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AD14/36/120 Precognition against Margaret Anderson for the crime of theft, habit and repute at Bleaching green, Herbertshire House, Dunipace, Stirling-shire 1836 This record is Open.
B48/19/2 Charter by William Santclar of Rosling, Knight, to Alexander Sinclar of the 19/- lands of Cuthiltoun and Litill Denny in the barony of Herbertshire and sheriffdom of Stirling. Dated at Rosling 21 ... 1531 1531 This record is Open.
BR/LMS/4/308 Rate Book for Coal and Coke from Colliery Sidings etc in Scottish Area (and Conditions and Regulations): Herbertshire Nos. 2 & 3; Carron Iron Works; Plean East; Bannockburn; Carnock; Polmaise; Haugh 1928 This record is Open.
CB65/34 Printed material concerning Herbertshire Colliery 1939 This record is Open.
CB319 Records of Herbertshire Colliery. 1899-1960 This record is Open.
CB319/1/1 Herbertshire Colliery: Minutes of Planning Committee meetings 1951-1959 This record is Open.
CB319/5/1 Herbertshire Colliery: Minutes of dispute and concilliation meetings 1957-1959 This record is Open.
CB319/5/2 Herbertshire Colliery: Copy letters regarding matters of the estate 1919-1923 This record is Open.
CB319/5/3 Herbertshire Colliery: Minutes of Production Department meetings with the colliery 1959-1960 This record is Open.
CB319/5/4 Herbertshire Colliery: Papers regarding planning permission 1935-1959 This record is Open.

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