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Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference GD16
Title Papers of the Earls of Airlie
Dates 1161-1963
Access status Open
Location Off site
Description Guide To Sections:
Sections 1-22. Lands in the sheriffdoms of Forfar and Perth. 1161-1898.
Section 23. Lands in the sheriffdom of Banff including the Thanedom of Boyne. 1522-1711.
Section 24. Miscellaneous charters, of lands in the sheriffdoms of Aberdeen, Argyll, Ayr, Berwick, Edinburgh, Fife, Forfar, Inverness, Kincardine, Lanark, Perth and Zetland. 1404-1885.
Section 25. Bonds of manrent, grants and commissions, 1486-1890; burgess tickets, 1560-1875; heritable jurisdictions, 1485-1861; the Airlie titles, 1491-1862.
Sections 26-30. Estate letters, papers, tacks and accounts. 1481-1954.
Sections 31-33. Financial and business letters and papers. 1570-1954.
Sections 34-35. Correspondence. 1577-1899.
Section 36. Court books. 1582-1803.
Section 37. Papers relating to the Homes of Polwarth. 1557-1613.
Section 38. Roads, bridges, canals and railways. 1630-1889.
Section 39. Maps and plans.1771-1917. See also maps and plans listed after Section 60.
Section 40. Parliamentary papers and papers relating to local elections and administration. 1567-1863.
Sections 41-45. Legal papers. 1460-1894.
Sections 46-49. Papers relating to churches and schools. 1410-1903.
Section 50. Papers relating to the period of the Civil War, Commonwealth and Restoration. 1637-1684.
Section 51. Covenanters and the Airlie Troop in Ayrshire. 1674-1732.
Sections 52-56. Papers relating to the army, militia and police. 1570-1914.
Section 57. Printed matter. 1580-1906.
Section 58. Miscellaneous papers. 1661-1930.
Section 59. Additional papers. 1662-1963.
Section 60. Miscellaneous legal papers. 18th-20th centuries.
Level Fonds
Arrangement Documents in this Inventory are numbered within each section and reference should be made by section number and individual number. The individual number may be for one item, or for a bundle or volume. Sections 1-22 have been arranged to correspond as far as possible with the manuscript Inventory of Charters prepared by A. Francis Steuart. Other charters relating to lands in the sheriffdoms of Forfar and Perth may be found in Section 24 - Miscellaneous Charters - under the appropriate sheriffdoms. With the exception of Section 24 charters and other writs in Sections 1-25 are arranged as follows: Titles to Lands; Wadsets and Heritable Bonds; Apprisings and Adjudications; Inventories of Writs. Where double numbers in square brackets occur at the end of an entry they refer to the manuscript Inventory; references of this type without an entry denote that a document is missing , but a short description will be found in the Inventory.
Publication note Where documents have been printed references are given in the text. A short report on the papers is contained in the Second Report of the Historical Manuscripts Commission and many have been printed in Wilson, 'The House of Airlie'.
Associated persons
DS/UK/25071Ogilvy Earls of Airlie

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