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Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference CH12
Title Records of the Episcopal Church of Scotland
Dates 1549-2003
Access status Open
Location Off site
Description This collection comprises records deposited by congregations, dioceses and other organisations and individuals belonging to the Episcopal Church of Scotland. It also includes records deposited in 1983 by the Trustees of the Episcopal Theological College, Edinburgh (CH12/10-24, 26, 28, 29, 33-35)

Miscellaneous Congregations:
CH12/1 Leith, St James's, 1727-1887
CH12/2 Haddington, Holy Trinity, 1740-1956
CH12/3 Edinburgh, St John's Church (formerly Charlotte Chapel), 1814-1957
CH12/4 Edinburgh, St Kentigern's (St John's mission church), 1871-1941
CH12/5 Edinburgh, St Columba's, 1841-1960
CH12/6 Girvan St. John's, 1847-1944 Muthill, St James's, 1691-1902
CH12/8 Kirkcaldy, St Peter's, 1839-1980
CH12/9 Edinburgh, Holy Trinity Mission (St Ninian's, Comely Bank), 1907-1980
CH12/10 Theological College, 1931-1984
CH12/11 Scottish Episcopal Library, 1841-1853

Episcopal Chest:
CH12/12 Episcopal Chest, 17th-19th cents

Records collected by Bishop Alexander Jolly (The 'Jolly Kist'):
CH12/13 Jolly kist - printed material, 1647-1865
CH12/14 Jolly kist - miscellaneous correspondence, 1860-1973
CH12/15 Jolly kist - transcripts, 1618-1832
CH12/16 Jolly kist - miscellaneous records, 1646-1949
CH12/17 Jolly kist - Bishop Walker's sermons, 1789-1838
CH12/18 Jolly kist - Bishop Robert Forbes, 1716-1886
CH12/19 Jolly kist - folio volumes (general ecclesiastical matters, some printed/some manuscript), 1549-1821
CH12/20 Jolly kist - quarto volumes (general ecclesiastical matters, some printed/some manuscript), 1598-1744
CH12/21 Jolly kist - octavo volumes (general ecclesiastical matters, some printed/some manuscript), 1641-1732
CH12/22 Jolly kist - duodecimo volumes (general ecclesiastical matters, some printed/some manuscript), 1631-1743
CH12/23 Jolly kist - Bishop John Alexander's letters and other papers, 1650-1775
CH12/24 Jolly kist - Bishop Arthur Petrie's correspondence, 1753-1787

Miscellaneous Congregations:
CH12/25 Paisley, Holy Trinity, 1963-1968
CH12/26 Ayr, Holy Trinity, 1776-1857
CH12/27 Glasgow, Clarkston, St Aidan's, 1923-1983

Diocese of Edinburgh:
CH12/28 Walpole correspondence, 1852-1936
CH12/29 Bishop Walpole: miscellaneous papers, 1909-1929

Bishop Alexander Jolly:
CH12/30 Jolly material from the diocese of Aberdeen & Orkney - correspondence, 1775-1838
CH12/31 Jolly material from the diocese of Aberdeen & Orkney - sermons, 1776-1808
CH12/32 Jolly material from the diocese of Aberdeen & Orkney - miscellaneous, 1652-1803

Episcopal College:
CH12/33 Bishop E L Danson, bishop of Labuan and Sarawak, later of Edinburgh, 1900-1946
CH12/34 Miscellaneous papers from Episcopal Theological College, 1792-1965
CH12/35 Rev G Hay Forbes, Episcopal incumbent at Burntisland, 1839-1870

CH12/36 Crieff, St Columba's, 1897
CH12/37 Bishop F W J Robberds, 1933
CH12/38 Rev A G Bowie, 1971
CH12/39 Episcopal Clergy Lists, 1688
CH12/40 Miscellaneous papers, 1744, 1846
CH12/41 Coldstream, St Mary's and All Souls, 1897-1973
CH12/42 Edinburgh, St Matthew, Abbeyhill, 1886-1944
CH12/43 Walkerburn, private chapel of community of St Peter the Apostle, Sunnybrae, 1946-1976
CH12/44 The Hirsel, private chapel, 1883-1952
CH12/45 Biel, St Margaret, 1885-1950
CH12/46 Armadale, St Paul, 1862-1899
CH12/47 Edinburgh, St Mary's Cathedral Mission, Water of Leith, 1897-1977
CH12/48 Edinburgh, St Andrew, St John's Hill, Holyrood Road, or South Back of Canongate, 1857-1951
CH12/49 Edinburgh, St Andrew's Home Mission (St Michael's, Hill Square, St Michael the Archangel), 1873-1965
CH12/50 Longside, St John's, 18th-19th cents
CH12/51 Edinburgh, St Margaret, Corstorphine, 1910-1968
CH12/52 Edinburgh, Holy Trinity, Dean Bridge, 1858-1941
CH12/53 Dean Ramsay Fund, 1852-1932
CH12/54 Ogilvy Hamilton Fund and Sister Frances Langlands, 1889-1964
CH12/55 Tranent, St Germains, 1939-1942
CH12/56 Episcopal Endowment Fund: Greenhill feus, Edinburgh, 1865-1929
CH12/57 Balerno, St Mungo's
CH12/58 Edinburgh, Chapel of St Andrew's Home, Greenside/Joppa, 1873-1953

College of Bishops & General Synod:
CH12/59 Papers of the College of Bishops, Episcopal Synod and General Synod, 1792-1960
CH12/60 Register of the synods of the bishops of the Episcopal Church in Scotland, 1743-1953
CH12/61 Provincial Synod Minutes, 1838-1929
CH12/62 Records of the Scottish Episcopal Friendly Society and Scottish Episcopal Clergy Widows and Orphans Fund, 1793-1964
CH12/63 Scottish Episcopal Clergy Fund, 1806-1975
CH12/64 Scottish Episcopal Church Society, 1839-1876
CH12/65 Scottish Episcopal Church Society General Committee Papers, 1839-1876
CH12/66 Regium Donum Compensation Fund, 1856-1966

Representative Church Council:
CH12/67 Representative Church Council Annual Meetings Minutes, 1877-1962
CH12/68 Representative Church Council Annual Reports, 1878-1958
CH12/69 Representative Church Council Executive Committee and Sub-committees Minutes, 1876-1942
CH12/70 Representative Church Council Clergy Fund Board Minutes, 1885-1909
CH12/71 Representative Church Council Board of Education Minutes, 1881-1910
CH12/72 Representative Church Council Board of Foreign Missions Minutes, 1872-1929
CH12/73 Representative Church Council Board of Home Missions, 1881-1910
CH12/74 Representative Church Council Publications Committee, 1894-1895
CH12/75 Representative Church Council Temperance Committee, 1901-1918
CH12/76 Representative Church Council Aged and Infirm Clergy Fund Assessments, 1889-1930
CH12/77 Representative Church Council Printed Papers, 1874-1887
CH12/78 Representative Church Council Joint Clergy Sustentation Home Mission Funds Board, 1925-1929
CH12/79 Records of Trusts Connected with Scottish Episcopal Church, 1823-1961
CH12/80 Accounts of Estates of Greenlaw, Paisley, and Kildonan, Ayrshire, 1863-1891
CH12/81 Consultative Council on Church Legislation of the Episcopal Church in Scotland, 1906-1951

Edinburgh Diocesan Records:
CH12/82 Episcopal registers of dioceses of Edinburgh, Fife and Glasgow, in the Scottish Episcopal Church, 1806-1960
CH12/83 Registers of titles and institutions to churches in the diocese of Edinburgh in the Scottish Episcopal Church, c1870-1938
CH12/84 Lists of bishops and clergy in the diocese of Edinburgh in the Scottish Episcopal Church, 1890-1928
CH12/85 Diocesan Synod of the united diocese of Edinburgh, Fife and Glasgow, and of diocese of Edinburgh, in the Scottish Episcopal Church, 1792-1961
CH12/86 Diocesan Council and Diocesan Education Board of the diocese of Edinburgh, 1876-1966
CH12/87 Diocesan Home Mission Board and Joint Clergy Fund and Home Mission Board of diocese of Edinburgh in the Scottish Episcopal Church, 1887-1967
CH12/88 Diocesan Social Service Board of diocese of Edinburgh in the Scottish Episcopal Church, 1924-1967
CH12/89 Edinburgh Diocesan Association of the Scottish Episcopal Church Society, 1839-1897
CH12/90 Diocese of Edinburgh Episcopal Income Augmentation Fund, 1888-1967
CH12/91 Edinburgh, All Saints, Brougham Street, 1867-1983
CH12/92 Publications received from the Office of the General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church, 2001-2003
CH12/93 Edinburgh Diocesan Registrar - Miscellaneous Records, 1864-1949
CH12/94 Edinburgh Diocesan Registrar - Miscellaneous Diocesan Trusts and Accounts, 1864-1976
CH12/95 Edinburgh Diocesan Registrar - papers relating to congregations and church property in the diocese, 1890-1957
CH12/96 Unallocated
CH12/97 St Peter's Episcopal Church, Galashiels, 1854-1919
CH12/98 Representative Church Council Reception Committee, 1900-1925
CH12/99 Scottish Free and Open Church Association, 1864-1936

Miscellaneous Congregations:
CH12/100 Largs: St Columba's Episcopal Church
CH12/101 Prestonpans St Andrew's Episcopal Church
Level Fonds

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