH15/61 William Coupar of Fentonbarns, writer in Edinburgh

RH15/62 James Craig, wigmaker in Leith

RH15/63 Currie of Newlaw

RH15/64 Lovell of Cunnoquhill

RH15/65 Elphinstone of Salmes

RH15/66 James Ewart, accountant, Royal Bank, Edinburgh

RH15/67 Fleming of Ferme

RH15/68 Forbes and Keith of Beltie

RH15/69 Duncan Campbell, indigo merchant, London and Edinburgh, 1688-1753

RH15/70 Geddes of Rachan and Scotstoun

RH15/71 Walter Gibson, provost of Glasgow

RH15/72 Thomas Oswald, beltmaker in Edinburgh

RH15/73 Robert Harris, merchant in Edinburgh

RH15/74 Gavin Drysdale, baxter, burgess of Edinburgh

RH15/75 George Gibson, writer in Edinburgh

RH15/76 John Gray, Lord Advocate's clerk

RH15/77 Hamilton of Blackburn and Binnie

RH15/78 Alexander Hamilton of Haggs (ex MP 114-15)

RH15/79 Hepburn of Blackcastle (ex MP 122)

RH15/80 Mrs Hodson (ex MP 123)

RH15/81 John Hunter, merchant in Edinburgh (ex MP 133-5)

RH15/82 Robert Innes, writer in Edinburgh (ex MP 136-54)

RH15/83 Irving of Federat (ex MP 155-9)

RH15/84 William Johnston of Wamphray

RH15/85 James Ker, merchant in Edinburgh see RH9/1/258-60 (ex MP 162)

RH15/86 Ker of Kersland (ex MP 163)

RH15/87 Kinloch of Gilmerton (ex MP 164)

RH15/88 William Lamb, merchant in Edinburgh (ex MP 166-70)

RH15/89 Paul Lyll, merchant, custumar in Haddington, see RH9/1/261 (ex MP 174)

RH15/90 Miscellaneous papers, accounts and processes:

Baillie of Littlegill
Stewart of Ryland
Garden of Troup
Lindsay of Edzell
Livingston of Lugat
Semple of Belltrees
Gray of Tordell
Lord Forrester of Corstorphine, and others (ex MP 175-9)

Maxwell family of Orchardton, parish of Rerrick, Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, and Ulster, 1562-1720
[copies of some of these papers are held at the Public Record Office, Northern Ireland, ref T460, McClellane papers, 1612-1698]

Menzies of Cambo and Culterallers 1634-1770

Charles Mitchell of Pittedie, writer in Edinburgh. 1667-1730

Lands of Monktonhall in County of Midlothian. 1599-1673

William Murray, shoemaker. 1720-1725

Duncan Nairne, Provost of Stirling. 1615-1668

Nicolson of Cockburnspath. 1632-1700

John Paterson, archbishop of Glasgow and John Paterson, bishop of Ross, his father. 1679-1708

Alexander Penman, Musselburgh. 1723-1731

James Philp, merchant tailor, burgess of Edinburgh. 1705-1742

Alexander Piper of Newgrange, merchant in Montrose and Edinburgh. 1645-1726.

Sir James Stansfield of Newmilns and the Newmilns Cloth Manufactory. 1586-1780

Donald Ross, writer in Edinburgh. 1692-1769

Robert Ross, writer in Edinburgh. 1682-1747

William Ross, writer in Edinburgh, agent of the Church of Scotland, Clerk to SSPCK. 1667-1766

Lord Saltoun. 1588-1624

David Scrymgeour, writer in Edinburgh. 1680-1710

Skene of Hallyards. 1644-1706

Sir John Smith, Provost of Edinburgh. N.D.

Sir William Wallace of Craigie, captain in Colonel Graham's regiment of guards. 1606-1712

Watson of Sauchton. 1629-1749

Wemyss of Foodie and Fingask. 1544-1705

Wright of Loss. 1655-1769

Thomas Young, Provost of Dunkeld, merchant. 1633-1704

Fife and Kinross Railway. 1856

Creditors of Alexander Dunlop of Keppoch. C1848

Hamilton of Pencaitland Papers. 1659-1813

John Gordon of Kirkconnel, collector of excise. 1621-1740

Hamilton of Preston. 1655-1680

Lindsay of Culsh. 1648-1716

Viscount Strathallan. 1603-1751

Hogg of Cammo. c1729-c1741

Edinburgh Royal Exchange. 1700-1704

William Caldwell, merchant in Leith. 1720-1734

Colonel George McGill, brother of Robert, 2nd Viscount Oxfuird. 1663-1704

Dr Henry Grieve. 1786-1792

Rev. John Scotland, minister at New Greyfriars, Edinburgh 1786-1792

John Watson's Institution. 1831-1836

Lands in east New Jersey. 1683-1685

Samuel Shaw, writer in Edinburgh. 1782-1802

Gilbert Mair, writer in Edinburgh. 1737-1756

Colin Mitchell, Goldsmith in the Canongate, Edinburgh. 1683-1755

Innes Collection. 1604-1733

Keirie of Gogar. 1687-1712

Cassillis. 1611-1700

Hepburn genealogical notes. 1842-1863

John Finlayson, SSC 1721-1833

Papers of Thomas Thomson. 1488-1848

Campbell of Shawfield. 1724-1754

Cunningham of Barnweil 1502-1746

Henry Shee 1813-1883

Sheriff Clerk of Edinburgh. 1796-1891

Adam Rolland's paper (Edinburgh County Hall). 1671-1897

Papers relating to Glasgow, Renfrew and Lanark. 1554-1797

John Spens, Town Clerk of Brechin. 1793-1804

Miscellaneous Papers. 1520-1800

Papers relating to Sheriffdoms of Ayr, Wigtown and Kirkcudbright. 1532-1814

Papers relating to Forfar, Fife, Kinross & Clackmannan. 1466-1815

Writs of lands in Argyll. 1672-1741
Level Fonds
Accruals None expected.
Admin history These papers were taken out of old chests, trunks and cabinets etc which were brought from the Old College of Edinburgh and stored in the apartments of the basement storey of General Register House in 1790 and were there 'examined and put up in bundles' by order of the clerks of session in autumn 1806.
Arrangement Originally known as MP and were numbered in a running order. It was decided to renumber them in the 1960s and list some of the collections down to item level. Some of the bundles themselves do have annotations to the report of 1806 (SRO5/11) and its sections A, B and C
Creator name Report compiled by James Reid in 1807
Physical description Many bundles in poor condition and require conservation
Format Manuscript
Language Latin; French; Dutch; Spanish

National Records of Scotland, H.M. General Register House, 2 Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3YY; tel +44 (0) 131 535 1314; email: [email protected]