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Country Code GB
Repository Code 817
Repository Aberdeen Medico-Chirurgical Society
Reference GB817/AMCS/1/1/1/4
Title Minute book 4
Dates 6 May 1794 - 22 December 1795
Access Status Open
Description Minute book of the Aberdeen Medical Society. A summary of the contents is as follows:


6 May: Theory and Phenomena of Conception
President: Mr. A. Smith; Speaker: Mr. Donald
Includes copy of letter sent from London by G. Kerr, Alex. Mitchell, Colin Allan, James McGregor, Wm. Hendrie and Geo. Rose to Robert Scott, Secretary of the Society noting good reputation of Society and benefits it has afforded its members, and noting forthcoming donations of books from physicians in London. They also suggest some improvements to the regulations, including allowing the President to remain longer in office, at least for a year; recommending the purchase of anatomical preparations; suggesting that the paper to be discussed at the next meeting is read at the preceding meeting, allowing members an opportunity to examine it further and formulate their opinions in the intervening period; and recommending the study of anatomy: 'We are sorry that dissections have been so long neglected at Aberdeen. We are certain that proper subjects might be easily had there, and will certainly be had unless the students are wanting to themselves in spirited exertion, or in common prudence. Bodies are procured in London for dissection almost every day. We leave any one to form their opinion whether it would not be an easier affair at Aberdeen'. An extraordinary meeting was called by the members to discuss the possibility of renewing dissections. It is noted in the minutes that there had not been any dissection carried out on any animal in the Society for more than two years. At this meeting, held on the 8 May, it was agreed to resume dissections after a course of osteology was completed, which began on the 9 May.

13 May
Mr. Ninian Bruce [see catalogue of manuscripts and covering letter in McGrigor papers series] proposed as ordinary member (his examination took place on the 17 May and he was elected at the meeting held on the 20 May).

20 May
Account of Mr. Burnett, bookseller, for £8.4.3 1/2 presented to Society.
Mr. A. Smith proposed giving course of lectures on botany to members and other medical students.

5 June
Extraordinary meeting at which Dr. Livingston, the honorary President, informed the Society that his friend in London intended to give £5 yearly for the award of a prize medal for the best dissertation on a certain subject. [Also see meeting of 27 June.]

12 August: Typhus
President: Mr. Dakers; Speaker: Mr. Donald

23 September: Melancholia
President: Mr. Dakers; Speaker: Mr. Scott
Copy of letter from William Dyce thanking the Society for electing him an extraordinary member. Also election of office-bearers for following year and list of books donated by Mr. A. Smith, recently returned from London.

16 December: Dysentery
President: Mr. Irvine; Speaker: Mr. Forbes
Proposal that a 'dog should be procured and dissected during the Christinmass holidays'. Also copy of letter from John Bell thanking Society for electing him an honorary member: 'This mark of attention from one so high in his profession as Mr. Bell was without doubt very agreeable to the Society'. There is also a reference to a new cure for intermittent fever.


3 March: Peripneumonia
President: Mr. Wilch; Speaker: Mr. Boyle

5 May: The Crotchet
President: Mr. Smith; Speaker: Mr. Forbes

21 July: Lues Venerea
President: Mr. Alexander Thom; Speaker: Mr. W. Laing

4 August
Reference to two pictures in possession of Society: one of Hippocrates and the other of Dr. Lorimer of London.

15 September: Apoplexy
President: Mr. Forbes; Speaker: Mr. Morgan

29 September
Copy of letter from James McGrigor, Surgeon, 88th Regiment, noting that as many of the old members were now spread out across the globe, and several were able and willing to promote the interests of the Society, none of them had a way of knowing 'the continuance of the Society, what donations to make, nor where to send them to, "Once a year, or as often as there is a general election, to publish in three papers, the Aberdeen, and in a generally read London and Edin. papers [sic], the elections - to appoint a person in London and Edin. to receive donations for the Society, and if possible, to present any [Honorary] and Extraordinary members with any new edition of the laws". Mr. McGrigor also proposes, "that as the Society are now in possession of most of the newest and best books - the museum should become their object, if their funds would admitt [sic] of it - anatomical preparations being of infinite use to junior students". Such a mark of attention, from one of the original institutors of the Society was received with universal applause - and it is hoped the members will consider whether these measures, proposed by one much interested in the prosperity of the Institution, should not be adopted'.

6 October
'This evening Mr. James Chalmers accused of writing anonymous and abusive letters in name of the Society to an honorary member, and also to Mr. Burnett Bookseller, was from his own confession found guilty, and expelled [from] the Society'. Also election of office-bearers.

13 October
Letter from G. Innes requesting that copies of new catalogue be sent to London for the members residing there and 12 copies sent to McGrigor for the 'West India members'. Also proposes electing McGrigor as an honorary member: 'In consequence of Mr. Innes's proposals, and as it was expected that Mr. McGregor would leave England very soon, some of the members hinted the propriety of putting round the ballot for him this meeting, which being agreed to, he was unanimously elected an Honorary member of the Society'. [See minute of 17 November for note of McGrigor's reply thanking Society.]

27 October
Election of office of Librarian and Treasurer and list of donations to Library by Dr. Gordon, including his own publication on puerperal fever and Denman's Midwifery Part 1.

30 October
Extraordinary meeting regarding award of diploma for Ordinary President.

10 November: Inoculation
President: Mr. J. Browne; Speaker: Mr. Keith
Also election of President.

22 December: Jail Fever
President: Mr. Gordon; Speaker: Mr. Morgan
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Extent 1 volume (0.03 linear metres)

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