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PA7Supplementary Warrants and Parliamentary Papers1455-1707
Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference PA7/14
Title Supplementary Parliamentary Papers
Dates 1691-1693
Access status Open
Location On site
Description Included:
1. 1691, Jan 3: Petition of Alexander Cowan, wright, John Miller, cordiner and Robert Campbell, Coupar, all in Airth, and their spouses against [-] Elphinstoun, son and heir to the deceased Richard Elphingstoun, heritor of Airth. (See No. PA7/14/11).
2. 1691, Jan 3: Petition of Wm Welsh of Skarr against Erskine of Cambo, son and heir to Sir Charles Erskine of Cambo, Lyon King at Arms, deceased, and the officers of State as representing Lord Dundee and David Graham, his brother, John Douglas of Stenhouse and the heir of James Wilson of Stramulligan.
3. 1691, Jan 3: Petition of John, Earl of Cassillis against Craufurd of Ardmillan for Warrant of Citation. (See No. PA7/13/120).
4. 1691, Jan 7: Petition of James Gilchrist against Cornelius Inglis rentaller in Douglas.
5. 1691, Jan 7: Petition of John Spreull [Sproul], writer in Glasgow, for a Commission to take evidence in his process against the magistrates of Glasgow. (See No. PA7/13/85).
6. 1691, Jan 7: Petition of Patrick McDouall of French against the officers of state as representing the forfeited Viscount of Dundee and his brother David Graham.
7. 1691, Jan 23: Crave to consider the grounds of reduction in the process Sir Alex Hope of Kerss against the heirs of (Lord) Bramfoort in respect of their non-compearance. (See Nos. PA7/13/29 and PA7/14/27).
8. 1691, Feb 16: Petition of James Grieve, sometime tenant in Buckcleugh against John Ridle of Hayning sometime sheriff-principal of the Forest (Selkirkshire).
9. 1691, Feb 16: Petition by the same against the officers of state as coming in place of Viscount Dundee.
10. 1691, Mar 2: Petition of David Montgomerie of Lainshaw for relief from personal execution by his creditors.
11. 1691, Mar 9: Petition of Harie [Hary] Elphinston of Melgum, tutor of Airth, against Alex Cowan and others for protestation in respect of their non-insistence in the Petition (No. PA7/14/1).
12. 1691, Mar 9: Report by the Committee in the process John Kerr of Morristoune against Sir James Cockburne of that ilk. (See Nos. PA7/13/57 and PA7/14/27).
13. 1691, Mar 22: Petition of Sir Duncan Campbell of Auchinbreck in the process at his instance against several of the names of McLean McNeil and others. (See No. PA7/13/88).
14. 1691, Jun 7: Act of the Freeholders of Linlithgowshire stenting themselves for the fees of the laird of Livingstoun as their Commissioner to Parliament.
15. 1691, Jul 3: Petition of Helener Herbert, relict of Mr John Herbert, Minister of North Berwick against the representatives of Lord Creichtoun, (printed, APS, IX, p. 162].
16. c 1691-1692: Petition of Robert Ross of Auchlossen.
17. 1692, May 19: Act of the freeholders of Linlithgowshire stenting themselves for the fees of the laird of Riccartoun as their Commissioner to Parliament.
18. 1692: Comp of the Commissioner's fees to the lairds of Riccarton and Livingston out of the lands of Binzes holden of the lord of Hopton.
19 (1-6). 1693, Apr 18, 21-22 & 27 & May 4-5: Rolls of Parliament called. (6 rolls).
20 (1-2). 1693, Apr 27 & May 12: Minutes of Parliament. (2 papers).
21. 1693, Apr 21: Act for settling the orders of the Parliament House.
22 (1-26). 1693, Apr 21: Petition (MS) Jean, Countess of Sutherland, and the Earl against Lady Margaret Weems, printed copy and printed information, printed answers by Lady Weems, printed replies for the Countess of Sutherland (2 copies), Duplyes (MS 6 leaves) and Extract Act and Warrant of Citation with executions.
23. 1693, Apr 24: Report of the Committee anent controverted Elections and absent members.
24. 1693: List of members of Parliament who have taken neither the oath of allegiance nor assurance, [printed, APs, IX, p. 249].
25. 1693 & 1698: Receipt for process of Treason, by Moses Buchanan cancelled and marked as returned.
26 (1-2). 1693, Apr 28 & May 4: Petition of John Craig, merchant, Glasgow, and John Bryce, merchant, Dublin, against the magistrates of Irvine and answers thereto for the magistrates, [printed, APS, IX, appx pp. 75-76 and under 1695]. (2 papers).
27. 1693, May 4: Petition of Sir James Cockburn of that ilk in process against him by Ker of Moristoune, [printed, APS, IX appx. p. 76]. (See No. PA7/14/12).
28. 1693, May 4: Information for Clara and Patricia Ruthven, heirs of their father the Earl of Bramfoord, and Archibald Murray of Spot husband of Clara, in the process against them by Sir Alex Hope of Kerss, [printed, APS, IX, appx p. 76]. (See No. PA7/14/7).
29. 1693, May 5: Act anent fining absent members, [printed, APS, IX, p. 254].
30. 1693, May 11: Memorial from the Muster Master concerning the Act anent false Musters, [printed, APS, IX, p. 255].
31 (1-2). 1693, May 12: Drafts of Act anent the loyal curing and packing of herring and salmon, [printed, APS, IX, p. 260]. (2 papers).
32. 1693, May 12: Petition of James Pringle of Torwoodlie against Viscount Strathallan, [printed, APS, IX, appx p. 79].
33 (1-12). 1693, May 12 & 23: Petitions (2) at the instance of the Duke of Hamilton and John Cuninghame of Enterkine against Sir Alexander Cuninghame of Coishill, Sir Wm Cuninghame of Lambrughton and creditors on the estate of Robertland Executions of Citation, declaration of Sir Alex Cuninghame [Cunningham] of Robertland and other papers, [printed, APS, IX, appx pp. 79 and 82]. (12 papers).
34 (1-5). 1693, May 17 & Jun 7 & 9: Petition of Wm, Earl of Dundonald, against Lord Blantyre (8 printed pages) and Answers thereto (10 printed pages), [printed, APS, IX, appx pp. 80, 86 and 89]. (2 papers).
35 (1-2). 1693, May 19: Petition of John Sharp (of Hoddam) Sheriff and Commissary Clerk of Dumfriesshire and Representation against the same, [printed, APS, IX, appx. p. 80]. (Bridge over the Annan).
36. ?1693, May 23: Draft of a proposed Act of Levy, [printed, APS, IX, p. 265].
37. 1693, May 23: Testificates excusing Sir Hugh Campbell of Calder for absence from Parliament through infirmity [printed, APS, IX, p. 265].
38. 1693, May 24: Report of the Committee for controverted elections as to the losses of Captain Wm Burnet of Balfour and his tenants at the hands of the rebels, [printed, APS, IX, p. 274].
39. 1693, May 26: List of Petitions depending before Parliament.
40 (1-11). 1693, May 29: Three printed Reports of Committee anent the Pole, 2 drafts of the Act, and drafts of proceedings and overtures in Committee, [printed, APS, IX, p. 266].
41 (1-2). 1693, May 29: Petition of Mr John Mackenzie and James Justice, clerks to Parliament and Session against Alex Monro of Bearcrofts, [printed, APS, IX, appx p. 83]. (5 printed pages).
42 (1-2). 1693, May 29: Two printed copies Petition of Dame Margaret Areskine Lady Castlehaven against Sir James Foulis of Colintoun, [printed, APS, IX, appx p. 84].
43. 1693, May 29: Answers for David Caskie Keeper of Canongate Tolbooth to Petition of John Skein of Hallyards, [printed, APS, IX, appx p. 84].
44 (1-2). 1693, May 29: Petition of Agnes Campbell spouse of Patrick Tailfer and relict of Andrew Andersone King's Master Printer, and Draft Act in her favour, [printed, APS, IX, p. 269].
45. 1693, May 30: Certificates for Thomas Kennedy of Hallaiths Commr for Lochmaben that he is unable to attend Parliament in consequence of infirmity, [printed, APS, IX, p. 270].
46 (1-2). 1693, Jun 5: Executions of Citation in process Sir Wm Sharp of Scotscraig against the Earls of Murray and Strathmore, [printed, APS, IX, p. 275]. (2 papers).
47. 1693, Jun 19: Information for Andrew Fletcher of Aberlady and his tutor against Sir Archibald Murray of Blackbarony and Sir Patrick Murray of Saltcoats and others (24 printed pages), [printed, APS, IX, appx p. 80].
48. 1693, Jun 2: Draft Act anent judges giving reasons for their voting, [printed, APS, IX, p. 85a].
49 (1-2). 1693, Jun 7: Act in favour of Robert Cunninghame of Auchinharvie anent the excise of the harbour of Saltcoats and obligation by him, [printed APS, IX, p. 282]. (See PA7/14/113). (2 papers).
50 (1-2). 1693, Jun 7: Petition of Jean Nisbet, Lady Harden and her husband Sir William Scott, younger, of Harden against Wm Nisbet of Dirleton and Answers for him, [printed, APS, IX, p. 284]. (2 papers).
51. 1693, Jun 8: Petition of the merchants in Edinburgh against the Act in favour of the woollen manufactory at Newmills, [printed, APS, IX, p. 317].
52. 1693, Jun 9: Reasons why the Commissariot Courts ought to be abolished, [printed, APS, IX, appx p. 87].
53 (1-3). 1693, Jun 9: Three printed copies of Reasons for disjoining the shire and burgh of Air [Ayr] from the Commissariot of Glasgow, [printed, APS, IX, appx p. 88].
54. 1693, Jun 9: Representation of the laird and Lady Drums, [printed, APS, IX, p. 301].
55. 1693, Jun 9: Answers for Alexander Irving of Murtle to the Petition of laird and Lady Balquhan, [printed, APS, IX, p. 301].
56. 1693, Jun 12: Memorandum - 'Acts touched with the Scepter, 12 June 1693' (incomplete).
57. 1693, Jun 12: Draft Act anent parsonages, [printed, APS, IX, p. 304].
58 (1-2). 1693, Jun 12: Warrant for printing Act in favour of the Earl of Melvill and the Acts to which it relates, [printed, APS, IX, p. 304, and craft clause thereof].
59 (1-3). 1693, Jun 13: Answers for the Earl of Perth to petition of the Earl of Melvill (6 printed pages) and Information for the Earl of Melvill with reference thereto, with a receipt for the process, [printed, APS, IX, p. 308 etc]. (3 pages).
60. 1693, Jun 12: Act as to the President of the Session 'Voted by the Committee'.
61 (1-2). 1693, Jun 13: Petition of the Lord Provost and Magistrates of Edinburgh as to the mortification by Thomas Moody of Dalry and Answers by the Magistrates to the Petition of the Canongate Session as to the application of the funds of the said mortification [printed, APS, IX, appx p. 90]. (2 papers).
62. 1693, Jun 13: Addition to be inserted in the Minutes as to the communication of Trade to the burghs of regality and barony, [printed, APS, IX, appx p. 90b].
63 (1-6). 1693, Jun 14: Two printed copies of Petition by the Earl of Melvill and other forfeited persons; MS Petition by acquirers of forfeitures, Report of Sub-Committee, and 2 Drafts of the Act as to forfeited persons, [printed, APS, IX, p. 309 and appx. p. 85a]. (See PA7/14/90-91). (6 papers).
64 (1-3). 1693, Jun 14: Reasons of the Magistrates of Edinburgh for an imposition on ale (3 printed pages) and Petition and Answers by the Brewers (6 printed pages), [printed, APS, IX, p. 310].
65. 1693, Jun 14: Scroll Act for encouraging foreign trade, [printed, APS, IX, p. 314].
66 (1-5). 1693, Jun 14: Scroll Act for communication of trade to burghs of barony and regality, [printed APS, IX, p. 315], (3 copies) and Observes thereupon by the Royal Burghs. (5 papers).
67 (1-4). 1693, Jun14: Four Executions of Citation in process at the instance of the children of Sir Thomas Stewart of Coltness against Sir John Preston etc, [printed, APS, IX, p. 319].
68. 1693, Jun 14: Scroll Act in favour of Alexander Monro of Bearcrofts, [printed, APS, IX, p. 323].
69. 1693, Jun 14: A list of Ratifications to be passed in Parliament, [printed, APS, IX, appx p. 91].
70. 1693, Jun 14: Papers relating to a Bank of Credit upon Land Security proposed to Parliament by Dr Hugh Chamberlen, [printed, APS, IX, appx p. 91]. (16 printed pages and title page).
71. 1693, Jun 14: Petition of Alexander Pitcairn principal of the Theological College at St Andrews, [printed, APS, IX, appx p. 92b], with remit thereof to the Privy Council endorsed.
72 (1-5). 1693, Jun 15: Warrant against Mr Robert Blackwood to produce a missive letter by Navill Payn in the process against Payn for treason, inventory of original letters etc produced in the process, MS copy of letter by Payn, 3 Dec 1692, printed copy thereof and printed copies of that and other letters by Payn, (10 pages), [printed, APS, IX, passim]. (5 papers).
73. 1693, Jun 15: 'Note insert in the Act in favor of the burgh of Glasgow', [printed, APS, IX, p. 328].
74. 1693, Jun 15: Petition of the creditors of [Sir Archibald Cockburn of] Langton against the Act for a Protection to him, [printed, APS, IX, p. 330 and appx p. 94].
75. 1693, Jun 15: Protestation against the Ratification in favour of the fleshers of the Midmercat of Edinburgh, [printed, APS, IX, p. 336].
76. 1693, Jun 15: Scroll Ratification in favour of Sir John Scott of Ancrum, [printed, APS, IX, p. 344].
77. 1693, Jun 15: Act remitting the Petition of Thomas Cranston, Commissar-Clerk of Peebles against Wilkieson, [printed, APS, IX, appx p. 80].
78. 1693: Petition of Robert Lennox of Irlantoun against Richard Murray of Bruchtoun, Thomas Lennox of Irlounswall and John Lennox.
79. 1693: Act anent Clerks of Court and enrolling of Bills.
80 (1-2). 1693: Act anent remits to Lords Ordinary and scroll.
81. 1693: Scroll Act ratifying former Acts as to export or import of certain goods.
82. 1693: Act anent voluntary deeds by debtors in prejudice of their creditors.
83 (1-2). 1693: Two Copies or Scrolls of an Act anent Notaries.
84. 1693: Acts discharging Acts in process and regulating extracting of decreets.
85a. 1693: Act anent Justices of Peace appointing their own clerks.
85b. 1693: Petition of George, Viscount Tarbat, Clerk Register, as to the preservation and inventorying of the records.
86. 1693, Apr 22: Memorial of matters to be considered by the Committee and remit thereof and of other matters by Parliament, [printed, APS, IX, appx p. 72].
87 (1-7). 1693, Apr 23-Jun 3: Minutes of Committee and Sub-Committee, (7 leaves not continuous).
88 (1-3). 1693, Apr 27: Report of Committee on the forces to be raised and funds for supply, with a paper produced to the Committee (on 24 Apr), [printed, APS, IX, appx. p. 74 with a draft of the Report]. (3 papers).
89. 1693, May 6: Remit to a Sub-Committee to call for accounts of the 3 months cess and hearth money.
90. 1693, May 8: Remit to the same Sub-Committee toconsider the Petition by forfeited persons. [See No. PA7/14/63].
91. 1693, May 9: Report of the Committee on the said Petition for forfeited persons. (See Nos. PA7/14/63, 90 and 96).
92 (1-5). 1693, May 12: Report of the Sub-Committee anent the taking of the oath of allegiance and assurance, draft thereof, and 3 portions of Drafts of the Act proposed, [printed, APS, IX, p. 262, ( 5 papers)]. (5 papers).
93. 1693, May 24 (?): A list of the Committee for security of the Kingdom.
94. 1693, May 29: Remit to the Committee to consider certain Acts.
95. 1693, Jun 1: Petition of certain collectors of the hearth money and Remit indorsed thereon to Parliament by the Committee.
96 (1-2). 1693, Jun 3: Order by the Committee to the clerks to produce any claims in their hands by forfeited persons and an Extract of the order. (See PA7/14/63, 90 and 91). (2 papers).
97. 1693: Roll of the Committee.
98. 1693: 'Inventar' of the Petitions, Acts etc depending before the Committee.
99 (1-9). 1693, Apr 24-Jun 6: Minutes of the Commitee. (9 leaves).
100. 1693: Memorandum for the Committee, being considerations on the profits that would arise by the advancement of linen cloth.
101. 1693: Overtures for the town of Aberdeen to the Committee.
102. 1693: Overtures presented by Rob Douglasse, soap boiler in Leith.
103. 1693, May 3: Report of the Committee anent the remit to them for stating the accounts of arrears due to the country and the army.
104. 1693, May 6: Warrant by the Committee to the Clerks of Privy Council to exhibit all accounts of arrears in their hands.
105. 1693, May 10: Petition of Captain James Menzies, in Col Hill's Regiment. Remitted to Sub-Committee.
106. 1693, May 10: Petition of Dame Susanna Menzies relict of Lord Neill Campbell captain of the garrison of Dumbarton Castle. Remitted to Sub-Committee.
107. 1693: Petition of Andrew, Lord Rollo, sometime Captain of a troop of horse.
108. 1693, May 15: Petition of Alex, Viscount Kenmour, with Warrant thereon.
109. 1693, May 9: Petition of James Hamiltoun, vintner in Leith and Jannet Gaddes, his spouse, for payment of sums due to them by the officers of Col Cunninghame's regiment. With remit endorsed to the sub-Committee.
110 (1-2). 1693, May 19 & 30: Two Drafts of an Act anent the making of linen cloth. Reported to Parliament and remitted back to the Committee.
111. 1693: Act for the encouragement of fishers of Whitefish. Approved by the Committee and reported to Parliament.
112. 1693, Jun 1: Report of the Committee as to the export of linen cloth.
113. 1693, Jun 7: Memoir for the Committee in favour of Robert Cunningham of Auchinhervie as to the harbour of Saltcoats. (See No. PA7/14/49).
114. 1693, Jun 7: Act anent customs of imported goods.
115. 1693: Memorandum for the committee anent the country debts and the arrears due to the army.
116. 1693, May 10: List of the Accounts of the debts due to the country by the forces and of Losses and damages given into the Clerks of Privy Council except those already revised and approved by the Council etc.
117. 1693: Copy of the Reports of the Committee of the Privy Council for revising the above accounts.
118 (1-3). List of the debts due to the country approved by the Council and Treasury (3 leaves - incomplete?) to ber ranked in the first place.
119. 1693: A note of precepts drawn upon the hearth money by the Commrs of the Treasury in part of what is due by the forces to the country.
120 (1-6). 1693: Abbreviate of the Accounts due to the country by the forces of the Scots establishment to be ranked in the third place. (6 leaves).
121. 1693: Abbreviate of the Accounts due to the country by the forces under the English pay to be listed in the third place. (2 leaves).
122. 1693: Abbreviate of the loss and damage sustained by the country occasioned by the forces and to be listed in the third place. (2 leaves).
123. 1693: Remarks upon the accounts due by the forces to the country that were to have been ranked in the third place but not being clear could not be listed amongst the rest. (2 leaves).
124. 1691, Feb 1-1692 Mar 1: Account of pay to the Earl of Argyle's regiment.
125. 1693: Account of what is resting to my Lord Kenmure's regiment. (2 leaves).
126 (1-6). 1693, Jun-1694 Nov: Particular receipts by parties upon their receiving up their several accounts, and instructions of the arrears or debts due to the forces or the country. (6 leaves).
127 (1-6). 1695, Jun: Draft Act prohibiting export of certain skins, petition for the same by the skinners of Edinburgh and other papers. The petition is imperfect (2 fragments). See in 1695.
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