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GD170Papers of the Campbell Family of Barcaldine1539-1961
Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference GD170/266
Title Tacks
Dates 1721-1737
Access status Open
Location On site
Description Note: tacks are set by Patrick Campbell of Barcaldine unless otherwise stated.

1. 1721, February 24

Tack to Mary Campbell, Barcaldine's mother, of half 6 merkland of Acha, for 3 years.

2. 1725, September 7

Tack to Mary Campbell, Barcaldine's mother, of 6 merkland of Acha for 7 years, with agreement between said Mary and John Campbell [later of Barcaldine], her grandchild. [3 documents.]

3. 1726, February 2

Tack to Gilbert McIntyre and others, tenants of lands of Inverinanbeg, of 4 merkland of Inverinanbeg for 6 years.

4. 1726, February 2

Tacks: (i) to John McIntyre possessor of Achindryen, of 1 merkland of Achindryen in parish of Killchrennan, (term not stated), and
(ii) to Archibald Campbell, and Donald McIntyre, tenants of lands of Achnamaddie, of 1 merkland of Achinmaddie in said parish for 6 years.

5. 1726, February 2

Tack to Donald McNokaird, elder, Duncan McIntyre, Patrick McIntyre, Donald McNokaird, younger, and Archibald McNokaird, tenants of Upper Fernoch, of 4 merkland of Upper Fernoch in parish of Killchrennan, for 6 years.

6. 1726, February 2

Tack to Colin Campbell, his brother, Patrick and John McLintaig, tenants in Inverinan Moir of 4 merkland of Inverinan Moir with croft of Slockavoan in parish of Kilchrennan for 6 years.

7. 1726, February 3

Tack to Duncan Ban McArthur, Archibald McIntyre, Duncan McIntyre, Gilbert McIntyre, his son, Duncan McAlvorie, John McKiachir, John McAlvorie, Duncan McPhaill and Martin McKellar, tenants of lands of Barbreck Lochow, of town and lands of Barbreck Lochow for 6 years.

8. 1726, February 3

Tack to John Fledger, John McPhaill, Patrick McPhaill, Katherine McPhail, widow, tenants of lands of Upper Sonnachan, of 2 merkland of Upper Sonnachan in parish of Kilchrennan, for 6 years.

9. 1726, February 3

Tack to Patrick McIntyre, tenant in Barcaldine, and Malcolm McCallum, of 1 merkland of Annat for 6 years.

10. 1726

Tack to Colin Campbell, his brother, Patrick and John McLintaig, tenants in Inverinanmoir, of [ ] merkland of Inverinanmoir with croft called Sloikvean, in parish of Killchrennan, half to said Colin and half to said John and Patrick, for 6 years. In dorso: notes of other tacks.

11. 1731, February 17

Tack to John Campbell and Patrick McIntyre in Dalchelis, of lands of Dalchelis for 5 years.

12. 1732, December 1

Tack by Donald Campbell of Airds to John McIlechattan, possessor of Criagan, of 2 merkland of Criagan in parish of Kilmaluage, for 7 years.

13. 1734

Memorials by Patrick Campbell of Barcaldine to Duke of Argyll and Greenwich, anent setting lands of Aross and others in Mull. [3 documents.]

14. 1736, February 12

Tack to Patrick McIntyre in Daillchelish and Hugh McIntyre in Leterualtan, of land of Daillchelish and part of Leterualtan for 9 years.

15. 1736, March 2

Minute of tack to John Campbell, tacksman of Dalchelish, of lands of Glenuire for 9 years.

16. 1736, May 14

Tack to Donald and Lauchlan McLaren and Malcolm McKenzie in Sallachin, of room and lands of Glenure for 9 years.

17. 1736, November 13

Tack by trustees for John, lord Glenorchy, to Alexander Campbell of Blarcherine for 3 merkland of Barrab, half merkland of Ardtytle in parish of Clacanndysart for 15 years.

18. 1736, December 11

Tack by commissioners for John, earl of Breadalbane, to Patrick Campbell of Barcaldine, of lands of Clashgour and others in parish of Clachandysart, for 15 years.

19. 1736

Scroll tack by trustees for Earl of Breadalbane and Lord Glenorchy to Patrick Campbell of Barcaldine of lands of Kenlochetive and others for 19 years.

20. 1737

Scroll tack by commissioners of earl of Breadalbane and lord Glenorchy to Barcaldine, of lands of Kenlochetife and others in parish of Balleveodan, for 19 years.

21. n.d.

Scroll assignation by Patrick Campbell of Barcaldine to Alexander Campbell, his son, of tacks, by trustees of John, lord Glenorchy, to said Patrick, (i) 11 December 1736, 2 March 1737, of lands of Kenlochetive and others in parish of Ballivodan, and (ii) tack (undated), of lands of Clashgoar and others in of Clachandysart.

22. n.d.

Memorial of Patrick Campbell of Achnaba to Barcaldine, anent tack of Innie for 19 years.
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