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Repository Code 817
Repository Aberdeen Medico-Chirurgical Society
Reference GB817/AMCS/1/1/1/3
Title Minute book 3
Dates 14 November 1792 - 29 April 1794
Access Status Open
Description Minute book of the Aberdeen Medical Society. A summary of the contents is as follows:


4 December: Nicotiana
President: Mr. Kerr; Speaker: Mr. Skene
After dissertation on phlebotomy by Mr. McAsgill.


5 January
A general review of the books in the library was undertaken: 'The books were all found in good order and in the Catalogues except 'Philips' Poems' which was missing. No. of books in the Library 315, nearly 440 volumes.'

22 January: Dysentery (see Thesaurus, Volume 2)
President: Mr. Smith; Speaker: Mr. Ogilvy
After dissertation on phlebotomy by Mr. Caie.

5 February: 'Fixed Air'
President: Mr. Hendrie; Speaker: Mr. Scott

12 March: Peruvian Bark
President: Mr. Hendrie; Speaker: Mr. McAsgill
The minutes contain detailed notes on the presentation and discussion which followed, including the merits of red and white bark and the effects of using bark.

4 April: Study of Medicine (see Thesaurus, Volume 2)
President: Mr. J. Forbes; Speaker: Mr. G. Kerr
'His discourse gave the greatest satisfaction, and was much applauded by all the members. He recommended to students
of medicine chiefly to study facts, and not be led astray by delusive theories'. Mr. Hendry commented on increasing the public's awareness of the Society: 'He was confident that several medical gentleman, if they knew of such an institution, would present the Society with some handsome donations'. He put forward a motion that a new list of members and books be printed and copies sent to booksellers in London 'and some other places that medical people might have an opportunity of seeing them'.

9 April
President refers to pamphlet on fevers written by a Dr. Chalmers some time before Dr. Cullen published his theory of fever. List of donations to the library including 'Bennet on Consumptions' and 'Lee's introduction to Botany'.

7 May
Motion passed regarding renewal of anatomical lectures (the first lecture on the bones of the pelvis given by Mr. Caie on 23 May).

28 May
A substantial donation of books to the library by Mr. J. Chalmers, printer, is recorded in the minute.

6 August
List of thirty books donated by 'some gentlemen in London' including 'Boerrhaavi Institut. medicinae' (list continues in minute of 15 October).

15 October: Menorrhagia
President: Mr. Caie; Speaker: Mr. Carnegie
Includes substantial list of books donated to the library including 'Le Clerc's history of physic' and 'Fordyce's practice of physic Part 1st'. [7 titles donated by Dr. McLaurin]

24 December: Measles
President: Mr. Scott; Speaker: Mr. Booth
'Mr. Booth in his discourse gave a clear and accurate account of the symptoms and treatment of measles. He advised bloodletting to be premised in almost every case, after which he recommended the cold regimen...'.


11 February: Asthma
President: Mr. Caie; Speaker: Mr. R. Smith
The election of two new Presidents took place at this meeting.

11 March
A new law was passed that two readings of a first discourse should be given at two different meetings.

18 March
Dr. John Hunter, Physician to the Army, Dr. Robertson, Physician to Greenwich Hospital, and John Weir, Surgeon General in Jamaica, were elected as honorary members.

25 March: Hysteria
Includes list of donations to the library.

1 April: Theory of Menstruation
President: Mr. Donald; Speaker: Mr. Dakers
'Mr. Daker's discourse (read a first time last meeting) was undoubtedly one of the best that has appeared in the Society for some time past'.

8 April: Bilious fever
Reference made to new Natural History Society.

14 April: Cancer
President: Mr. Donald; Speaker: Mr. J. Skene
'Mr. Skene in his discourse gave a very accurate account I. Of the different symptoms and appearances of cancer in its several stages II. Of the theory and causes of it and III. Of the method of treatment...'.

Other subjects discussed at meetings include:
1793: opium (12 February); pleurisy (17 February); ophthalmia (26 February); rheumatism (30 April); scarlatina (7 May); mineral waters (14 May); worms (18 June); rickets (2 July [also see Thesaurus, Volume 2]); tetanus (30 July); epilepsy (10 September [Thesaurus, Volume 2]); urinary calculi (1 October); phthisis pulmonalis (29 October); colic (12 November); smallpox (17 December).
1794: apoplexy (7 January); 'Chin-cough' (21 January); dyspepsia (4 March).
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