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Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference GD268
Title Papers of the Loch Family of Drylaw
Dates 1565-1984
Access status Open
Location Off site
Description These represent the personal papers and letters of Sir Henry Brougham Loch, later Lord Loch, and James Loch, his father. In addition to these, there are some earlier papers relating to the Lochs of Drylaw, but not many, as the bulk of these was presented by Lieut. Col. G H Loch to the British Library. A note of these is available on file T/677. An unspecified quantity of Sir H B Loch's South African papers was microfilmed by the York University Centre for Southern African Studies in 1977.

Note of Contents of the Loch Muniments

Blair Adam, letters and papers of the Adam family, GD268/28-33, GD268/37-8, GD268/83, GD268/86-8, GD268/265

Cyprus, narrative of life on, GD268/466

Diaries and journals, GD268/5, GD268/27, GD268/35-6, GD268/44, GD268/301-6

Estate and legal papers, general, GD268/6-26, GD268/55, GD268/67, GD268/69-76, GD268/89, GD268/142, GD268/266-8, GD268/273-4
accounts for silver and jewellery, GD268/10-11, GD268/26, GD268/74, GD268/76, GD268/267, GD268/272
accounts for books, GD268/22, GD268/26, GD268/273
accounts for clothes and shoes, GD268/70-6
Drylaw house and estate, GD268/6, GD268/8, GD268/12, GD268/61, GD268/66, GD268/69

Family correspondence, GD268/165-72, GD268/269-71

Gainsborough, Lord, financial difficulties of, GD268/166, GD268/310-11.

Genealogical papers, GD268/1-4, GD268/68, GD268/456-7

G G Loch, letters and papers relating to, GD268/46-54, GD268/263-4, GD268/392-5, GD268/438

Henry Brougham, Lord Brougham, correspondence of, GD268/40, GD268/43, GD268/79

James Loch, letters and papers of, general, GD268/34, GD268/41-3, GD268/45, GD268/77-82, GD268/87-8, GD268/129-41, GD268/143-7, GD268/156-7, GD268/173-96, GD268/307-27, GD268/337-45, GD268/382, GD268/397-8, GD268/455
letters to and from Lord and Lady Stafford, later 1st duke and duchess of Sutherland, Lord and Lady Gower, later 2nd duke and duchess of Sutherland, and Lord and Lady Francis Leveson-Gower, later earl and countess of Ellesmere, relating to affairs of estates of Staffordshire and Sutherland, as well as building at Stafford house in London, and personal matters, GD268/84, GD268/198, GD268/216-43, GD268/346-81
letters on transport and communication, GD268/210-15

Keith, Lord, and Comtesse de Flahaut, his daughter, affairs of, GD268/79, GD268/83, GD268/176, GD268/208-9

Naval papers, mainly of Granville George Loch and HMS Alarm, GD268/91-4, GD268/151-3, GD268/255-62

Sir H B Loch, later Lord Loch, general and family letters, GD268/120-6, GD268/154, GD268/158-64, GD268/197-207, GD268/278-86, GD268/336, GD268/399-409, GD268/451, GD268/460-1, GD268/621-2, GD268/634, GD268/636,
letters relating to Lord Elgin's expedition to China and publication of Loch's book on his experiences there, GD268/105-114, GD268/277, GD268/393, GD268/439-42, GD268/463-4
papers relating to Loch as governor of the Isle of Man, GD268/115-19, GD268/278-9, GD268/396
financial papers, GD268/96-104, GD268/623-33, GD268/635
letters relating to Loch in India, GD268/125, GD268/140, GD268/408
papers relating to decorations awarded to Loch, GD268/127-8
letters relating to Loch as governor of state of Victoria in Australia, GD268/287-8, GD268/449-50, GD268/459, GD268/461, GD268/465, GD268/517
Letters relating to death of General Gordon, GD268/287, GD268/458-9
Letters and papers relating to Loch as Lord High Commissioner of South Africa, and governor of Cape Colony, GD268/289-300, GD268/383-91, GD268/410-37, GD268/443-8, GD268/452-4, GD268/465-516, GD268/518-620

Sutherland, county of, GD268/244-54

Accounts 1865-1950 GD268/639-45

Australia 1878-92 GD268/646-91

China 1859-1914 GD268/692-9

Commissions 1845-1905 GD268/700-4

Coronations 1902-37 GD268/705-13

Correspondence 1823-1964 GD268/714-825
Correspondence with the stalkers of Lochluichart Estate, Ross-shire, 1933-1977, GD268/1101-1113 (donated Dec 2009)

Diaries 1808-1942 GD268/826-86

Lists of wedding presents 1905-61 GD268/887-8

Douglas, 2nd lord Loch. 1873-1942 GD268/889-920

India 1873-92 GD268/921-6

Isle of Man 1863-1930- GD268/927-72

Military commissions 1898-1938 GD268/973-81

Miscellaneous papers 1644-1971 GD268/982-1012

South Africa 1889-1900 GD268/1013-24

Mary, queen of Scots, letter 1565 GD268/1025

Sydney Loch 1910 and undated, GD268/1026-30

Stoke College 1896-1955 GD268/1031-5

Albums of photographs, press cuttings, sketches, etc. 1850-1969 GD268/1036-94

Closed item [closed till 1 January 2046] GD268/1095

Correspondence with the stalkers of Lochluichart Estate, Ross-shire, 1933-1977, GD268/1101-1113
Level Fonds
Publication note Many of the papers have been printed or are referred to in Gordon Loch, 'The Family of Loch', (privately printed, Edinburgh, 1934 ) hereinafter referred to as 'Loch' and in Rt. Hon. Buddle Atkinson and G A Jackson, 'Brougham and His Early Friends: Letters to James Loch, 1798-1809', (3 vols, London, 1908) (privately printed) hereinafter referred to as Atkinson and Jackson. Much of the South African correspondence is printed in the various Colonial Office papers of which copies are included in the collection.
Format Text
Language English
Archival history These papers were gifted to the National Archives of Scotland by Lord and Lady Loch. GD268/1101-1113 were donated subsequently by Lady Loch in Dec 2009.

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