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Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference AD
Title Lord Advocate's Department
Dates 1147-21st century
Access status Open
Description AD1 Crown Office writs, 1147-1889

AD2 High Court indictments, 1829-1891

AD3 Circuit indictments, 1813-1887

AD4 Post Office indictments, 1822-1874

AD5 Miscellaneous records, 1739-20th century

AD6 Circuit reports, 1829-1887

AD7 Reports by procurators fiscal in remitted cases, 1839-1942

AD8 Index of cases, 1890-1944

AD9 Procedure books, 1822-1991

AD10 Consultation books, 1842-1942

AD11 Letter books, 1836-1905

AD12 Registers of sudden deaths, fatal accident inquiries and accidents in mines, 1848-1942

AD13 Opinions, 1825-1855

AD14 Crown Office precognitions, 1797-1900

AD15 Crown Office precognitions, 1901-1986

AD16 Reports of criminal proceedings, 1818-1839

AD17 Banff Procurator Fiscal records, 1921-1949

AD18 Summary books, 1904-1918

AD19 Edinburgh Procurator Fiscal records, 1870-1897

AD20 Criminal informations, 1710-1740

AD21 Trial reports, 1882-1958

AD22 Lerwick Procurator Fiscal records, 1850-1964

AD23 Linlithgow Procurator Fiscal records, 1941-1983

AD24 Crown Office criminal appeals, 1935-1991

AD25 Crown Office stated cases 1934-1990

AD26 Judicial opinions in appeals, 1928-1966

AD27 Fatal accident inquiries, 1937-1994

AD28 Miscellaneous opinions

AD29 Procedure books, 1904-1976

AD30 Kelso Procurator Fiscal Papers, 1779-1846

AD31 Reports of Deaths, 1930-1942

AD32 Procedure Books on Sudden Deaths, 1942-1991

AD33 Register of Criminal Appeals, 1926-1992

AD34 High Court Roll Books, 1918-1938

AD35 Index of High Court cases, 1899-1989

AD36 Index to Procedure Books, 1942-1966

AD37 Crown Office precognitions and appeals, 1996-21st century

AD38 Procurator Fiscal Core Papers, 1974 - 2004

AD39 Miscellaneous books from Arbroath & Forfar Procurator Fiscal's Office 1850-1974

AD40 Scottish Office (Edinburgh Secretariat) Not Yet Listed

AD41 Lord Advocate (Edinburgh Office) Not Yet Listed

AD42 Dingwall Procurator Fiscal Records

AD43 Allocated (not yet listed)

AD43-50 Unallocated

AD51 Register of correspondence, 1892-1946

AD52 Register of references, 1872-1946

AD53 Unallocated

AD54 Opinions by Scottish law officers, 1896-1939

AD55 Papers in peerage and baronetcy cases, 1912-1967

AD56 Miscellaneous papers, series 1, 1798-1897

AD57 Miscellaneous papers, series A, 1933-1946

AD58 Miscellaneous papers, series B, 1531-1881

AD59 Miscellaneous papers, series C, 1900-1940

AD60 Law reform files, 1934-1936

AD61 Law Reform Committee for Scotland records, 1954-1970

AD62 Parliamentary bills files, series A, 1915-1943

AD63 Parliamentary bills files, series B, 1946-1982

AD64 Parliamentary bills files, series C, 1944-1979

AD65 Lord Advocate's Department: legal and general case files, 1937-1990

AD66-99 Unallocated

AD100 Regional procurators fiscal meetings, 1975-1981

AD101 Bills and Acts files, 1953-1989

AD102 Crown Office, Crown Agent's files, 1949-1989

AD103 Crown Office, Crown Agent's correspondence, 1873-1941
Level Fonds
Language English

National Records of Scotland, H.M. General Register House, 2 Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3YY; email: [email protected]