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GD112Papers of the Campbell Family, Earls of Breadalbane (Breadalbane Muniments)1306-20th century
GD112/43State Papers1542-c 1820
Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference GD112/43/25
Title State Papers
Dates 1715-1717
Access status Open
Location On site
Description Including
1. 1715 October 19. Finlarig.
Order by Breadalbane charging Patrick Campbell of Barcaldine, younger, to raise `our men' of Glenurchy, Lochowside, Benederaloch, Lissmoore and both sides of Cruachan, feuars, wadsetters and others, to join `our men' of Perthshire, and to obey orders from writer and Lt. gen. Gordon.

2. 1715 October 24. Taymouth.
Order by Breadalbane charging Colonel Colin Campbell of Glendaruell and Colonel Patrick Campbell of Barcaldine, relative to raising fencible men in Argyllshire; being informed that Lochnell has refused place as commander of a battalion, Breadalbane requires Patrick Campbell of Barcaldine to do so, and to receive orders from Lt. gen. Gordone, and Glendaruell is to command the other battalion, they are to name inferior officers with advice of Glenlyon, Monzievaird, Major Menzies, Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine and John Campbell of Achallader, etc.

3. n.d. [1685]
Memo in Breadalbane's hand of a regiment to be raised, with himself as Colonel.

4-7. 1716
Papers relative to damages done by garrison of Finlarig, while it was living there from Christmas 1715.
Items mentioned include: (in the diningroom) a very large map of the world 10 foot high, a large picture with a gilt frame and two lesser history pictures, 16 small pictures and two lesser maps; (in the drawingroom) four chairs mounted with red and silver silk striped stuff, a great chair mounted scarlet and black velvet striped with a silver stuff, a suit of hangings red and balck, a canopy bed of blue silk damask striped with scarlet and white stuff with a large sofa cushion of the same striped stuff; (bedchamber above the diningroom) a large bed with white dimity curtains worked with worsted green and white fringes and lined with white, a fine large walnut tree sweet [meat] box, quilted with blue silk; (room above the drawing room) a blue mohair camlet stuff bed with yellow silk fringes lined with yellow silk.

Inventory of the house of Finlarig, taken by Mrs Ursula Soulsby, housekeeper to Lord Glenorchy, and George Couper, his butler, 5 January 1716, and left in the house when the garrison came. Includes annotations in Glenorchy's hand. Items include: a cane resting bed, paper hangings for a room and closet, detailed list of contents of kitchen, pantry, larder, girnal house and brewhouse, Miss Campbell's spinet, several books in all languages, etc.

8-9. 1716 May 2.
Declaration by Colonel Alexander Campbell of Funab, captain of an independent company, that Lady Glenorchy, being informed that rebels intended to force the men of Breadalbane to join them, sent for writer to come with his company and additional men from the Argyllshire militia if necessary to possess her house of Finlarig, she agreeing to remove her family to Edinburgh; Funab marched 400 men there and this move broke the designs the rebels had in Breadalbane and was otherwise useful to the government.
2 copies.

10. 1716 June 2.
`Depositions anent the prejudice Captain Tempest did in Glenorchy at the rebellion'.
Gives details of misdeeds committed by the Hanoverian soldiers in the braes of Glenorchy.

11. (1716)
Memo for Mr Patrick Campbell, and answer to Mr Couper's queries.
Relates to carrying arms and damages done to property.

12. 1716/17 January 25.
Copy affidavits made before barons of Exchequer in Scotland, in favour of John, lord Glenorchy, showing his conduct when surprised by news of the rebellion when in Caithness.

13. 1717 February 7-8.
Account of damages and losses suffered by Lord Glenorchy, and done by the Hanoverian troops at Finlarig, as they were considered, seen and estimated by Donald Toshach, wright in Stix, Duncan Foster, gardener in Kenmore, John Kennedie, gardener in Finlarig, Angus McGlascherich, smith in Killin, and Andrew Donaldson, mason in Croftnacaber.

14. 1717 March 25. Perth.
Letter from Charles Tais to Mr Alexander Clark at Taymouth.
Question of claiming compensation for damages done by garrison at Finlarig.

15-16. n.d.
Memo by Glenorchy, or draft letter, asking unidentified recipient to lay writer's case (for compensation for damage done at Finlarig) before General Carpenter.

17-22. n.d.
Draft memorials and petitions for Glenorchy to the king, on damages done by garrison at Finlarig and Glenorchy's wish for its removal.

23-4. n.d.
Copy memorial of John, earl of Breadalbane, as bailie of bishopric of Caithness, and constable of Castle of Scrabster, asking for gift of whole feu, teind and other duties payable from his lands within said bishopric during abolition of episcopacy and of all bygone rests thereof, as fee or salary for execution said office as bailie of said bishopric.
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Extent 24 items

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