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GD113Papers of the Innes family of Stow, Peeblesshire1566-1832
GD113/5Family and Miscellaneous Letters and Papers1713-1839
Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference GD113/5/340
Title Discharges and related items concerning some of the financial interests of Gilbert Innes Esq of Stow
Dates 1803
Access status Open
Location On site
Description Including:

10. 22 Jan 1803: Signed Account of Charge and Discharge between Gilbert Innes Esq, of Stow, and Robert Romanes, Writer, Lauder. [Mr Romanes acts for Mr Innes in legal matters relating to the Estate].

14. 28 Jan 1803, Edinburgh: 'Received from Gilbert Innes Esq, of Stow, £20 for a pianoforte furnished on 19 Dec 1798 to the Miss Burnets, tuning and repairing a piano harp, tuning a harpsichord and the piano guitar, at the Miss Burnets' house'. Richard Horsburgh.

17. 9 Feb 1803, Edinburgh: Receipt for 6gns paid by Mr Innes to Mathew Hardie 'being in full for a violin now sold him'.
Note: 'This violin was lately made by §Hardie after the exact pattern and shape of Alday's Stradivarius. The wood of this violin was imported from Hamburgh and is prepared in a particular way. Thomas Trotter Esq, assures me it is superior in tone to any of his violins and to any that ever Hardie made and as he alledges far superior in tone to Alday's violin. It is a brownish yellow colour and has a small bit of wood three quarters of an inch long indented on the belly near the finger board'. Alday was a member of a famous family of French musicians, mostly players of the violin.
§ Mathew Hardie (1755-1826). Violin maker, known as the 'Scottish Stradivari'. He studied the art of making violins with John Blair and established a flourishing business in the Calton area of Edinburgh. He followed the Stradivarian model in all his work, and his violins are esteemed for their good wood and full rich tones. [Chambers, 'Scottish Biographical Dictionary']. [This item is temporarily out of NRS on loan for exhibition purposes].

50. 30 Apr 1803, Edinburgh: A Cunningham, 3 South Bridge, Edinburgh. Receipt for payment of £3 14s 0d for 3 gold coins.
Written on ornate paper on which is depicted a river scene with the name of the firm carved on a block of stone on the river bank.
66. 30 Apr 1803, Edinburgh: Pictures purchased at Jo McGowan's sale for £112 16s 6d. Items only listed by lot numbers.

81. 24 May 1803: Receipt for £100 paid by Mr Innes to James Baillie, the price of the late Sir John Ross of Balnagown's share of the Edinburgh Theatre.

87. 26 May 1803: Francis Braidwood, Upholsterer, 4 West Side, South Bridge, Edinburgh. Discharged account for carpet and Wilton borders - £14. Paper decorated with a print of an engraving by Beugo showing the South Bridge and Tron Kirk.

141. 19 Aug 1803: Dr Cririe's 'Tour Through Scotland' with plates by Byrne. Payment of £3 0s 0d by Mr Innes to George Walker for a copy. William Byrne, engraver, (1743-1805).

147. 23 Aug 1803: Receipt from Alexander Anderson for 3 pictures he has bought for Mr Innes. '2 paintings on copper by Watteau or Langarette, and a copy in lead pencil of Woollet's 'Fisheries' - £18 5s 0d. William Woollett (1735-1785), draughtsman and engraver.

161. 21 Sep 1803: 'Bought of the heirs of Mr Gardner for £5.' A pair of garnet bracelets set with pearl. A garnet ring set with pearl.

171. 6 Oct 1803: R Hamilton. (For J Burnet). For setting a garnet with pearl for a brooch - £1 1s 0d.

202-203. 23 Nov 1803: Payment of 70gns to Mr A. Cunningham for his collection of Hogarth's prints. (The prints are listed and prices noted).

223. 30 Dec 1803: List of 'Curiosities' purchased from Mr Willeson's executors. Among the items: 6 pearls joined by nature in the form of a cross. A bull hunt on jasper, set in gold, surrounded by a ruby, a jacinth, a topaz, an amethyst, and 4 antique intaglio gems cut onyx. An Indian breast ornament of finest gold with 29 rubies, 11 cut diamonds and one emerald with 8 pearls attached - £30.

226. 31 Dec 1803: Bought of Charles Henry Core, Cut Glass, China and Staffordshire Warehouse. A desert set, a set of 5 jars and beakers, 2 paintings, a stand and 4 bottles. £42. 31 December 1803. Note: 'The set of china consists of 45 pieces. The set is of Colebrook dale manufacture, pencilled in 4 divisions with scarlet rose in centre and scarlet and gold edging richly gilded'.

233. 31 Dec 1803: Bought at Birnie's sale. Telescope and case 9gns. Agate snuff box 12s 6d. Corner Case 6s 6d.
Level File
Extent 233 items

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