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GD170Papers of the Campbell Family of Barcaldine1539-1961
Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference GD170/488
Title Rent, other payments by tenants, tacks, etc.
Dates 1771-1800
Access status Open
Location On site
Description 1. General.
(a) 1772-89
(b) 1790-1800
(c) n.d.

2. Tacks and related papers
1. 1771, July 8
Missive letter from John Murray to Alexander Campbell, younger of Glenuir, advocate, offering him writer's house in the Covenant Close, Edinburgh for 5 years.

2. 1783, June 21
Missive from Daniel McLaurin, stampmaster in Ochterarder, and William Lawson there, to Alexander Campbell, younger, of Glenure, offering for wood on ground commonly called the Woodleys on the north side of water of Lochy, containing an acceptance.

3. 1785, February 13
Minute of tack by Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine to John McIntyre, possessor of Milnhill of Kincardine, of farm of Millnhill for 3 years. [2 copies.]

4. 1786, January 3
Copy offer to Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine for liferent tack of Glenure.

5. 1786, January 25, April 10
Copy tack by Francis, earl of Moray, to Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine, advocate, of lands and grazings of Badonibeg, Leckone, town and lands of North Drumlick and Innerlochlarigbe and others in parish of Balquhidder, sheriffdom of Perth for 14 years.

6. 1786, February 21
Bond by Patrick MacVean and John MacVean, tacksman and tenants of town and lands of Blarnamuck, to flit there from at Whit, 1786.

7. 1786, March 27
Letter from Barcaldine to John Thomson, son of Dougal Thomson, at Aucharn, Morvern, promising to enter into a tack with him of farm of Dalchalish and Letterualtan for 19 years.

8. 1786, April 4
Summons at instance of Hugh MacNaughtan and others, tacksmen of Barcaldine, against Duncan MacColl, pretended tenant and possessor of croft of Barcuiline, being part of lands of Barcaldine, charging him to flit therefrom.

9. 1786
Papers re liferent tack of Glenure by Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine to Colin Campbell, his brother. [4 documents.]

10. (1786)
Petition of Duncan McColl at Barwilline to Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine, for a house upon grounds of Culcharran.

11. 1787, February 6
Notes by Colin Campbell, Barcaldine, on tack of Glenure.

12. 1787, February 16
Tack to captain Colin Campbell, his brother, of lands of Glenure and others for his lifetime and one year more. [2 documents.]

13. 1787, February 19, March 24
Tack by Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine to Dugald MacTavish at Aucharn in Morvern and Donald and John MacTavish, his sons, of lands of Dallechellish and Letterualtan for 19 years. [2 copies.]

14. 1787, March 5
Copy tack by Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine to captain Colin Campbell of the 24th regiment of foot, his brother, of lands of Glenure and Derinlochan, and others in parishes of Ardchattan and Appin for 31 years.

15. 1787, September 1
Petition of Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine to sheriff depute of Argyll for payment of arrears of rent.

16. Offer by John McTavish, Barcaldine, to Barcaldine, for tack of farm of Cuilcharen for 8 years.

17. 1788, April 10
Steelbow tack by Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine to Mrs. Mary Campbell, his spouse, and Margaret Campbell relict of Duncan MacDiarmid, late at Glenure, of lands of Inverergan and Candallich, Glentendell and Cottoun of Auchinrare for 15 years. [2 documents.]

18. 1789, April 4
Precept of removing at instance of Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine against Donald Cameron, pretended tenant of lands of Barcaldine in parish of Ardchattan.

19. (1789)
Agreement between Barcaldine and Hugh Campbell and James Stewart, anent their tack of Salachan and Craig.

20. 1790, May 18
Warrant granted by sheriff substitute of Argyll to petition of Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine to expose to roup subjects pertaining to ensign William Campbell, for payment of rents of farm of Auchacha. [4 items.]

21. 1790, November 15
Tack by John, earl of Breadalbane, to Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine, of grazing of Tomachurin, in Brae of Lyon, formerly part of forest of Mamlorn, for 21 years: with copy renunciation. [2 documents.]

22. 1791, February 25
Tack to Alexander McKenzie and others, tenants in Ferlochan, of lands of Ferlochan in parish of Ardchattan for 16 years.

23. 1791, June 1
Offer by Colin Campbell, Barcaldine, to Barcaldine for Dermaneach and Arnriska for 20 years.

24. 1791, December 1
Acceptance by ?Matthew Harrison of Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine's offer for farm of Ardneskie.

25. 1793, February 20
Deposition of Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine in action at his instance against Archibald McPherson at Inverlochlarigbeg, anent tack of farms in braes of Balquhidder.

26. 1793, June 13
Tack by lt. Archibald Campbell, tacksman of lands of Laudale, to Colin McDearmid of Glendow, of stocking on farm of Laudale in Morven with possession of said farm for 15 years.

27. 1794, March 21
Disposition by tacksmen of Dallechellish and Letterualtan to Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine, of stock of cattle and other animals on said lands.

28. 1796, April 4
Precepts of removing at instance of Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine against tenants in parish of Lismore (specified). [2 documents.]

29. 1797, January 19
Offer by Barcaldine to James McDiamid at Acha, offering him farm of Acha for 11 years, containing acceptance.

30. 1797, February 17
Offer by Peter McIntyre to Alexander Campbell, Barcaldine, for farm of Achinraer, containing acceptance.

31. 1797, February 25
Offer by Patrick Cunningham and John Cameron, tenants in Dalranich, to Barcaldine for farm of Dalranich for 11 years.

32. 1797, May 26
Precept at instance of Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine against Donald McTavish and Mary McIntyre, relict of Donald McTavish, pretended tenants of lands of Dalchelish in parish of Ardchattan, charging them to flit therefrom.

33. 1797, July 14
Tack by Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine to Mr. Donald Stewart, Ballure, of farm of Ballure for 19 years.

34. 1797, July 17
Offer by Barcaldine to Duncan and Donald McIntyre, tacksmen of Inversragan, of part of Benmalurag contiguous to their farm, containing acceptance.

35. 1800, March 1
Copy tack by Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine with consent of Mary Campbell, his spouse, to James McDiarmid, tenant in Achaw, of lands of Inverergen, Condalich and others for 9 years. [2 copies.]

36. n.d.
Scroll bond by Patrick and John McVean, joint tacksmen of Blarnamuck, to Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine to flit from said lands at Whitsunday next.
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