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GD96Papers of the Sinclair family of Mey, Caithness1457-1900
Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference GD96/6
Title Instrument (damaged at right-hand side) narrating that power to appoint a parish clerk for the parish church of Wek was given to Gilbert [Keith], knight, by the following parishioners; William Singlar, Alan Millar, Donald Robertson, John Buge, Magnus More, James Dunda[...], John Alanson, Harald Michael, David Mil, Magnus Robertson, Donald Smyth, James Smyth, William [...] Murchurson, Angus Lychton, Donald Lychton, Andrew Lychton, Donald Nycholson (Nicholson), John Scarlot (Scarlet), [...], William Andirson (Anderson), Thomas Clerk, Magnus Mirland, William Steffaneson (Stephenson), Donald Steffenson, [...] Makbeth (Macbeth) of Ross, Andrew Adeson, William Sutherland, Magnus Jonkynson (Jenkinson), William Donald[...], Magnus Paterson, Angus Robertson, Alexander Adeson, Donald [? Wilkeson], Donald Red Athol [...]. Done in the parish church of Wek.
Dates 3 May [c 1478]
Access status Open
Location Off site
Description Witnesses: Andrew Keth (Keith), brother german [of the said Gilbert], Mr. Walter Fenton, vicar, Angus Kenyoson, sir James Wormet and Donald Grot. Notary - James Bel, priest of Caithness diocese and notary by imperial authority. [A strip is missing from one side of the parchment. The year appears as mil ... octavo; a recent endorsement gives the data "1478", which agrees with the pontifical year - the seventh year of a pope fourth of his name, who must be Sixtus IV (1471-84).]
Level File

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