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Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference GD150
Title Papers of the Earls of Morton
Dates 1250-1940
Access status Open
Location Off site
Description GD150/1-28 Writs of date 1250-1372. GD150/29-82 Writs of date 1375-1401. GD150/83-106 Writs of date 1402-1450. GD150/107-160 Writs of date 1451-1475. GD150/161-261 Writs of date 1475-1500. GD150/262-267 Inventory, cartulary, protocol books and court books. GD150/268-319 General series of charters, deeds etc. 1503/4-1550. GD150/320-493 General series of charters, deeds etc. 1551-1597 GD150/494-533 General series of charters, deeds etc. 1601-1649 GD150/534-567 General series of charters, deeds etc. 1651-1699 GD150/568-591 General series of charters, deeds etc. 1700-1752 GD150/592-594 General series of charters, deeds etc. 1791-1844

Titles, etc., arranged topographically:- Lothian: GD150/595-645 Town and territory of Dalkeith, 1517-1693. GD150/646-652 Woods of Dalkeith, 1573-1619. GD150/653-674 Lands of Easter and Wester Colden, 1553-1630. GD150/675-695 Barony of Lugton, 1565-1616. GD150/696-757 Barony of Caldercleir, 1506-1824. GD150/758-759 Dalmahoy, 1671-1770. GD150/760-764 Warriston and Curriehill, 1693-1762. GD150/765-767 Temple lands of Halcerston and Esperston, 1518-1564. GD150/768-772 Lands of Pinkie, etc., 1527-1544/5. GD150/773-783 Subjects in Edinburgh and Canongate, 1502-1753. Fife: GD150/784-838 Barony of Aberdour, 1520-1793. GD150/839-886 Town of Aberdour, 1504-1732. GD150/887-904 Sisterlands of Aberdour, 1560-1647. GD150/905-927 Craigfoodie, 1530-1611 GD150/928-955 Barony of Rosyth, lands of Balram and barony of Orrock, 1529-1754. GD150/956-1007 Bishopshire and Muckartshire, 1507-1649. GD150/1008-1013 Barony of Kirkness, 1548-1619. GD150/1014-1032 Fife - Various, 1509-1751. Kinross and Perthshire: GD150/1033-1091 Fossoway, 1504-1634. GD150/1092-1126 Barony of Kinross, 1506-1701. GD150/1127-1137 Various, (Kinross-shire), 1560/1-1633. GD150/1137-1168 Barony of Keillor, 1507-1576. GD150/1169-1180 Cuthilgurdie, 1544-1627. GD150/1181-1185 Longforgan, 1567-1591. GD150/1186-1195 Various (Perth), 1561-1617. Peebles: GD150/1196-1244 Barony of Linton, 1514-1622. GD150/1245-1282 Barony of Newlands, 1505-1642. GD150/1283-1319 Barony of Kilbucho, 1525-1630. GD150/1320-1378 Burgh and parish of Peebles, including the lands of Eshiels, Soonhope, Smithfield and Franksland, 1506-1707 GD150/1379-1388 Baronies of Stobo and Eddleston, 1577-8. GD150/1389-1397 Lands of Oychellis and Spittleholme, 1531-58. Roxburgh: GD150/1398-1438 Lands of Longnewton and Fairnington, 1508-1733. Berwick: GD150/1439-1446 Lands of Mordington, 1531-1622. GD150/1447-1498 Abbey of Melrose and its lands, 1524-1618. Dumfries: GD150/1499-1526 Baronies of Preston and Morton, 1507-1611. Kirkcudbrught: GD150/1527-1548 Baronies of Buittle and Borg. 1513-1618 Stirling: GD150/1549-1559 Hill of Dundaff etc., 1505-1571. Ayr: GD150/1560-1584 Cesnock, etc., 1502-1622. Lanark: GD150/1585-1599 Baronies of Edmonston and Roberton etc., 1502-1608. Aberdeen: GD150/1600-1648 Earldom of Buchan and lordship of Auchterhouse, 1506-1606. GD150/1649-1723 Orkney and Shetland, 1536-1767

Ecclesiastical GD150/1724-1817 Writs and papers mainly of ecclesiastical interest, 1516-1800. GD150/1818-1869 Papers relating to stipends, teinds and other ecclesiastical affairs, arranged chronologically, 1526-1803. GD150/1870-1898 Ecclesiastical affairs relating to Orkney and Shetland 1615-1758.

Various GD150/1899-2005 Various deeds, arranged chronologically, 1502-1863, several early ones relating to Douglas of Lochleven. GD150/2006-2007 Exchequer papers, 1539-1605. GD150/2008 Seals. GD150/2009 Papers relating to estate of Bellfield, 1716-1773. GD150/2010-2013 Tacks - Orkney and Shetland, Midlothian, Fife and miscellaneous, 1523-1792.

Rentals GD150/2014 Suit roll of earldom of Morton (undated). GD150/2015-2026 Orkney and Shetland rentals, 1651-1766. GD150/2027-2060 Midlothian rentals, 1554-1823. GD150/2060A-2078 Fife rentals, 1616-1820. GD150/2079-2122 Miscellaneous rentals, 1574-1775.

Financial Papers GD150/2123-2149 Bonds and assignations, 1553-1871. GD150/2150-2185 Financial statements, cash books and accounts, 1620-1881. GD150/2186-2210 Discharges and receipts, 1502-1783. GD150/2211 Receipts for writs, 1591-1632. GD150/2212-2223 Schoolmaster's receipts, various places, 1591-1769.

Judicial Papers GD150/2224-2229 Judical papers, 1532-1717.

Testamentary Documents GD150/2230-2270 Testamentary Documents, 1542-1878.

Genealogical Material GD150/2271-2277 Miscellaneous genealogical material relating to Morton family, abstracts of baptismal and marriage certificates, etc.

Commissions etc. GD150/2278-2334 Commissions, gifts, grants, pensions and licences etc., 1557-1845.

Communications. GD150/2335-2345 Papers relating to roads and bridges, 1718-1827. GD150/2346-2349 Papers relating to canals and ferries, 1767-1820.

Minerals. GD150/2350-2353 Papers relating to iron, lead and miscellaneous mineral workings. GD150/2354-2344 Papers relating to coal, 1792-1814. GD150/2356-2359 Papers relating to lime, 1788-1822.

Military Papers. GD150/2360-2362 Fifeshire Regiment of Militia, 1808-1822. GD150/2363 Royal Fifeshire Yeomanry Cavalry, 1811-1824. GD150/2364-2369 Midlothian Yeomanry Cavalry, 1684-1862. GD150/2369-2374 Miscellaneous military papers, 1627-1803.

Scottish Representative Peers. GD150/2375-2387 Papers relating to Scottish Representative Peers, 1714-1822.

Aberdour Papers. GD150/2388-2404 Miscellaneous papers relating to Aberdour estate, 1611-1864. GD150/2405-2407 Letters relating to Aberdour estate, 1659-1823. GD150/2408-2418 Aberdour accounts, 1657-1797. GD150/2419-2431 Aberdour receipts and vouchers, 1666-1783.

Dalmahoy Papers. GD150/2432-2446 Miscellaneous papers relating to Dalmahoy estate, mainly accounts, 1739-1896. GD150/2447-2464 Household accounts and account books, 1606-1860 GD150/2465-2471 Miscellaneous estate papers, including letters, 1732-1865. GD150/2472-2481 Household receipts, 1660-1785. GD150/2482-2490 Estate vouchers and discharges, 1732-1811.

Orkney and Shetland GD150/2491-2496 Petitions, memorials, etc, relating to reinstatement of earl of Morton in lands in Orkney and Shetland, 1670-1743. GD150/2497-2500 Petitions of William Brown and Andrew Loss relating to loans on land in Orkney and Shetland, 1643-1720. GD150/2501 Papers relating to loan by Sir Andrew Dick and Dame Jean Leslie to earl of Morton, 1636-1683. GD150/2502-2504 Papers relating to Crown rents and Bishop's rents, 1696-1761. GD150/2505-2507 Papers relating to elections of members of parliament, 1713-1761. GD150/2508-2540 Miscellaneous papers, 1608-1764. GD150/2541-2572 Letters relating to affairs in Orkney and Shetland, 1626-1802. GD150/2573-2587 Orkney estate and household accounts and receipts, 1648-1767. GD150/2588-2593 Papers relating to wrecks off Shetland, 1664-1737. GD150/2594-2611 Papers relating to wrecks off Orkney, 1651 - 1746.

Watsons of Saughton GD150/2612-2621 Miscellaneous papers, relating to Watsons of Saughton, 1714 - 1881. GD150/2622-2673 Miscellaneous general papers, 1550-1892. GD150/2674-2692 Prints and Pamphlets, 1716-1824. GD150/2693-2727 Miscellaneous receipts and deeds, 1583-1864. GD150/2726-2740 Miscellaneous accounts, some of Douglases of Lochleven, 1547-1870. GD150/2741-2766 Miscellaneous receipts and vouchers, 1630-1867. GD150/2767-2768 Sederunt books, 1744-1768. GD150/2769 Registrum Honoris de Morton GD150/2770 National MSS of Scotland, I, II and III

Inventories GD150/2771-2837 Inventories of Morton writs, 1267-1783. GD150/2838-2843 Inventories of furniture and gear, 1608-1744.

Titles to Land GD150/2844 Aberdeen, 17th century. GD150/2845 Argyll, 1643. GD150/2846-2850 Berwick, 1631-1713. GD150/2851 Perth and Clackmannan, 17th century. GD150/2852-2870 Edinburgh, 1560-1779. GD150/2871-2873 Fife and Forfar, 1615-1683. GD150/2874 Glasgow, 1650. GD150/2875 Lanark, 1578-1676. GD150/2876 Peebles, 1670-1673. GD150/2877 Roxburgh, 17th century. GD150/2878 Stirling, 1639.

Miscellaneous Writs. GD150/2879-2893 Miscellaneous writs - discharges, warrants etc, 1566-1818.

Marriage Contracts. GD150/2894-2908 Marriage contracts, 1597-1674.

Testamentary Papers. GD150/2909-2924 Testamentary papers, 1574-1807.

Tacks. GD150/2925-2936 Tacks, mainly relating to lands in Saughton, 1524-1812.

Naval and Military Papers. GD150/2937-2948 Miscellaneous Naval and Military papers, 1648-1816.

Royal Household Books. GD150/2949-2950 Royal Household books, 1650-1651.

Protocol Books, GD150/2951-2952 Protocol Books, 1650-1658.

Inventories. GD150/2953-2973 and 2976,7, 2979, 2981. Inventories of Writs relating to various properties, 1623-1800 GD150/2975,2978, 2980,2982, 2983. Inventories of household and personal belongings of Watsons of Saughton, 17th century - 19th century

Miscellaneous Writs. GD150/2984-3106 Miscellaneous writs, mainly relating to Saughton and Melrose, 1534/5-1661 GD150/3107-3172 Miscellaneous legal documents mainly relating to Watsons of Saughton, 1661-1897.

Bonds and Assignations. GD150/3173-3815 Bonds and assignations, mainly relating to Watsons of Saughton, 1597-1769.

Estate Papers. GD150/3186-3207 Estate papers, mainly relating to Watsons of Saughton, 1605-1896 GD150/3208-3210 Estate rentals and accounts for Corstorphine and Saughton, 1631-1898. GD150/3211-3212 Factory accounts for Saughton estate, 1709-1773. GD150/3213-3216 Vouchers for factory accounts, 1808-1811. GD150/3217-3219 Farm accounts for Hatton Mains and Dalmahoy, 1867-1876.

Discharges and Accounts. GD150/3220-3364 Discharges and Accounts, mainly relating to Watsons of Saughton, 1571-1823.

General Papers. GD150/3365-3425 Miscellaneous papers of general interest, including printed papers, 1618-1897.

Volumes. GD150/3426-3436 Volumes containing Saughton rentals, inventories of furniture, estate accounts and cash books, 1846-1903.

Correspondence. GD150/3437-3519 Morton correspondence, arranged chronologically, 1523-1907. GD150/3520-3537 Watson of Saughton correspondence, arranged chronologically, 1611-1821.

Additional Miscellaneous Material. GD150/3538-3543 Miscellaneous material, including printed items, 18th and 19th centuries.

GD150/3544-3896: additional items received from Dundas & Wilson (accessioned May 1993, previously listed as part of National Register of Archives for Scotland survey no 2710): title deeds of lands in various sheriffdoms, 1535-1921; family legal papers, 1733-1916; legal process papers, 1566-1910; estate papers, 1629-1940; accounts and vouchers, 1823-1914; correspondence etc, 1772-1886.

GD150/3897-98: additional items received from Dundas & Wilson (accessioned January 1994): sketch plans etc, 1826-1884


RHP723-739 Plans of lands in Midlothian, 1797-1865. and 1001

RHP740-744 Plans of lands in Fife, 1823-1895.

RHP745-752 Miscellaneous plans, 1741-1858.

RHP35974-35978 Miscellaneous plans, 1762-1815

RHP92381-92302 Miscellaneous plans of lands in Edinburgh, Midlothian and Fife, 1818-1903
Level Fonds
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Language English
Related material N.B. Another group of Morton documents, including the 14th century Morton cartulary, is preserved in the National Library of Scotland (MSS 72-84).

National Records of Scotland, H.M. General Register House, 2 Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3YY; email: [email protected]