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NRAS2177Douglas-Hamilton Family, Dukes of Hamilton and Brandonc1276-1983
Country Code GB
Repository Code 800001
Repository Private
Reference NRAS2177/Bundle 1416
Title Documents relating to the Darien Scheme
Dates 1693-1700
Access Status Restricted
Access Conditions These records are held privately. All enquiries should be addressed to:

The Registrar
National Register of Archives for Scotland
H M General Register House
Description Including:

Letter from De la Gard, dated April 13, 1693, Port Louis, concerning trading in the colonies, and the lack of knowledge of the French Masters regarding the "River".

A petition to the King, dated 19 October 1699, regarding the removal of the Proclamation banning trading with the colony. Annexed is a reply from the King stating that it shall be discussed at the next sitting of Parliament, i.e. 5 March 1700.

A document listing the advantages to the English Colonists in America should the Darien Scheme be established. (no date).

A Memorandum. (no date).

Part 1: various Acts - such as - Act of peace and and war: Act rescinding old and obsolete laws etc. (16 in all).

Part 2: "Affairs of Caledonia": All petitions from the country to be read; The Settlement of Caledonia legal in the terms of the Act 1695, Voted; etc. (9 in all).

Draft of an Act in relation to the settlement in Caledonia. May 1700.

Resolution that advisers to the King over the Indian Company are enemies to the "Kingdom" and ought to be prosecuted accordingly.

Document with 2 resolutions. (not dated).

1. Concerning the giving of assurances by the King regarding trading, and that orders to the contrary after this was "a most gross and most unaccountable negligence".

2. Reply saying that the first resolution will be presented to the King.

Outline of notes on writing a letter/resolution? that the Colony of Caledonia in Darien is now a legal settlement and ought still to be asserted as "holding of the crown of Scotland".

Letter from Robert Douglas dated 5 September, 1696 - Hamilton Court. Giving his thoughts regarding Mr Paterson's project and the "profiteableness of the (rejected) East India Trade". (16 pages)

Parliament's address to the King regarding the India company, dated 13 December, 1695. And the King's reply.

Letter stating that the King "can now well assent to the asserting of the nation's right to Darien". (No date or names).

Copy of Mr Paterson's letter to Company Secretary dated May 3, 1699 from Port St Andrew. Asking for supply to be sent to the colony, and giving statistics (general) as regards the health of the ship's people.

A Memorandum, dated August 18, 1699 of things to be provided for Caledonia. E.g. salt, brandy, white peas etc.

Instructions to ? sailors on vessels, purchased for use by India Company. (No date).

Proposals given to Mr Campbell and another regarding the India Company, 10 November 1696.

Note telling names in Darien River Gulf according to the Spaniards.

Letter from Francis Scott, dated 25 December, 1697, at Edinburgh, requesting Lord Hamilton to second an address from the Council-General of the Indian and African Company of Scotland to the King.

Letter dated July 18, 1699 at London, stating that the nation supports the colony, and hoping that the supplies have arrived. The writer states his disbelief that Benbow or any other English commander will give them any "particular molestation" as this would mean warring on His Majesties own subjects. (3 copies of same letter - 2 signed Hamilton).

Copy of Mr Patterson's letter of the 3rd of May, 1699 dated at Fort St Andrew. Giving details of his life in Darien and conditions there.

Memorandum of the 20 July, 1699 in relation to the settlement at Caledonia. Regarding security from the Spaniards.

Memorandum concerning some ships given a recommendation on the 17 July, 1699 by Captain Mudy.

List of names of the Councillors at Caledonia.

(Printed) abstract of a letter from a "Person of Eminency and worth in Caledonia to a Friend at Boston in New England". Fort St Andrew, February 18, 1698, 9.

List of places for the buying of slaves upon the coast of Africa.

A (printed) list of resolutions concluded upon at a meeting of the subscribers to the Company of Scotland, Trading to Africa and the Indies. March 24, 1696 - Edinburgh.

Two notes about Queen Elizabeth's answer to Don Bernardino de Mendosa complaining of the depredation made by Drake and other English on the Spaniards in the West Indies.

Memorandum to get all particulars concerning Captain Parker's voyage in the year 1565.

"The Edinburgh Gazette" No.32 from Monday June 12 to Thursday June 15, 1699. Article concerning the letters from the Court of Directors of the India Company concerning their defensive measures.

Document in relation to the negro trade upon the coast of Guinea concerning requirements (eg ships, spice, etc) and the estimated cost.

Letter to Duke of Hamilton from "And: Hamilton" dated 19th August 1699. Concerning the arrival of Mr Penn (?) at Southampton and a subsequent meeting.

Memorial about the affairs of the India Company. (2 copies - 1 original, 1 copy). Dated (1) 18th August 1699 detailing journey of Colin Campbell (written in Jamaica). (2) 12 September 1699 - Barbados - about the supposed whereabouts of Jamison and his ship.

Sir William Beeton's proclamation by the King's order against the Scots Colony at Caledonia. Dated April 9th, 1699.

Printed Act, dated 26 June 1695, for a Company trading to Africa and the Indies. (2 copies).

Short memorial (in note form) justifying the Scots colony in Darien.

Short memoirs on Nova Scotia and the province of Mayne. (No date) (2 copies)

Description of some thoughts relating to the settlement at Caledonia (5 August 1699) concerning the involvement of France and Spain.

Diary detailing happenings on 4 dates: (1) 2 September 1698 - departure of the Scots Company for Darien; (2) 3 October 1698 - possession of Crab Island and trouble with the Danes; (3) 5 October 1698 - employing of Capt. Allesson (ex-pirate) to guide round coast of Darien; (4) 30 October 1698 - anchored westward of Gulf of Darien.

Note stating that the English would do well to support the Scots in order to stop the Spanish taking over Europe.

Map of the Bay of Darien.

Letter to the Governor from various people, dated 5 October 1699, urging him to sail to East Indies.

Booklet for a "Project pour fortifier La Baye de Darien". (In French).

List of names.

Note in French.

Letter to the Court of Directors of the Indian and African Company of Scotland, dated January 17, 1700, Edinburgh. Detailing the weather in Caledonia; diseases; landscape; temperature; accessibility; roads, harbours and creeks; gold mines; the Pass of Tubagantee and the Pass of Cacarica; timber; and a proposal regarding future development in the colony.

Notice (printed) informing the public that they can now book a passage to Darien.

Minutes (printed) of a meeting of the Company of Scotland, trading to Africa and the Indies, dated 3 April 1696, Edinburgh. (2 copies).

Letter dated 22 October 1697 from Francis Scott (representing the India Company) to the Lord High Chancellor and Lords of the Privy Council, detailing the Company's situation and objectives.

Notice (printed) telling of the opening of the Books of Subscription for the India Company.

Memorial concerning the Scots at Hamburgh, dated 7 April 1697, Hamburg, from Sir Paul Rycant (the King's representative in Hamburg) "to the Bourgo Masters and Chancellor of the town of Hambourg", stating that the King had not granted any letters of credence or authorisation to the India Company. (3 copies - 2 signed and 1 in French.)

Letter to the King from the India Company stating the advantages of allowing the trading. Dated 28 June 1697. Also a reply from the King's court stating that on his return to England he will take their views into consideration.

Resolution (printed) of a meeting to be held at the Laigh-Council-House of Edinburgh, on Friday 17 April (no year).

Copy (printed) of a (specimen) deed conveying money to the India Company, dated 1696.

Various 'envelopes' (3).
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