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GD112Papers of the Campbell Family, Earls of Breadalbane (Breadalbane Muniments)1306-20th century
GD112/51Ecclesiastical Documents1456-1912
Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference GD112/51/152
Title Miscellaneous papers
Dates 1791-1797
Access status Open
Location On site
Description Including
1. 1791
Note of proportion of each farm in Cranich and Carwhin paid yearly for their pews in chapel of Lawers. (2 items)

3. 1793 March 12. Cupar.
Letter from David Sibbald, Alexander Young and ten other members of Cupar town council, to Breadalbane.
`Mr McVane the present incumbent at Kenmore we are informed is in a bade state of health, and to all appearance dying fast. Although seemingly indelicate, while Mr McVane is in life we hope the custome of the times will plead our apolegy with your lordship in making the present application in favours of Mr Mcffarline'; he is also proficient `in the gallic language'.

3-4. 1793 March 13. St Andrews.
Letter from Robert Key to Breadalbane. Separate postmarked cover.
Is informed that the minister of Scoon is dead; church is in Lord Stormont's gift; asks for interest for Mr Adamson; promises to serve recipient in some affair affecting his regiment before the town council.

5-6. 1793 March 28. St Andrews.
Letter from Robert Key to Breadalbane. Separate postmarked cover.
Solicits interest for Thomas Adamson, writer's nephew, for parish vacant by death of Mr Patrick McVeen.

7. 1793 April 1. Edinburgh.
Letter from Archibald Campbell, writer, Edinburgh, to Breadalbane. Postmark.
On behalf of Mr Adamson, a young clergyman of St Andrews, for vacancy in church at Perth.

8. 1793 october 21.
Letter from Jo Kemp to John Campbell, WS.
Payment of additional salary due to Society schoolmasters upon Breadalbane's estate.

9. n.d.
Petition of Patrick MacPherson, Society schoolmaster at Moreinsh, to Breadalbane, having applied to Dr John Kemp, Secretary to the SSPCK, for additional salary.

10. 1794 August 8. Dalree in Strathfillan.
Letter from William Rose to Mr Archibald Campbell, writer at Taymouth.
Is still keeping a school in the smelt miln, `so situate betwuixt two rivers and the timber bridge upon the water betwixt it and me was carried off by the great storm in winter, so when winter comes again we cannot have access to it unless we get a bridge, and besides the roof is rotting and falling off it'; had been promised a school and schoolhouse according to the Society's rules; writer is greatly strained having a small income and a throng weak family.

11. (1794 October)
Estimate by Donald Thomson for repairing thatch of the schoolhouse at Fernan.

15-17. 1796 March 24. Ardmady.
John Campbell of Lochend, elder, to Breadalbane in London. With separate postmarked cover.
Encloses petition from recipient's tenants on Lochetivside, pointing out that the preachinghouse at Inverguishen is all in ruins; the late storm has demolished the miserable hut formerly provided for the SSPCK missionary; ask for assistance.

12-14. 1795 May 25. Ardmady.
Letter from John Campbell of Lochend to Breadalbane. With separate postmarked cover.
Encloses letter from one of Breadalbane's tenants in Glenorchy, James MacIntyre, Glenoe, asking for interest for his son in law, Mr Duncan McIntyre, for vacant parish of Killin.

18. 1797 April 3.
Petition to Breadalbane of Duncan McArthur in Roromore in Glenlyon, complaining of having received a summons of removal.

19. n.d.
Petition by tenants of Fernan asking Breadalbane to procure Lady Glenorchy's money enough to make their school like the other Society schools in that country.
Level File
Extent 19 items

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