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Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference GD18
Title Papers of Clerk family of Penicuik, Midlothian
Dates 1373-1966
Access status Open
Access conditions No publication without owner's permission: consult NRS staff.
Location Off site
Description GD18/1-193: Writs of the Barony of Penicuik - Lands of Newbigging, Welstoun (Walston), Ravenshaugh, Dykneuk (Dykeneuk), Auchincroich (Auchincorth), Brunstoun (Brunstane), Braidwood, Lufness (Luffness) and Silverburne (Silverburn), 1373-1757.
GD18/195-282: Writs of the lands of Cairnhill and Easter and Wester Ravensneuk in barony of Glencorse, 1414-1782
GD18/283-311: Writs of the Lands of Hallhouse of Lekbernard, 1460-1647
GD18/312-345: Writs of the lands of Mountlothian, 1597-1730
GD18/346-376: Writs of the lands of Lennoxtownlaw, 1670-1727
GD18/377-386: Writs of the lands of Cooking [Cuiken], 1612-1655
GD18/387-398: Writs of the lands of Uttershill in barony of Preston, 1667-1718
GD18/399-403: Writs of the lands of Harlawmoor in parish of Linton and sheriffdom of Peebles, 1654-1694
GD18/404-418: Lands of St. Lawrence and Elvingstone [Elphinstone] in parish and constabulary of Haddington, 1563-1717
GD18/419-580: Writs of the lands and barony of Lasswade, 1428-1686
GD18/581-601: Miscellaneous writs, 1514-1840
GD18/601-641: Writs relating to teinds and patronage,1570-1723
GD18/642-693: Inventry of writs, 1617-1785
GD18/694-702: Barony Court papers, 1615-1740
GD18/703-761: Rentals, 1641-1919
GD18/762-823: Valuations and Teinds, 1620-1911
GD18/824-987: Tacks, 1504-1920
GD18/988-1187: Coal and lead mines (a) Coal, 1638-1915, (b) Lead 1712-1846
GD18/1188-1272: Papers concerning tenants, 1656-1824
GD18/1273-1293: Papers relating to Woods, 1652-1915
GD18/1294-1331: Papers relating to Mills, 1662-1772
GD18/1332-1372: Marches and Commonties, 1518-1852
GD18/1373-1438: Buildings, Roads and Bridges, 1671-1924
GD18/1439-1464: Plans and Measurements, 1695-1894
GD18/1465-1496: Legal, financial and general papers relating to the Lands and Barony of Penicuik, 1653-1920
GD18/1497-1538: Legal, financial and general papers relating to the Lands and Barony of Lasswade, 1591-1793
GD18/1539-1556: Legal, financial and general papers relating to the Lands and Barony of Glencorse, 1647-1734
GD18/1557-1597: Legal, financial and general papers relating to the Lands and Barony of Grange and Coldcoat, 1655-1713
GD18/1598-1611: Legal, financial and general papers relating to the Lands of Wrightshouses, 1670-1718
GD18/1612-1633: Legal, financial and general papers relating to the lands of Mountlothian, 1693-1749
GD18/1634-1650: Legal, financial and general papers relating to the lands and barony of Preston, 1662-1723
GD18/1651-1666: Legal, financial and general papers relating to the lands and barony of Roslin, 1655-1720
GD18/1667-1718: Miscellaneous legal, financial and general papers, 1670-1916
GD18/1719-1724: Estate Accounts, Discharges and Receipts. (a) Vouchers 1513-1925
GD18/1725-1747: Estate Accounts, Discharges and Receipts. (b) General, 1513-1877
GD18/1748-1764: Household Papers, Penicuik House, 1656-1764
GD18/1765-1774: Household Papers, Mavisbank House, 1723-1800
GD18/1775-1836: Papers relating to ponds and parks. (Item nos. 1775-1836 retransmitted to Sir John Clerk Feb.
1979.), 1714-1908
GD18/1837-1848: Household Accounts, 1654-1891
GD18/1849-1860: Miscellaneous papers, 1680-1783
GD18/1861-1888: Marriage Contracts, 1647-1875
GD18/1889-1934: Bonds of Provision, Testaments and Executry Papers. (a) Henryson [Henderson] of Elvingstone
[Elphinstone] Executry,
GD18/1935-2007: Bonds of Provision, Testaments and Executry Papers (b) Clerks of Penicuik, 1665-1866
GD18/2008-2031: Miscellaneous bonds of provision, testaments and executry papers, 1665-1864
GD18/2032-2088: Commissions, Burgess Tickets and Diplomas, 1644-1915
GD18/2089-2124: Journals and diaries, 1676-1937
GD18/2125-2146: Medical papers, 1647-1859
GD18/2147-2171: Genealogical papers, 1683-1937
GD18/2172-2181: Accounts and Financial Papers. (a) Vouchers, 1620-1940
GD18/2182 Accounts and Financial Papers. (b) Bonds, Bills of Exchanges, Discharges and Receipts, 1624-1839
GD18/2183-2274: Accounts and Financial Papers. (c) General, 1646-1940
GD18/2275-2356: Miscellaneous papers, 1501-1928
GD18/2357-2567: Mercantile papers 1. Accounts, letters and papers regarding the affairs of John Clerk (later of
Penicuik) as merchant in Paris, France, and Edinburgh, 1627-1720
GD18/2568-2574: General papers, 1678-1720
GD18/2575-2620: Maxwell and Clerk-Maxwell of Middleby and Dumcrieff Papers, 1702-1793
GD18/2621-2687: Buccleugh and Queensberry estate papers and letters, 1667-1773
GD18/2688-2922: Letters and papers of the Court of Exchequer in Scotland, 1655-1800
GD18/2923-3081: Heritors records relating to Penicuik, Lasswade and Glencorse, 1618-1884
GD18/3082-3102 Miscellaneous papers, 1687-1795
GD18/3103-3299: State, political and Parliamentary, 1515-1810
GD18/3300-3382: (a) Letters and Papers of Sir George Clerk as MP for Edinburgh, 1811-32 and 1835-37; Lord of
Admiralty, 1819-27 and 1828; Clerk of the Ordnance, 1827; Under Secretary for the Home
Department, 1830, and Secretary to the Treasury, 1835. 1811-1848
GD18/3383-3874: (b) Letters and papers of Sir George Clerk as MP for Stamford, 1838-47; Secretary to the Treasury,
1841-5; Vice President of the Board of Trade, 1845-6; and Master of the Mint, 1845-6.
GD18/3875-3933: (c) Letters and papers of Sir George Clerk as MP for Dover, 1847-1852
GD18/3934-3947: (d) Letters and papers of Sir George Clerk as President of Royal Academy of Music, 1841-1862
GD18/3948-4119: Religious and Ecclesiastical Papers, 1529-1853
GD18/4120-4311: Military and Naval Papers, 1668-1933
GD18/4312: Literature: Papers relating to Ben Jonson, 1619
GD18/4313-4363: Literature: Papers relating to Allan Ramsay., 1722-1755
GD18/4364-4377: Literature: Papers relating to Sir Walter Scott, 1788-1827
GD18/4377-4507: Literature: Poems and inscriptions, 1611-1805
GD18/4508-4534: Literature- Miscellaneous papers, 1607-1843
GD18/4535-4566: Papers relating to Music, 1663-1809
GD18/4567-4648: Art: Papers relating to William Aikman, 1699-1865
GD18/4649-4718: Art: General papers and correspondence, 1583-1846
GD18/4719-5001: Architecture: Adam papers, 1723-1847
Arranged as follows in bound folders
GD18/4737-4766 [NB the contents of this bound folder were reinstated as original, separate letters in February 2011]
GD18/4908-4925 (4920 separate)
GD18/4926-4960 (4953 & 4959 separate)

GD18/5002-5017: Architecture: General papers and correspondence1720-1808
GD18/5018-5075: Antiquarian: General papers and correspondence, 1698-1845
GD18/5076-5160: General papers and correspondence, 1692-1848
GD18/5161-5615 Personal and family papers, 1651-1890
GD18/5616-5796: Estate, Legal and Financial papers, 1617-1925
GD18/5797-5849: Miscellaneous papers: Edinburgh, Burgh and County, 1655-1849
GD18/5850-5872: Miscellaneous papers: Canals, 1741-1842
GD18/5873-5884 Miscellaneous papers: Banks, 1722-1761
GD18/5885-5955 Miscellaneous papers: Trade, Manufactures and Fisheries, 1714-1859
GD18/5956-6019: Miscellaneous papers: General, 1647-1884
GD18/6020-6181 Miscellaneous papers: Printed Works, 1568-1894
Level Fonds
Finding aids Inventory
Format Text
Language English
Related material Penicuik Library catalogue, compiled 1724 but with alterations up to 1750, is in National Library of Scotland, Reference MS Dep 187.

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