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Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference GD106
Title James Brown Craven bequest relating to local and ecclesiastical history on Orkney
Dates 1486-1889
Access status Open
Location Off site
Description I. Portfolio entitled 'Bishops Graeme and Sydserff':

A. Episcopate of Thomas Sydserff,1660 (GD106/1-GD106/3)
B. Episcopate of Bishop Grahame, 1618-1640 (GD106/4-GD106/15)
C. General papers - episcopate of Bishop Grahame, 1617-1670 (GD106/16-GD106/36)
D. Family of Archdeacon Swentoun, 1614-1626 (GD106/37-GD106/44)
E. Deeds and papers relating to the clergy and prebendaries of St. Magnus' Cathedral, 1613-1743 (GD106/45-GD106/61)

II. Portfolio entitled 'Orkney Papers':

A. Family of Groat, Halcro, Flett, Leask, 1624-1756 (GD106/62-GD106/74)
B. Papers relating to the Stewart Earls of Orkney and Earls of Morton, 1498-1686 (GD106/75-GD106/85)
C. Papers relating to Elphinstone and Cock families, 1622-1668 (GD106/85-GD106/91)
D. Papers relating to Edward Rosie of Lyth, South Ronaldshay, and other papers relating to South Ronaldshay, 1596-1719 (GD106/92-GD106/116)
C (sic). Family of King (Lord Eythin), 1618-1889 (GD106/117-GD106/123)
D (sic). Documents relating to Mr. William Baikie of Holland, founder of the Bibliothick, 1646-1683 (GD106/124-GD106/133)
E. Family of Sinclair (Tulhope etc.) and family of Irving (of Saba etc.), 1586-1679 (GD106/134-GD106/145)
F. Foulzie family and Sinclair of Essonquoy,1620-1634 (GD106/146-GD106/151)
G. Waterstoun family, 1616-1638 (GD106/152-GD106/160)
H. Balfour family, 1687 (GD106/161-GD106/162)
I. Dischingtoune and Bellenden families, 1627-1678 (GD106/163-GD106/167)
J. Family of Brown, 1573-1694 (GD106/168-GD106/173)
K. Family of Mudie,1634-1750 (GD106/174-GD106/181)
L. Gardyne family, 1617-1627 (GD106/182-GD106/186)

III. Portfolio entitled 'Bishops Honeyman and Mackenzie':

A. Episcopate of Andrew Honyman (Bishop of Orkney, 1664-1676), 1665-1704 (GD106/187-GD106/207)
B. General papers in the episcopate of Murdoch Mackenzie, 1678-1699 (GD106/208-GD106/222)
C. Papers and accounts in connection with the fittings and repairs of St. Magnus' Cathedral, 1667-post 1688 (GD106/223-GD106/244)
D. Documents relating to the life of the Revd James Wallace (Orkney historian),1668-1682 (GD106/245-GD106/254)

IV. Portfolio entitled 'Bishops Bothwell and Law':

A. Episcopate of Adam Bothwell, 1563-1614 (GD106/255-GD106/262)
B. Episcopate of James Law, 1590-1616 (GD106/263-GD106/267)
Bundle labelled 'Saba, Sinclair and Traill', 1623-1701 (GD106/268-GD106/273)
Bundle labelled 'Papers relating to family of Fea of Clestrain and Airie', 1730-1811 (GD106/274-GD106/298)
Bundle labelled 'Family of Groat etc', 1649-1735 (GD106/299-GD106/302)
Bundle labelled 'Craigie of Gairsay', 1691-1697 (GD106/303-GD106/305)
Bundle labelled 'Burgess tickets - burgh of Kirkwall', 1661-1697 (GD106/306-GD106/307)
Bundle labelled 'Honeyman family', 1714-1757 (GD106/308-GD106/311)
Bundle labelled 'Burgh of Kirkwall and county of Orkney - Petitions, heritors etc', 1661-1839 (GD106/312-GD106/327)
Miscellaneous, 1532-1715 (GD106/328-GD106/344)
Level Fonds
Extent 0.37 metres
Admin history Archdeacon James Brown Craven (1850?1924) was the son of Rev J E Craven, Free Church of Scotland minister at Newhills, near Aberdeen. He moved to Orkney in 1876 to take up the post as rector of the newly-built Episcopalian St. Olaf's Church in Kirkwall, remaining there for the rest of his career until his death. He was made Doctor of Divinity at Aberdeen University in 1908, and was a founder and the first president of the Orkney Antiquarian Society, with a particular interest in seventeenth century history.

His publications on local, family and ecclesiastical history (including some privately printed) include:

'History of the Episcopal Church in Orkney, 1688-1882', 1883
'History of the Episcopal Church in the diocese of Moray', 1889
'Dr Robert Fludd (Robertus de Fluctibus), the English Rosicrucian', 1890
'Scots worthies, 1560-1688; thirty-five sketches', 1894
'Descriptive catalogue of the Bibliotheck of Kirkwall (1683) with a notice of the founder, William Bailkie MA of Holland', 1897
'History of the Episcopal Church in the diocese of Caithness', 1902
'Records of the Diocese of Srgyll and the Isles, 1560-1860', 1907
'Count Michael Maier, doctor of philosophy and of medicine, alchemist, Rosicrucian, mystic, 1568-1622: life and writings', 1910
'Genealogical collections relating to the family of Cravie or Craven in Scotland : with notes and documents illustrative of their family connections / James Brown Craven', 1910
'Church life in South Ronaldsay and Burray in the seventeenth centuries', 1911
'Sir John Arnot of Barswick and the family of Srnot in South Ronaldsay', 1913
'The esoteric studies of Robert Leighton... with a short introduction on esoteric studies in Scotland', 1918
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Language English
Related material SRO23/138
Archival history These documents were presented to the Scottish Record Office, HM General Register House, under the terms of the bequest of the late Venerable Archdeacon James Brown Craven DD, Kirkwall, who died on 17 Apr 1924.

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