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Reference NRAS1275
Title Montague Douglas Scott Family, Dukes of Buccleuch and Queensberry
Dates 12th century-20th century
Access Status Restricted
Access Conditions Access to copy only in the National Archives of Scotland. The original record is held privately. All enquiries should be addressed to: The Registrar, The National Register of Archives for Scotland, HM General Register House, Edinburgh, EH1 3YY
Description Bundles 1-458, 560-1110 are listed in detail in an inventory at Drumlanrig, a copy of which is available at the National Register of Archives for Scotland, Edinburgh.

The papers in this inventory include writs of lands and baronies of Drumlanrig, Tibbes, Sanquhar, Mouswald, Glencairn and Durrisdeer, later united into the earldom and dukedom of Queensberry, 14-18th cents., and some miscellaneous early writs, 12-14th cents.; papers relating to the estate of Drumlanrig including papers concerning teinds and stipends in provostry of Lincluden, and parishes of Durrisdeer, Tynron, Morton, Kirkbryde, Penpont, Kirkmichael, Torthorwald, Dornock, Mouswald, Sanquhar, Kirkconnel and Dryfesdale, 16-18th cents., papers relating to marches and commonties, 17-18th cents., household accounts and vouchers, 17-18th cents., cashiers' and chamberlains' accounts for lands and baronies of Drumlanrig, Tibbers, Torthorwald, Ross and Mouswald, 17-18th cents., Eliock, Craigs and Tinwald, 18th cent., papers relating to lead mines at Wanlockhead, including agents' accounts, 1723-63, and agreements with various companies and people, 1714-57, accounts of coal at Burnfoot, 1736, valuation books of Dumfriesshire, Annandale and the 5 churches of Eskdale, 1653-67, papers of the regality court of New Dalgarno, 1730-46, accounts of expenses of Lord Drumlanrig and Lord George Douglas at school and abroad, 1676-93, inventories of furniture at Drumlanrig, 1710-53 and in the lodging in the Canongate, Edinburgh, 1707-54; accounts of public money received by Wallace as depute treasurer, 1682-5, William Alves's privy seal accounts, 1697-1702, 1705-8; miscellaneous papers including border commissions and respites for crimes, 1546-1609, diplomas and public commissions, 17-18th cents., letters from Duke of Lauderdale, Lords Hatton and Maitland, 1666-85, on public affairs, protocol books of Mark Carruthers, 1531-61, and of sir John Taylor, 1544-92.


Sir William of Douglas, first Baron of Drumlanrig: NRAS1275/Bundle 1-4
William, the second Baron of Drumlanrig: NRAS1275/Bundle 6
William, the fourth Baron of Dumlanrig: NRAS1275/Bundle 8
James, the fifth Baron of Drumlanrig: NRAS1275/Bundle 10
Sir William, the sixth Baron of Drumlanrig: NRAS1275/Bundle 12-19
Sir James, the seventh Baron of Drumlanrig: NRAS1275/Bundle 22-51
Sir James, the eighth Baron of Drumlanrig: NRAS1275/Bundle 55-70
William, first Viscount of Drumlanrig and afterwards the Earl of Queensberry, Viscount Drumlanrig and Lord Douglas of Hawick and Tibbers: NRAS 1275/Bundle 74-135
James, the second Earl of Queensberry, Viscount of Drumlanrig and Lord Douglas of Hawick and Tibbers: NRAS1275/Bundle 140-155
William, the third Earl and first Duke of Queensberry, Marquis of Dumfries-shire, Earl of Drumlanrig and Sanquhar, Viscount Nith, Forthorwal and Ross, and Lord Doulgas of Kinmont, Middleby and Dornock: NRAS1275/Bundle 160-215
James, the second Duke of Queensberry and first Duke of Dover, Marquis of Dumfries-shire etc.: NRAS1275/Bundle 220-303
Charles, the third Duke of Queensberry and second Duke of Dover, Marquis of Dumfries-shire etc.: NRAS1275/Bundle 308-458
Rights of Teinds; Rights and Marks of Patronage; Stipends or Appointments to Ministers; Valuation and Sales of Teinds: NRAS1275/Bundle 560-672
Grants of Redemption of Land: Discharges of Publick Burdens, and Personal Debts: NRAS1275/Bundle 682-744
Debts and Claims in the Family; Marks of Recognizances of Superiority; Bonds and Marks of Astriction to Mills; Land-Marches; Divisions of Common: NRAS1275/Bundle 754-790
Household Purveyer and Pursery Accounts; Rentals and Books of Accounts; Treasury and Publick Accounts; Accounts of Cashiers or Receivers-general; Factor or Chamberlain-accounts: NRAS1275/Bundle 796-934
Matters Political and Historical: Bonds of Fealty and Dependence; Border Commissions, and Respites or Remissions for Crimes; Diplomas and Public Commissions; State Letters and Common Letters: NRAS1275/Bundle 940-989
Matters Matrimonial - Ecclesiastical - Testamentary: NRAS1275/Bundle 994-1024
Miscellaneous Matters: NRAS1275/Bundle 1030-1110

The following numbers are missing: 5-12, 15, 20-1, 44, 52-4, 71-3, 110, 128-39, 143-145/1, 146, 153, 156-9, 198, 216-19, 297, 304-7, 318, 322-8, 336, 391-4, 397, 412-55, 567-71, 573-4, 578-80, 583-8, 591-5, 598-602, 604-7, 612-16, 618-19, 623-7, 629, 631-3, 636-7, 639, 641-3, 646-7, 651-3, 655-6, 658-9, 661-2, 664-7, 669-70, 673-81, 687-9, 702-4, 708-9, 711, 715, 718-19, 722-3, 725, 733-7, 745-53, 761-5, 767, 769-73, 775-8, 781-3, 785, 788, 791-5, 802-20, 830-40, 845-50, 853-9, 865-9, 871-3/1, 875-78/2, 879-82, 884-92, 897-9, 903-6, 909-12, 916-19, 928-32, 935-40, 963-75, 977-93, 1009-13, 1018-19, 1025-9, 1042, 1045, 1048-9, 1051-64, 1066-8, 1074-9, 1082-4, 1087-8, 1090-3, 1095-1100, 1104, 1106, 1109.

Also in this collection are papers relating to Drumlanrig House and estate, 1484-1928, including accounts for building town house at Sanquhar to designs of William Adam, 1735-39, and for workmen employed at Drumlanrig, 1729; papers concerning the Crichton Royal Institution, Dumfries, 1840-97; accounts, reports and correspondence relating to lead mines at Wanlockhead, 1747-1919; papers concerning plague of field voles in Scotland, 1892-3.
Level Fonds
Copies Volume 136 microfilmed as RH4/117
Copyright Restriction on copying, no publication without owner's permission: all enquiries should be addressed in first instance to: The Registrar, The National Register of Archives for Scotland, HM General Register House, Edinburgh, EH1 3YY
Originals Original record held by
Bowhill Estate Office
Related Material Partly replaces Survey 1. See also GD224 and GD237
A selection of maps and plans which form part of this collection have been copied by the NAS and can be found under the refs:
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