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Country Code GB
Repository Code 800001
Repository Private
Reference NRAS1054
Title Ewart Family, of Craigcleuch, Dumfriesshire.
Brisbane Family, of Brisbane, Ayrshire
Dates c 1746-1959
Access Status Restricted
Access Conditions These records are now deposited in the National Records of Scotland.
Description Diaries and Autobiography.
None of General Ewart's diaries is an original diary. They are transcripts made by the author, which have in varying degrees been edited by him. In a sense all can be regarded as varying stages in the production of the General's autobiography (No.128). There appear to be three stages of transcript diaries. Nos.116 and 117 are consecutive diaries and are apparently the commencement of the original series of transcripts. No.118 appears to be a further revision covering the same period as the two previous volumes and carrying on for some years thereafter. Nos.119 and 120 are possibly part of the same series. They have been heavily excised by the removal of pages. The final and third version of the diary consists of six volumes (Nos.121-127).

The three series of diaries although covering the same period and each based upon the other are not identical in content. In the later 'editions' material has sometimes been compressed and sometimes expanded. The later 'editions' frequently contain comments clearly based on 'hindsight' and record in some instances the General's changes of opinion. They also include material concerning family history together with copy correspondence dealing with the events recorded in the diaries. On the other hand the earlier 'editions' are sometimes fuller in their accounts of events and in some cases are valuable as recording, during the earlier years of General Ewart's service, the opinions and knowledge of a comparatively junior officer serving in the field without the benefit of 'hindsight'. The diaries are detailed, frank and informative.
The autobiography (No. 128) is based on the diaries and is in places copied directly from them. It represents basically a further stage in the process of revision and editing which General Ewart had carried out throughout the various 'editions' of his diaries.
Level Fonds
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