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HH30Military Service Appeal Tribunal Records (Lothians and Peebles)1914-1918
HH30/10Notices of Appeal to decisions taken by Local Tribunals (with action following thereon)Dec 1916
HH30/10/5Appeal Tribunal Papers, 15 Dec 19161916
Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference HH30/10/5/22
Title William May
Dates 1916
Access status Open
Access conditions This record has been digitally imaged and will not be produced for readers. The digital images may be seen in the NRS Search Rooms on the 'Virtual Volumes' system.
Location Off site
Description Appeal no: 2334
Local Tribunal: City of Edinburgh
Date of appeal tribunal: 15 Dec 1916
Grounds for appeal: Conscientious Objection
Attested or not attested (Derby Scheme): Not attested
Appeal decision: Appeal dismissed

Occupation: Engineer's labourer
Address: 1 Millar Place, Edinburgh
Age: 27

Includes letter from William Cowan to the appellant's brother [Alexander May?] in support of his application and giving his views on Conscientious Objection. 'You know full well my views regarding slackers and the so called Conscientious Objectors, who are devoid of all conscience and who are really more afraid of their own skin than of their consciences. When I was a speaker at the recruiting meetings, I made no hesitation in denouncing these creatures, I said I hoped when conscription came into force, they would be drafted into a regiment to be called the grave diggers battalion, and that they would not be permitted to hold a rifle or wear khaki - they should have a distinctive uniform. Such is still my opinion, I have however the greatest respect for the true conscientious objectors and I verily believe that you and your brother William of 1 Millar Place are of the genuine class.' Also includes letters from the Association of Bible Students including one from the appellant's father, George May who was an elder and an envelope which states 'papers sent to Central Tribunal on 28 May 1918'. See also HH30/5/8/11.

For letter from the Central Tribunal stating that William May had been court-martialled and sentenced to imprisonment, see HH30/40/6.
Level File
Previous numbers HH30/10

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