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Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference GD135
Title Papers of the Dalrymple Family, Earls of Stair
Dates [c1160]-20th century
Access status Closed
Access conditions This collection is temporarily closed to public access. Enquiries should be addressed to staff at the National Records of Scotland.
Location On site
Description There are no records for references GD135/1-132. The first section of the inventory (after the volumes, which retain their original references) comprises titles of the Galloway estates. It is arranged broadly according to the inventory of entailed estates (GD135/173). A good deal of the rest of the collection is concerned with the Galloway estates and local affairs (eg papers of the factors, Ross, Leggat and Guthrie). Apart from the titles, there are few Dalrymple papers earlier than the 18th century. This may be a consequence of the fire which destroyed Castle Kennedy in 1715. The other residences in Galloway were Balcail, Carscreuch, Culhorn and Lochinch (built c. 1864).

Not Allocated, GD135/1-132

Stair, GD135/133-1013
Oxfuird, GD135/1014-1607

Legal Papers:
Stair, GD135/1608-1776
Hamilton, McGills, GD135/1777-2030

Family Papers:
Dalrymple, GD135/2031-2108
Hamilton, Makgill, GD135/2109-2174
De Coigny papers, GD135/2175-2198

Heritable Bonds: GD135/2199-2206

Financial papers including household accounts:
Dalrymple, GD135/2207-2250
Makgill, GD135/2251-2300

Factor's Accounts & Correspondence, GD135/2301-2432

Estate Accounts, Rentals, Estate Papers etc.
Accounts, GD135/2433-2495
Rentals etc, GD1352496-2521
Estate papers, GD135/2522-2611
Debts of Viscount of Oxfuird, GD135/2612-2630
Tacks, rentals etc, GD135/2631-2643
Hamilton of Preston etc, GD135/2644-2668

Baillie of Lochend, Borthwick of Crookston:
Lochend, GD135/2669-2670
Borthwick of Crookston, GD135/2671-2674

Coal, Roads, Railways, Ecclesiastical:
Coal, GD135/2675-2681
Roads & Railways, GD135/2682-2708
Ecclesiastical, GD135/2709-2715

Commisions, GD135/2716-2742

Correspondence and related papers:
Correspondence, GD135/2743-2866
Printed Papers, GD135/2867-2885

Cassillis Papers, GD135/2886-2887
Additional Oxfuird Papers, GD135/2888-2897
Hamilton of Bargany, GD135/2898-2899
Miscellaneous, GD135/2900-2906

Cleland Estate, GD135/2907-3057

Cousland Trust, GD135/3058-3074
John Hamilton Dalrymple of Cousland and Fala, 8th Earl of Stair, on 7 April 1849 executed an entail of certain lands in favour of heirs-male of his body, whom failing in favour of John Hamilton Dalrymple (later 10th Earl of Stair), eldest son of North Hamilton Dalrymple of Fordel and Cleland (later 9th Earl of Stair), his brother.

By a Testamentary Trust Disposition of 1 May 1849 (reg. B.C. & S. 18 March 1853), in terms of a reserved Power in the Deed of Entail, he conveyed the lands of Cousland and others in the parishes of Cranstoun and Heriot, County of Edinburgh, to Trustees. The 8th Earl died on 10 January 1853, and the Trustees came into possession. They were to draw the income from these lands during the lifetime of the 9th and 10th Earls of Stair (who died on 9 November 1864 and 3 December 1903 respectively), but, by agreement, the Trust seems to have been wound up with effect from 25 August 1891, the lands involved being again merged in the main Stair Estates. At the marriage, on 9 December 1846, of the future 10th Earl of Stair, with Louisa Jane Henrietta Emily de Franquetot, of the Dalrymple-Hamilton of Bargany family, eldest daughter of the Duc de Coigny, it was provided he should receive an annuity of £1000 per annum from the Stair Estates during the lifetime of his father, and she should receive an annuity of £1000 per annum if he died without succeeding to the Earldom. The Trustees, by the Trust Disposition of 1 May 1849, were given responsibility for payment of this annuity, the other income from the lands conveyed being applied in administration of the Trust and of the Trust lands, and in reduction of debts on these lands and on the Stair estates in the sheriffdom of Edinburgh. The lands continued to be administered by the Faotor on the Stair estates in Midlothian, but with separate accounts.

The Trustees were initially Hon. Bouverie Francis Primrose, son to Archibald John, 4th Earl of Rosebery, William Gibson-Craig, M.P., later Sir William Gibson-Craig of Riccarton, Bart., and William Wilson. C.S. By Deed of Assumption of 21 (reg. B.C. & S. 22) September 1880 Bouverie Francis Primrose, as surviving Trustee, assumed John Glencairn Carter Hamilton of Dalzell and William John Dundas, C.S., as Trustees.
(Formerly NRAS3165)

Cleland Trust, GD135/3075-3088
The Cleland Trust was constituted as a Testamentary Trust by North Hamilton Dalrymple, 9th Earl of Stair. Legacies of £5000 each were left to the surviving four daughters of his first marriage, to others of his family, and to servants, with balance of surplus income being payable to Hon. George Grey Dalrymple, only child of his second marriage. The estate of Ravenstone or Castle Stewart, which had formed part of the trust estate, was sold to Lord Borthwick with effect from Whitsunday 1874 for £85,000. Holdings include British, Indian and American Railroad shares.
(Formerly NRAS3170)

Miscellaneous, GD135/3089-3107
Level Fonds
Admin history Details of the complex Stair family tree may be found in standard works such as 'The Scots Peerage'. The Dalrymple family came from Ayrshire but the 1st Viscount's marriage to Margaret Ross brought estates in Galloway to which the 1st Earl added. The 7th earl died in Paris in 1840 and was succeeded by a distant relative who also succeeded to the estates of the Makgill family in Midlothian. The title Viscount of Oxfuird became dormant and was revived in 1977, descending separately from the estates. The 8th Earl chiefly resided at Oxenfoord and in some sections of the inventory (titles, family papers, estate) there are items which relate specifically to the Makgill side of the family. The 2nd Earl (d.1747) resided at Newliston, which was sold by the 5th Earl (d.1789) who inherited the estates before the title. The 9th Earl was also proprietor of the estate of Cleland.
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Archival history The Stair Muniments were deposited in the National Archives of Scotland in 1966 from the estate offices in Galloway and Midlothian.

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