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HH16Criminal case files1874-1980
Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference HH16/43
Title Criminal case file: Janet Arthur, alias Fanny Parker (Suffragette)
Dates 1912-1914
Access status Restricted
Access conditions This record has been digitally imaged and will not be produced for readers. The digital images may be seen in the NRS Search Rooms on the 'Virtual Volumes' system.
Location Off site
Description Janet Arthur, alias Fanny Parker, Suffragette prisoner.

Charged with "Attempt to maliciously destroy by explosives Burns Cottage, Ayr" on 8 Jul 1914. Miss Janet Arthur was committed to HM Prison Ayr, untried on 8 Jul 1914. Attempts were made to have the prisoner removed to a nursing home in Ayr until her trial, due to ill health caused by refusal of food. Janet Arthur refused these attempts and was transferred to HM Prison Perth, on 13 Jul 1914, where she remained for a further 3 days. On 16 Jul 1914, she was released under the Prisoners (Temporary Discharge for Ill Health) Act 1913 to Queen Mary's Nursing Home, Edinburgh, where she was to remain until her trial, scheduled for 24 Aug 1914 at the High Court, Glasgow. It was agreed that during this period her movements would be observed by Edinburgh Police. On 10 Aug 1914, the Government announced that all Suffragettes would be released from prison and as a result the trial of Janet Arthur, alias Fanny Parker, did not proceed. Miss Parker was a niece of Lord Kitchener.

The file contains reports, correspondence and newspaper cuttings and includes the following documents:

Medical reports on Janet Arthur's condition during her incarceration in Ayr and Perth prisons, commenting on her temperature, pulse, possible heart murmur, force feeding and mental condition. Various dates, covering period of imprisonment.

HH16/43/2 Draft of letter from D. Crombie, Secretary for Prison Commission for Scotland, to all Governors and Chief Constables, 14 Aug 1914. States that the trial of Fanny Parker would not proceed.

HH16/43/3 Letter from J. Dobbie, Fanny Parker's solicitor, to the Secretary for Scotland, 11 Aug 1914. Requesting confirmation that Fanny Parker's trial will not proceed following a statement made by the Secretary on the previous day.

HH16/43/6 Letter from Capt. Arthur St. John, The Penal Reform League to the Chairman of the Prison Commission, 8 Aug 1914. Requests to know whether the information in an attached press cutting is true. Press cutting from 'Votes for Women', 7 Aug 1914. 'Another Prison Infamy - Inhuman treatment of an Unconvicted Prisoner in Perth'.

HH16/43/10 Scottish Office minutes of communication between John Lamb, J. H. G and the Secretary for Scotland, 17 to 24 Jul 1914. Regarding the preparation of a licence for Janet Arthur's release under the Prisoners (Temporary Discharge for Ill Health) Act 1913.

HH16/43/14 Transcription of a telephone message left by Inspector MacKinnon, Edinburgh City Police, 28 Jul 1914. Reports that Janet Arthur walked out of Chalmers Street Nursing Home the previous day, and as yet had not returned.

HH16/43/26 Medical report by Chalmers Watson on the condition of Fanny Parker after being received at Queen Mary's Nursing Home, Edinburgh. Examination carried out 16 and 18 July 1914.

HH16/43/27 Transcription of telephone message from Inspector Mackinnon, Edinburgh City Police, 17 Jul 1914. Regarding arrangements to watch the nursing home in Edinburgh where Janet Arthur would be residing.

HH16/43/30 Order of the Secretary for Scotland for temporary discharge of prisoner Janet Arthur, 16 Jul 1914.

HH16/43/49 Sick Register Report concerning Janet Arthur's medical condition, pulse, respirations, motions and temperature, 8 - 16 Jul 1914.

HH16/43/54 Note from B. Thomson, Finger Print Section, Criminal Record Office, New Scotland Yard, 11 Jul 1914. States that Janet Arthur's fingerprints failed to match any previously taken but there may be different results if the prints were better.

HH16/43/58 Photograph of Fanny Parker, alias Janet Arthur, being escorted from Ayr Sheriff Court by a police officer, [1914].

HH16/43/63 Press cutting from 'The Scotsman', 9 Jul 1914. 'Suffragette Outrages - attempt to destroy Burns' Cottage' reporting Janet Arthur's crime.

HH16/43/64 Scottish Office minutes, 9 Jul 1914. Confirming permission from Prison Commissioners to forcibly feed Janet Arthur should it be required.

HH16/43/65 Letter from A. McGhee, Governor, HM Prison Ayr, to HM Prison Commissioners, 8 Jul 1914, reporting that Janet Arthur was admitted to prison untried on that date.

HH16/43/66 Page from prison register with details of other Suffragette prisoners - Arabella Scott, Edith Johnston (alias Ethel Moorhead, Margaret Morrison, May Humphreys), Frances Gordon and Maude Edwards.

HH16/43/67 List of previous convictions against Suffragette prisoner Edith Johnston, 1912 - 1913.

HH16/43/75 Memorandum, 16 Jul 1914. Transcription of meeting between Capt. Parker (brother of Fanny Parker alias Janet Arthur), Chairman of the Prison Commission and Dr Dunlop, discussing removal of Fanny Parker to a nursing home and examination by an independent medical doctor.
Level File
Copies NRS Negative No.1124 Photo of Janet Arthur, alias Fanny Parker, Suffragette, c. 1912.
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Departmental cipher Unregistered

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