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Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference GD110
Title Papers of the Hamilton-Dalrymple Family of North Berwick
Dates 1543-1875
Access status Open
Location On site
Description CONTENTS

Titles to land (including heritable securities, diligence following thereon and related documents).

Barony of North Berwick, in sheriffdom of East Lothian.

GD110/1-GD110/167 Lands and barony of North Berwick 1562-ante 1734
GD110/168-GD110/219 Lands of Heugh, in parish of North Berwick 1570-1714
GD110/220-GD110/241 Walker's Crofts in North Berwick 1563-1698
GD110/242-GD110/260 Walker's tenements in North Berwick 1608-1698

Other lands in East Lothian

GD110/261-GD110/264 Miscellaneous tenements in North Berwick 1623-1695
GD110/265-GD110/282 Lands of Gleghornie, in parish of North Berwick 1629-1756
GD110/283-GD110/296 Lands of Westbarns and others in parish of Dunbar 1670-1735
GD110/297-GD110/320 Lands of Leuchie, in parish of North Berwick 1624-1704
GD110/321-GD110/335 Lands and barony of Tantallon in parish of North Berwick 1632-1723
GD110/336-GD110/341 Miscellaneous lands 1695-1732

Lands in Berwickshire

GD110/342-GD110/347 Lands of Fairnierig and Long Brigham, in parish of Eccles 1671-1712
GD110/348-GD110/354 Lands of Hirsell and Brigham, in parish of Coldstream 1611-1720
GD110/355-GD110/370 Lands of Woodhead, Cauldsheills, Earniscleugh and Burncastle in parish of Lauder 1589-1756
GD110/371-GD110/372 Miscellaneous lands 1714, 1720

Lands in Ayrshire

GD110/373-GD110/383 Lands and barony of Bargany 1711-1798
GD110/384-GD110/386 Miscellaneous lands 1663-1738

Lands in various sheriffdoms

GD110/387 Aberdeen 1725
GD110/388-GD110/389 Banff 1730, 1731
GD110/390 Dumfries 1688-1705
GD110/391-GD110/395 Edinburgh and Midlothian 1687-1718
GD110/396-GD110/399 Elgin and Forres (with Dunbarton) 1702-1736
GD110/400-GD110/401 Fife 1646-1682
GD110/402-GD110/406 Forfar 1601-1764
GD110/407-GD110/410 Lanark 1649-1703
GD110/411-GD110/412 Renfrew 1720, 1726
GD110/413 Stirling 1726-7
GD110/414 West Lothian 1711
GD110/415-GD110/421 Wigton 1622-1725

GD110/422-GD110/545 Bonds and other personal obligations with diligence, etc. following thereon 1613-1776

Legal papers

GD110/546-GD110/656 General 1543-1860 (including papers re Bass 1694, pp. 84-5)
GD110/657-GD110/669 Commissions, burgess tickets, patents, etc. 1683-1795

Estate papers

GD110/670-GD110/793 General 1595-1875
GD110/794-GD110/870 Tacks 1585-1752. Unless otherwise stated, tacks are set by Sir Hew Dalrymple of North Berwick, bt., lord president of
GD110/871-GD110/883 Rentals 1557-1786. Note: Rental material will also be found in the section headed Estate, general, and Estate, tacks.

GD110/884-GD110/891 Ecclesiastical papers c 1580-1792

Personal Correspondence
Grouped correspondence normally contains letters both to and from the person concerned. Where both sender and recipient have groups to themselves, their correspondence will be found under the receiver's name.

GD110/892-GD110/907 Sir Hew Dalrymple, first bt., lord president of the session 1694-1736
GD110/908-GD110/1077 Sir Hew Dalrymple, second bt. 1733-1789
GD110/1078-GD110/1090 Margaret Sainthill, first wife of Sir Hew, second bt. 1742-1747
GD110/1091-GD110/1142 Miscellaneous [c.1600]-1898

Miscellaneous papers

GD110/1143-GD110/1185 Manuscript papers 1706-[1836]
GD110/1186-GD110/1213 Books, pamphlets, newspapers and other miscellaneous printed papers 1675-1875
GD110/1214-GD110/1215 Maps n.d., 1835-6


Titles to land etc.

GD110/1216-GD110/1217 Barony of North Berwick, 1562, 1569.
GD110/1218-GD110/1222 Bonds etc. 1672-1722

Legal papers

GD110/1223-GD110/1231 General 1609-1748
GD110/1232-GD110/1234 Commissions etc. 1697-1703
GD110/1235 Estate papers, tacks. nd
GD110/1236-GD110/1292 Correspondence of Sir Hew Dalrymple of North Berwick, bt., Lord president of the session 1685-1736
GD110/1293-GD110/1323 Correspondence of Sir Hew Dalrymple, 2nd bt., 1736-74

Miscellaneous papers

GD110/1324-GD110/1327 Manuscript, 1586-1707, n.d.
GD110/1328-GD110/1330 Printed 1768, 1794
Level Fonds
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Language English

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