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GD112Papers of the Campbell Family, Earls of Breadalbane (Breadalbane Muniments)1306-20th century
GD112/74Additional Papers from the Taymouth Estate Office1428-1921
Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference GD112/74/52
Title Personal Correspondence
Dates Jan-Aug 1848
Access status Open
Location On site
Description 1. 1848 January 1. Glenoe by Bunaw.
An. Mackenzie to Breadalbane.
Interest with the War Office; is entitled to a brevet majority if again gazetted.

2-4. 1848 [? for 1849] January 4. Stepney Place, Glasgow.
D Campbell, late lt. 57th regt, to Breadalbane.
Encloses printed testimonials and a newspaper cutting from the `Glasgow Herald', 23 December 1848 [?1847], on the unemployed and spade husbandry; asserts this will double the arable land of the country.

5-6. 1848 January 20. Serjeants Inn, Chancery Lane, London.
John Boucher, secretary pro tem, to Breadalbane.
Encloses copy of rules and regulations of the Caledonian Society of Archers [wanting]; asks recipient to accept appointment as captain general.
With list of other archery societies with their patrons and captain-generals.

7. 1848 January 28. British Consulate, Valparaiso.
J Mark de Strusegui to Breadalbane. Many postmarks.
Refers to Palmerston's letter explaining why writer cannot look for appointment as consul general; agrees that he was born in Spain of Spanish parents, but he was educated in England and having served three years on board a man of war, in time of war, he is entitled to be considered as a British subject; points out that Palmerston is wrong in asserting that writer wishes appointment as consul general; he only wishes to be consul; other services; complains of being treated in an unfair and ungenerous manner by the government; asks if recipient would like a collection of mineral specimens from different mining districts in Chile; has sent seeds and will send more.

8. 1848 February 14. Glasgow University.
John MacNab, student, 99 Rotten Row, Glasgow, to Breadalbane.
Interest for an army appointment.

9. (1848 February-)
Incomplete letter, paper headed with `Caroline' and a coronet to Breadalbane.
Interest for Mrs Elaine Roach, 58 Curzon St, Mayfair, London.

10. 1848 March 9. Western Club, Glasgow.
Captain A McNeill, Ardlussa, to Breadalbane.
Has had to sell Colonsay to his brother; other losses; interest for his son who wishes an appointment in India.

11. 1848 April 19. Crieff.
Andrew Christie to Breadalbane.
Situation as clerk or salesman, preferably in an ironmongery or seed shop in London.
Endorsed with note of refusal.

12. 1848 April 24. 3 Bellevue Terrace, Penzance.
William Mitcheson to Captain Percy Grace, 10 Mount St, Grosvenor Square, London.
Thanks recipient for a recommondation to Breadalbane for a situation.

13. 1848 May 4. 6 Caledonia Place, Clifton.
Arthur Ward to Breadalbane. Third person.
Certificate in favour of John Fraser.

14. 1848 May 6. 31 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh.
James Campbell of Succoth to Breadalbane.
Leave to fish with the rod in the Awe.

15. 1848 May 15. Free Church Manse, Glenorchy.
Duncan McLean, minister, to Breadalbane.
Interest for his second son; suggests waiting on Mr Maule at Forest House.

16-18. 1848 May 16-31. Calderstone near Liverpool.
Joseph N Walker to Breadalbane.
Arrangements for quitting Kinnell House; another offer; leaves a boat at Killin and asks permission to angle at the upper end of the loch; expresses regret at learning that Lord Sefton is to succeed writer at Kinnell House, and points out that Breadalbane had promised writer first refusal.

19. 1848 May 17. Lincolns Inn.
Francis Brodrip to Breadalbane.
Legal matters with Lord Chandos.

20-1. 1848 May 20. Florence.
W B ?Spence to [Breadalbane].
Garagalli's restoration of pictures for recipient; he has executed this task carefully and conscientiously; they are restored but not skinned; mentions two portraits by Guido and Guercino; two other pictures sent to England: the Royal Academy has refused the Giotto but accepted the Erminia, which is certainly the worse of the two.
With letter from A Garagalli to Breadalbane. Florence, 4 June 1848. In Italian.
Has received no answer to questions in his previous letter about restoration of Breadalbane's picture frames; he cannot proceed with the work until his questions are answered, and, with no work being done, he has difficulty in continuing to get money from Signor French.
He has started to restore some of Breadalbane's pictures for which he will be able to get frames, but he will need instructions about the Sebastiano del Piombo. `Il Sebastian del Piombo'; the Piero di Cosimo, `il Pier di Cosimo'; the Annunciation and the withdrawal, `il rittratto del Guerrriero'; points out that he still has 25 plates, a large maiolica vase and six little painted pictures, along with other small antique objects.
Troubled times in Italy at present will give few opportunities for making purchases, but he has found a little picture of the Rest in Egypt, `il riposo in Egitto' by Albano [Francesco Albano], which was a composition and execution of much grace and elegance; it is owned by Pagliardi in the Piazza of Santa Maria Novella, who is willing to sell it for 100 francs; recommends purchase of this picture.

22. 1848 June 12. Newlands near Belford, Northumberland.
Henry Dinning to Breadalbane.
Points out that they have met when recipient was a young gentleman detained by a snowstorm at Belford; asks for interest to procure a cadetship in the EIC service for James, writer's youngest son.

23. 1848 June 13. 63 Grosvenor St, Grosvenor Square.
Henry J Haycraft to [Breadalbane].
Asks for a subscription towards a volume of sacred music which writer is to publish, dedicated to the Duke of Cambridge.

24. 1848 June 13. 29 Paternoster Row.
Daniel Wilson to Breadalbane.
Sends a petition from the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland [wanting] to Treasury; asks recipient to sign it as president of the Society.

25. 1848 June 17. Junior United Service Club, Charles St, St James Square.
Col. Macadam to Breadalbane. Third person.
Permission to shoot; reminds recipient that they met 34 years ago at Pollock near Glasgow.
Noted as refused.

26. 1848 June 20. 93 Mount St, Grosvenor Square.
George Clifft to Breadalbane.
Applies for situation as steward and butler.

27. 1848 July 2. Hooton Pagnell Hall.
Professor Granville S Patteson to Breadalbane.
Asks for leave to shoot and fish; offers to supply anything wished for from the United States.
Endorsed `leave to fish given'.

28. 1848 July 4. Ingsdon, Newton Abbott, Devon.
Mary Jane Hale Monro to [Breadalbane].
Reminds recipient that she is the sister of Captain MacDougall of Dunolly; interest for Seymour, her second son.

29. 1848 July 4. Greenock.
Hope Stewart Ramsay, St Andrews Square, Greenock, to Breadalbane.
Interest for a vacancy in the coastwaitership at Oban.

30-31. 1848 July 7. Free Manse, Langton.
Rev Thomas Brown to Breadalbane.
Intimates death of Dr John Brown, his father, Free church minister at Langton; details of his last illness; interest for Graham, writer's youngest brother.

32. 1848 July 10. Hooton Pagnell Hall.
Professor G S Patteson to Breadalbane.
Thanks for leave to fish; cannot accept invitation to Taymouth Castle.

33. 1848 July 22. Oble Orton Hall, Ashby de la Zouch.
Mary J Howley to Lady Davy.
Recommends Eustace, writer's late butler.

34-35. 1848 July 22, 31. London.
Certificates in favour of James Oliphant, formerly landlord of the Salutation Hotel in Perth.

36. 1848 July 24. 12 Romney Terrace, Greenwich.
Patrick J Maxwell to Breadalbane.
Refers to enclosed petition [wanting]; asks for interest with Earl Grey to obtain a grant of land in Natal.

37. 1848 July 27. Stirling.
Nathaniel Spence, artillery pensioner, to Breadalbane.
Has decided not to emigrate to Canada after all, not liking the idea of the sea voyage, but as he has resigned his place as armorer in Stirling Castle, he needs a place.

38. 1848 July 27. 5 St James Square, Edinburgh.
James McCosh to Breadalbane.
Interest with Lord Advocate for an appointment under the contemplated Marriage and Registration acts for Scotland; his qualifications.

39-40. 1848 July 29. 53 Castle Street, Edinburgh.
Emma Reynolds to Breadalbane.
Solicits appointment for her husband as master of the Breadalbane schools, advertised that day in the `North Briton'.

41. 1848 August. Denny.
James Lawrence, print-cutter, Denny, to Breadalbane.
His trade in a depressed state; complains that he has been deprived of work because of his connection with the Free church of Denny; asks for assistance.

42. 1848 August 26. 22 Blythswood Square, Glasgow.
Professor G S Patteson to Breadalbane.
Has sent the medicine for distemper in dogs with full directions for use; address of Greener, the Birmingham gunmaker; has taken passage for wife and self in the steamer `America' from Liverpool; good wishes from both.

43. 1848 August 31. Miltown of Ardtalnaig.
John McDougall to Breadalbane.
Interest for a landwaitership in customs or a clerkship in one of the General Post Offices.

44. 1848 August 31. Duchoilly near Dalmally.
Angus MacInnis to Breadalbane.
Refers to memorial [wanting].
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