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PA7Supplementary Warrants and Parliamentary Papers1455-1707
Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference PA7/15
Title Supplementary Parliamentary Papers
Dates 1695-1697
Access status Open
Location On site
Description Including:
1 (1-2). 1695: Two Rolls of Parliament (2 leaves each).
2 (1-3). 1695: Two Lists of Committees, and the List as adopted. (3 papers).
3. 1695: Memorial for Laws.
4. 1695: Lists of Acts to be desired.
5. 1695, Jul 11: Printed Copy of the Minutes of Parliament.
6. 1695, May 21: Resolve as to supply, [printed, APS, IX, p. 354].
7 (1-2). 1695: Executions of Citation in petition of Sir John Gordon of Park against John Abernethy of Meyen and others, [printed, APS, IX, p. 355]. (2 papers).
8 (1-2). 1695, Mar 26 & May 24: Two Notarial Acts or instruments in the process by the hospital of Glasgow against the Magistrates of Irving, [printed, APS, IX, p. 355].
9. 1695, May 28: A list of creditors of the deceased Sir Wm Dick given in by Sir James Steuart, His Majesty's Advocate in a process for adjudging a 'wast tale' to Sir James, [printed, APS, IX, p. 361].
10 (1-3). 1695, May 27 & Jun 1 & 3: Petition of John, Lord Strathnaver, regarding arrears due to his Regiment, undertaking by him thereanent, Report of Sub-Committee and Committee, [printed, APS, IX, pp. 360 and 363b]. (3 papers).
11 (1-7). 1695, Jun 3: Minute of Parliament anent the process of treason against the Earl of Melfort and others, rebels in France, Summons, and 5 Executions of Citation, [printed, APS, IX, p. 363. (7 papers).
12. 1695: Summons Wm Watsone, eldest son of the deceased John Watsone of Jardenfield against Katherine Hamilton, relict of Robert Dundas.
13 (1-2). 1693, May 16 & 21: Warrant for Citation and execution thereof in process David Fothringhame of Pourie against Lord Gray and others. (2 papers).
14 (1-3). 1695, Jun 14 & Jul 4: Petitions of Patrick Porterfield of Comiston and other heritors about Edinburgh against an Act in favour of the town of Edinburgh for a water supply and Draft Act thereupon, [printed APS, IX, p. 368 and appx p. 117]. (3 papers).
15. 1695, Jun 14: Bond of Caution by Alex Stevensone, merchant, Edinburgh, for John Spreull [Sproul], merchant, Glasgow, for the application of money collected for the liberation of Barbary captives, [printed, APS, IX, p. 368 and appx. p. 105].
16. 1695, Jun 14: Scroll Act anent salmon fishing, [printed, APS, IX, p. 369].
17. 1695, Jun 18: Scroll Act for clearing sales of bankrupt's lands, [printed, APS, IX, p. 369].
18a. 1695, Jun 20: Execution of Citation in process John Trotter of Mortounhall against Sir James Dick of Priestfield, [printed, APS, IX, p. 376]. (See No. PA7/15/117).
18b (1-3). 1695, Jun 20: Petition Fortrose v Ross-shire, Answers and production, [printed, APS, IX, p. 376] and see [printed APS, X, app p. 29]. (3 papers).
19 (1-2). 1695, May 27 & June 1 & 27: Execution of Citation Sir John Dempster of Pitliver against the Earl and Countess Dowager of Seaforth, [printed, APS, IX, p. 381].
20. 1695, Jun 12 & Jul 1: Execution of Citation I C Thomas Skene, advocate, against Alexander Swintoun of Mersingtoun, [printed, APS, IX, p. 391]
21. 1695, Jul 5: Scroll Act anent the Post Office, [printed, APS, IX, p. 417].
22. 1695, Jul 5: Scroll Act in favour of James Lyell of Garden for making of oil, [printed, APS, IX, p. 419].
23. 1695, Jul 5: Printed copy of a proposed Act in favour of Sir Alex Hope of Kers and others for making gunpowder and alum and reasons for passing the same, [printed, APS, IX, p. 420].
24. 1695, Jul 5: Overture anent runrig lands and enclosures, [printed, APS, IX, p. 421].
25. 1695, Jul 5: Printed reasons against an Act in favour of the Earl of Cassillis as to the bailliary of Carrick, [printed, APS, IX, appx p. 118b].
26. 1695, Jul 9: Memorandum 'of some of the grievances that the paroch of Trinent laboures under through the continuance of Mr Bernerd McKenzie and his new erected meeting house in the said paroch', [printed, APS, IX, p. 423].
27. 1695, Jul 10: Scroll Act in favour of persons indicted for treason or imprisoned 'in the late oppressive times' and prejudiced through not doing diligence, [printed, APS, IX, p. 428].
28. 1695, Jul 11: Report of the Committee for security of the Kingdom on the Poll - read and approved in Parliament, [printed, APS, IX, p. 430].
29. 1695, Jul 5: Scroll Act for a manufactory of white paper in favour of Nicholas Dupin and co-partners, [printed, APS, IX, p. 429].
30. 1695, Jul 11: Printed copy of Act in favour of the Scots Linen Company, [printed, APS, IX, p. 430].
31. 1695, Jul 12: Scroll of an Act allowing the Chamberlains and Factors in the Synod of Argyle to quarter for the better collection of the bishops rents, [printed, APS, IX, p. 448].
32. 1695, Jul 12: Petition of Archibald, late bishop of the Isles. See Act in his favour, [printed, APS, IX, p. 448].
33 (1-3). 1695, Jul 16: Petition of Alexander Biggar and others, brewers in and about Edinburgh, [printed, APS, IX, p. 451] (3 copies). (See PA7/17/1/65).
34. 1695, Jul 16: Petition of the brewers in Edinburgh, Leith and suburbs thereof and sheriffdom of Midlothian, [printed, APS, IX, p. 451]. [Note These Nos. PA7/15/33 and 34 should be placed in 1700. See No. PA7/17/65].
35. 1695, Jul 16: Additional restrictions to the Commission for managing the poll money, [printed, APS, IX, p. 453].
36. 1695, Jul 16: Act in favour of the burgh Air [Ayr], [printed, APS, IX, p. 456].
37 (1-2). 1695, Jul 16: Petition of the Magistrates etc of Aberdeen and Scroll Act in their favour, [printed, APS, IX, p. 456]. (2 papers).
38 (1-5). 1695, Jul 17: Petition of the Merchant Company and of the merchants in Edinburgh and other papers relating to an Act prohibiting the export of hides etc in favour of the skinners etc of Edinburgh, [printed, APS, IX, p. 461]. (5 papers).
39. 1695, Jul 17: Scroll Act anent executry and moveables, [printed, APS, IX, p. 462].
40. 1695, Jul 17: Petition of Barbara Lundie, relict of Mr Robert Gillespie, son to the deceased Mr Geo Gillespie, minister at Edinburgh, [printed, APS, IX, p. 468].
41. 1695, Jul 17: Petition of James Bayne, HM late 'Master Wright', [printed, APS, IX, p. 469].
42. 1695, Jul 17: Part of Act in favour of James Currie, provost of Edinburgh, [printed, APS, IX, p. 489].
43. 1695, Jul 17: Overtures by Wm Scott, cabinetmaker, Edinburgh, for the erection of a saw-mill at Leith, [printed, APS, IX, p. 490].
44 (1-3). 1695, Jul 17: Reasons for the Magistrates of Edinburgh against the Act presented by Robert Douglas, [printed, APS, IX, p. 491], (and information for Douglas) (3 papers).
45 (1-3). 1695, Jul 17: Scroll Act in favour of Whitefield, Hayter and others as to making of leather, petition of Skinners of Edinburgh against same, and information for Hayter and others, [printed, APS, IX, p. 492]. (3 papers).
46 (1-2). 1695, Jul 17: Two printed copies of the Act for erecting a bank in Scotland to be called the Bank of Scotland, [printed, APS, IX, p. 494].
47. 1695, Jul 19: Warrant by the Commission of the Poll ordaining Mr James Dalrymple Clerk of Session to deliver to Hugh Broune Clerk to the Commission any books in his possession relating to the pole money and receipt therefor annexed.
48. 1695, Dec 29: Petition of James Borthuik, son to Wm Borthwik of Halherriot and Execution of Citation thereon against James Scott of Gallascheillis [Galashiels].
49 (1-5). 1695, May 31-Jun 11: Minutes of the Committee. (5 leaves).
50. 1695, May 22: Resolves of the Committee anent selling meal by weight and appointment of a Commission for revising the Acts of Parliament.
51. 1695. May 24: Resolves of the Committee anent cruisers and convoys and the raising of £95,000 sterling for maintaining the land forces.
52. 1695, May 17 & 24: Draft Act anent protestations for remeid of law reported to Parliament, and remitted back to Committee for security of the Kingdom, [printed, APS, IX, p. 356].
53. 1695, Jul 27: Petition of Sir Alex Hope of Kerss to the Committee Warrant of Committee thereon for intimation to the representatives of the Earl of Bramford and Execution of intimation thereon.
54 (1-2). 1695, Jun 5 & 25 & Jul 3: Minutes of the Committee anent to petition of disbanded officers and Sir John Cochran, tacksman of the Poll. (2 papers).
55 (1-2). 1695, Jun 28 & Jul 5: Two petitions by John Duncan, servitor to the town clerk of Edinburgh with order for liberation on the 2nd petition, [printed, APS, IX, p. 413]. (2 papers).
56. 1695, Jul 9: Proposals as to the Collector of the Poll, his books and accounts. Read in Committee.
57. 1694: Account of Poll Money collected from all the shires.
58 (1-8). 1695, May 16-Jul 15 & 1696, Sep 12: Minutes of the Committee, and one Minute. (8 leaves, partly duplicates).
59. 1695, Jun 5 & Jul 5: Petition to the Committee by Traders in Scots Linen with reference to custom on Muslin, [printed, APS, IX, p. 417].
60. 1695, Jun 17: Overture for an Act in favour of foreigners settling for manufacture in Scotland and rescinding certain Dean of Guild fees.
61 (1-3). 1695, Jun 19: Petition of Nicholas Dupin and others, merchants in London, for working mines and minerals in Scotland with 2 Scrolls of an Act in their favour, read and approved in Committee. (3 papers).
62. 1695, Jun 21: Act for improving the fishing trade remitted to the Committee.
63. 1695: Proposed Ratification of Acts anent manufactures.
64. 1695, Reasons for securing the trade of the nation by a naval force.
65. 1695: Deleted.
66. 1695 May-Jul: Minutes of Committee.
67. 1695, Jun 6: Petition of John Scobie in Luscar. Remitted.
68. 1695, Jun 6: Petition of the Magistrates and Council of Glasgow against Arthur Ross, late Archbishop of Glasgow. Remitted.
69 (1-7). 1695, Jun 24: Report of Committee in process Strachan of Glenkindie against Sir Adam Blair of Carberry and others, with relative papers. (7 papers in all).
70. 1695, Jul 15: Scroll Warrant of Committee for production of Warrants in Reduction pursued by Sir Robert and James Baird against James Watson of Sauchton.
71 (1-3). 1695, Jul 15 & 17: Scrolls of Report of Committee in the Action of Mrs Lilias Stewart against Janet Pringill, Sir John Hall and others and Execution of Citation. (3 papers).
72. 1696: List of the Public Acts past in Parliament.
73. 1696: List of Ratifications past in Parliament.
74. 1696, Feb 14: Minute of the Freeholders of Linlithgowshire for stenting the Commissioners fees due to the lairds of Riccartoun and Livingstoun for the 4th and 5th Sessions of the current Parliament. At Linlithgow.
75. 1696, Sep 12: Scroll Act anent the sale of encumbered estates, [printed, APS, X, p. 12].
76. 1696, Sep 15: Petition of Lord John Hamiltone, general, and Sir Wm Denholme, master of the Mint, [printed, APS, X, p. 13].
77. 1696, Sep 18: Petition of Margaret Blair, relict of John Houat, merchant, Edinburgh and her children, and Sir John Campbell of Carrick their assignee against any protection to John Veatch of Dawick, [printed, APS, X, p. 16].
78. 1696, Sep 17-18: Petition of the ministers of the Gospel from the several presbyteries commissioned for that effect and met at Edinburgh anent the punishing of vice, [printed, APS, X, p. 18].
79. 1696, Sep 24: Petition of the Company of comb-makers, with remit thereof, [printed, APS, X, p. 23].
80 (1-3). 1696, Sep 23-24 & Oct 12: Petition of Mr James Smith and Scroll Act in his favour, [printed, APS, X, p. 23], and see [printed, APS, X, p. 80]. (3 papers).
81. (1-2). 1696, Oct 12: Two Scrolls of an Act for 18 months supply, [printed, APS, X, p. 80].
82 (1-2). 1696, Sep 25: Two scrolls of the Act for subscribing a Bond of Association, [printed, APS, X, p. 33].
83. 1696: List of the nobility and commissioners for shires and burghs who have not subscribed the Association.
84. 1696: Scroll Act enabling the Privy Council to put the Association to whom they think fit.
85 (1-3). 1696: Three copies of a printed Petition by the Commissioners for Fife, Dumbarton, Haddington and Perth shires anent the new Commissioners of Supply.
86 (1-6). 1696, Sep 25: One MS and 4 printed copies of Overtures for an Act anent deeds made on deathbed and Scroll of the Act, [printed, APS, X, p. 33].
87 (1-7). 1696, Sep 25: One MS and 4 printed copies of an Overture for an Act anent Notour Bankrupts and 2 Scrolls of the Act, [printed, APS, X, p. 33]. (7 papers).
88. 1696, Sep 25: Scroll Act anent Tutors nominate, [printed, APS, X, p. 34]. (2 copies).
89. 1696, Sep 25: Scroll Act anent prescription of Tutors Accounts.
90 (1-4). 1696, Sep 25: Overture and scrolls anent an Act as to passing of Laws, [printed, APS, X, p. 35]. (4 papers).
91. 1696, Sep 28: Scroll act in favour of purchasers of lands, [printed, APS, X, p. 36].
92 (1-5). 1696, Sep 28: Printed Petition of nobles and barons interested in burghs of regality and barony, anent communication of trade; information and replies to John Buchan and 3 Scrolls of an Act thereanent, [printed, APS, X, p. 36]. (5 papers).
93. 1696, Sep 28: Act for inbringing the King's Revenues, [printed, APS, X, p. 36].
94. 1696, Sep 28: Act anent enclosing and planting - remitted, [printed, APS, X, p. 36].
95. 1696, Sep 30: Overture anent the allowance on imported grain, calling in of the 'fourteins' and the Civil List - remitted, [printed, APS, X, pp. 41 and 64].
96. 1696, Oct 5: Four printed copies of Petition by the officers of Lord Jedburgh's regiment anent their arrears of pay, and report thereon by the Committee for Security of the Kingdom, [printed, APS, X, p. 46].
97 (1-2). 1696, Oct 5: Overture and reasons for an Act explanatory of the Act anent short prescriptions, [printed, APS, X, p. 47]. (2 papers).
98. 1696, Oct 5: Petition of the Clerks of Session, [printed, APS, X, p. 48].
99. 1696, Oct 5: Petition of Sir David Cunninghan of Robertland for protection, [printed, APS, X, p. 50?].
100 (1-2). 1696, Oct 5: Petition of Mary, Countess Dowager of Callender, and her husband against the Earl of Linlithgow, [printed, APS, X, p. 52]. (2 copies).
101 (1-2). 1696, Oct 5: Petition of Walter Cheislie, merchant, Edinburgh, against Alex Hunter of Muirhouse, his debtor, [printed, APS, X, p. 52]. (2 copies).
102 (1-2). 1696, Oct 6: Scroll Act anent the copper coinage, [printed, APS, X, appx p. 12]. (2 copies).
103 (1-2). 1696, Oct 5 & 8: Overture and Scroll Act anent the Justiciary in the Highlands, [printed, APS, X, pp. 50 and 55].
104. 1696, Oct 8: Petition of the Manager of the woollen manufactory at Newmills, [printed, APS, X, p. 55].
105. 1696, Oct 9: Overture anent the Act as to packing and curing of salmon and reservation of the privileges of burghs royal therein, [printed, APS, X, p. 58].
106. 1696, Oct 9: Scroll Act anent preachers in vacant charges 'be North Forth', [printed, APS, X, p. 58].
107. 1696, Oct 9: Overture and Scroll Act for Universities, Schools and Hospitals, [printed, APS, X, p. 58].
108. 1696, Oct 9: Scroll Act anent 'vitious intromitters', [printed, APS, X, p. 61], and Overture. (2 papers).
109. 1696, Oct 9: Scroll Act in favour of creditors on forfault estates, [printed, APS, X, p. 62].
110. 1696, Oct 9: Scroll of the Act for settling of schools, [printed, APS, X, p. 63].
111. 1696, Oct 9: Proposal for an Act relating to Protestant servants in Papist families, [printed, APS, X, p. 64].
112 (1-2). 1696, Oct 9: Two Scrolls of Act anent profaneness etc, [printed, APS, X, p. 65].
113. 1696, Oct 9: Scroll Act anent alimenting poor prisoners, [printed, APS, X, p. 66].
114. 1696, Oct 9: Scroll Act for erecting a new sugar manufactory in Glasgow, [printed, APS, X, p. 66].
115. 1696, Oct 9: Act authorising the Company for trading to Africa and the Indies to make salt, [printed, APS, X, p. 67].
116. 1696, Oct 9: Overture for an Act anent divorce for non-adherence, [printed, APS, X, p. 67].
117 (1-2). 1696, Oct 10: Information for Sir James Dick of Prestonfield against the lairds of Dun, Mortonhall and Dean; and replies, [printed, APS, X, p. 69]. (See PA7/15/18).
118 (1-3). 1696, Oct 12: Three copies of Printed Overtures for an Act concerning the old fourteen and half-mark pieces, [printed, APS, X, p. 78].
119. 1696: Overture for an Act restricting the making salt upon salt to the existing salt makers, [printed, APS, X, p. 79].
120. 1696, Oct 12: Overture for an Act for making salt upon salt in favour of Mr Wm Erskine, [printed, APS, X, p. 80].
121 (1-3). 1696, Oct 12: Two printed copies of Petition by James Bayne, HM late Master Wright, with Supplementary Petn in MS, [printed, APS, X, p. 81]. (3 papers).
122 (1-2). 1690, Oct 12: Petition of Wm Chiesly, writer, Edinburgh, in the process by him against Sir Wm Paterson and others, [printed, APS, X, p. 84]; and Information for Sir Wm with addition thereto. (See PA7/13/111). (2 papers).
123. 1696, Oct 12: Two printed copies of Petition of Margaret Hamilton, relict of Mungo Lockhart of Harwood, [printed, APS, X, p. 92].
124 (1-2). 1696, Oct 12: Petition of Elizabeth Spence, spouse to Andrew Martine, writer, Edinburgh, [printed, APS, X, p. 93]; and printed copy thereof.
125. 1696, Oct 12: Petition of Thomas Kennedy and John Johnston, Keepers of the Parliament House with recommendation endorsed.
126. 1696: Petition of poor George Sinclair of Assarie against Alex Sinclair of Brabister and Sir George Sinclair of Clyth.
127. 1696: Overture for putting the country in a posture of defence.
128. c 1696?: Overture for an Act anent Bills of Exchange.
129. 1696, Oct 12: A list of fairs passed in Parliament, [printed, APS, X, pp. 107 and 108].
130. 1696, Oct 12: Memorandum for fairs in favour of the Marquis of Athol at Blair of Athol and Dalnagirne in Stratharle, [printed, APS, X, p. 107].
131 (1-2). 1696, Oct 12: Memorandum anent fiars for Sir John Shaw of Greenock to be held at Greenock, [printed, APS, X, p. 107] and Petition therefor. (2 papers).
132. 1696, Oct 12: Note of mercats in favour of Alexander Forbes of Ludquharne at Lenabo or elsewhere and in favour of Mr Robert Forbes senior, advocate, at Torphins or elsewhere, [printed, APS, X, pp. 107-108].
133. 1696, Oct 12: Memorandum for mercats at Chappellmuir at Strichen and for fairs at Cowie for the laird of Leyis, [printed, APS, X, p. 108].
134. 1696, Sep 17-28: Minutes of Committee of Trade. (2 leaves).
135. 1696, Sep 23: Proposed Act in favour of Sir John Shaw of Greenock for building a harbour at Greenock, approved by the Committee of Trade.
136. 1696, May 4: Minutes of the Freeholders of Linlithgow stenting the Commissioners' fees due to the lairds of Riccartoun and Livingstoun for attending Parliament. At Linlithgow.
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Related material Court of Session processes, CS138/153: Papers in process of treason against John Campbell, earl of Breadalbane, 1695.

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