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Reference: AF
Title: Agriculture and Fisheries Department for Scotland
Dates: 18th century-1999
Access status: Restricted
Description: The functions covered by this department are agricultural support, land settlement and estate management, Crofters' Commission and crofting services, education advisory and development services, Scottish Agricultural Development Council, animal health and livestock, pests, drainage, horticulture and seed testing, regulation of agricultural wages, economics and statistics, Red Deer Commission.
AF1 Fishery Board for Scotland minutes 1809-1939
AF2 Fishery Board for Scotland agenda books,1851-1882
AF3 Fishery Board for Scotland letter books, 1809-1909
AF4 Fishery Board for Scotland, entry books of memorials, 1809-1882
AF5 Fishery Board for Scotland, Secretary's inspection reports, 1840-1861
AF6 Fishery Board for Scotland Cruisers' Log Books, 1847-1964
AF7 Fishery Board for Scotland Miscellaneous Records,1785-1939
AF8 Fisheries Legislation, miscellaneous Acts and Orders, 1755-1986
AF7 Fishery Board for Scotland Miscellaneous Records, 1785-1939
AF8 Fisheries Legislation, miscellaneous Acts and Orders, 1755-1986
AF9 Unallocated
AF10 Unallocated
AF11 Unallocated
AF12 Unallocated
AF13 Unallocated
AF14, Tongue Fishery District
AF15 Helmsdale and Cromarty Fishery Offices
AF16 Lybster Fishery District
AF17 Stornoway Fishery Office records
AF18 Aberdeen Fishery Office Records
AF19 Anstruther and Pittenweem Fishery Office Records
AF20 Ayr Fishery Office records
AF21 Buckie Fishery Office records
AF22 Campbeltown Fishery Office Records
AF23 Eyemouth Fishery Office Records,
AF24 Fraserburgh Fishery Office records
AF25 Helmsdale Fishery Office records
AF26 Inveraray Fishery Office Records,
AF27 Loch Carron and Skye, later Mallaig Fishery Office records
AF28 Leith Fishery Office Records
AF29 Lerwick Fishery Office Records
AF30 Lossiemouth Fishery Office Records
AF31 Macduff Fishery Office records
AF32 Montrose and Arbroath Fishery Office records
AF33 Oban Fishery Office Records
AF34 Peterhead Fishery Office records
AF35 Ullapool Fishery Office Records
AF36 Wick Fishery Office records
AF37 Fishery Board for Scotland In-Letters, Reports Etc (General)
AF38 Fishery Board for Scotland in-letters, reports etc (harbours)
AF39 Agricultural Census, Parish Summaries. 1st Series
AF40 Agricultural Census, Parish Summaries, 2nd Series
AF41 Agricultural Census County and Scotland Summaries
AF42 Congested Districts Board
AF43 Board of Agriculture. Miscellaneous Files
AF44 Land Drainage Files
AF45 Land Utilisation, Tenure and Improvement Files
AF46 Livestock Products and Agricultural Marketing Files
AF47 Crop Files
AF48 Shipping and Air Services Files
AF49 Riddell papers (Oban Estate Office)
AF50 Royal Commission on the Highlands and Islands (1883) (Napier Commission) records
AF51 Emigration files
AF52 Fishery letter books
AF53 Muirburn Files: Heather Burning and Game Damage
AF54 Board of Agriculture for Scotland, Specimen record of In-Letters
AF55 Solway Salmon Fisheries Commission records
AF56 Fishery Files
AF57 St. Kilda files
AF58 Harbours, piers and ferries files
AF59 Agriculture Labour, Safety and Wages Files
AF60 Seed and Plant Health Files
AF61 Congested Districts Board indexes
AF62 Fisheries files (main series)
AF63 Produce returns
AF64 Fishery offences registers,
AF65 Salmon and sea trout markings registers
AF66 Land Settlement Files
AF67 Crofting Files
AF68 Agriculture and Fisheries Department for Scotland: Establishment Files
AF69 Agricultural Rating Files
AF70 Education, Research and Intelligence
AF71 Agricultural Credit (Subsidies, Grants etc) Files,
AF72 Animal Health Files
AF73 Holdings Returns,
AF74 Pests Files,
AF75 Treasury letters,
AF76 Board of Agriculture for Scotland, minute books
AF77 Livestock Improvement and Animal Welfare Files
AF78 Agriculture in Scotland reports
AF79 Afforestation Files,
AF80 Economics and Statistics Files
AF81 Crofting Development Files
AF82 Annual fishery reports
AF83 Estate Management Files
AF84 Agricultural census, December summaries
AF85 Agricultural Arbiters' Rent Awards
AF86 Emergencies planning files
AF87 Agriculture and Fisheries Department for Scotland: Departmental publications,
AF88 Agricultural census, district, regional and national summaries
AF89 European Economic Community files
AF90 Agriculture and Fisheries Department for Scotland: Departmental circulars
AF91 Agriculture and Fisheries Department for Scotland: Published Statistics
AF93 Estate Development Files
AF94 Food Standards files
AF95 Unallocated
AF96 Rural policy, strategy and legislation
AF97 Unallocated
AF98 Unallocated
AF99 Unallocated
AF100 Agriculture and Fisheries Department for Scotland: Departmental progress reports

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