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Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference GD417
Title Records of Dean Orphanage and Cauvin's Trust, Edinburgh
Dates 1641-1999
Access status Open
Access conditions Access to closed records cannot be granted except with written authority from: Azets, Secretaries and Treasurers Dean Orphanage and Cauvin's Trust, Exchange Place 3, Semple Street, Edinburgh EH3 8BL.
Location Off site
Description Minutes (Orphan Hospital, Cauvin's Hospital, Dean Orphanage and Cauvin's Trust), 1733-1999; Orphan Hospital regulations, 1733-1894; treasurers accounts and papers (Orphan Hospital, Cauvin's Hospital, Dean Orphanage and Cauvin's Trust), 1713-1970; Orphan Hospital (latterly Dean Orphanage) records of household and supplies, 1733-1970; Orphan Hospital (latterly Dean Orphanage) records of children and admissions, 1746-1959; records of subscribers, donations and legacies (Orphan Hospital), 1730-1830; records of lands and buildings in Edinburgh, Inveresk, and Berwickshire pertaining to Orphan Hospital, 1705-1967; records of Orphan Hospital manufactory and Paul's work, 1641-1769; records relating to the history and constitution of Dean Orphanage, [1734]-1949; Dean Orphanage annual reports, 1923-1971; Dean Orphanage House Governor's reports, 1879-1890; Dean Orphanage Matron's reports, 1948-1971; Dean Orphanage admission records, 1824-1981; Dean Orphanage administrative records, 1827-1968; legal papers relating to legacies, 1793-1838; Scottish Education Department pamphlets, 1959-1967; personal papers of Louis Cauvin, 1664-1794; records relating to the history and constitution of Cauvin's Hospital, 1891-1937; Cauvin's Hospital administrative records, 1871-1937; Cauvin's Hospital headmaster's day book, 1835-1899; Cauvin's Hospital household records, early 20th century; Cauvin's Hospital admission and other case records, 1911-1938; papers relating to property of Cauvin's Hospital, 1769-[post 1938]; architectural plans and maps, (RHP48487-48490, 85409-85427), 1775-[c.1948].

GD417/252-264 Records of Orphan Hospital manufactory and Paul's Work. The enterprise in Leith Wynd called Paul's Work was first established by Edinburgh Town Council as a 'manufactory' employing children in the spinning and weaving of wool in 1619 (see 'St Paul's Work', by Marguerite Wood in 'Book of the Old Edinburgh Club', vol.17, 1930). In 1734 two of the three tacksmen who then leased Paul's Work from the Town assigned their share of the tack, which had 16 years to run, to the Orphan Hospital for use as a wool manufactory or 'work house' under the management of the remaining tacksman James McDowall. At the end of the tack in 1750 the managers of the Hospital vacated Paul's Work and built their own 'house for the manufactory toward the north east end of the hospital house'.
Level Fonds
Admin history In 1733 the charitable institution for the maintenance and education of orphans, the Orphan Hospital of Edinburgh, opened temporarily in a house in Fyfe's Close. In 1735 the Orphan Hospital moved to its own building designed by William Adam, located on a piece of ground called the Dingwall adjacent to Trinity College Church. The children in the Hospital in the 18th century were commonly bereft of one parent, usually their father, but rarely both. In 1833 the Hospital moved again, to the building designed by Thomas Hamilton, the Dean Orphanage, which is now Dean College of Education, and subsequently moved to Dean House, Ravelston Park. The Dean House has recently undergone a change in function in order to provide residential accommodation for young people primarily between 16 and 18 years old. Cauvin's Hospital opened in 1833 in the house of Louisfield, Duddingston, formerly the home of Louis Cauvin, by whose bequest the institution had been founded for the maintenance and education of the sons of poor teachers, poor farmers, master printers, booksellers and agricultural servants. In 1931 the Educational Endowments Commissioners prepared a scheme for the amalgamation of the Orphan Hospital and Cauvin's Hospital under the Educational Endowments (Scotland) Act 1928. The Dean Orphanage and Cauvin's Trust Scheme was passed by Order in Council on 27 October 1936 and became operative on 1 August 1937.
Finding aids Inventory
Previous numbers GD1/40
Format Text
Language English
Archival history GD417 consists of records, formerly ref. GD1/40, deposited by the Clerks to the Governors of Dean Orphanage and Cauvin's Trust in 1949 and 1968, records formerly ref. GD1/431/1-12 deposited by Dr J S Richardson in 1966, additional deposits authorised by the Governors from Messrs Scott-Moncrieff Thomson & Shiells CA and Mr Brian MacLennan of Dean House in 1985-6, an account book relating to Louis Cauvin's estate (ref. GD417/152) received from Messrs Scott & Paterson CA in 1985 and a volume of accounts of Cauvin's Hospital deposited by Dr Ian Richardson, Laggan in 1986. A further deposit of records was received from Lindsays WS in November 1988. These papers have been listed as GD417/265-433. Further records were received from the Dean & Cauvin Trust in Jul 2013 (listed as GD417/435-449).

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