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GD84/1/27/3 RENUNCIATION by Angus McKay of Melness to John, Lord Reay his brother, narrating provision by John, Lord Rae [Reay], in favour of Angus McKy [McKay] and Katherine Gun [Gunn], his spouse, lawful daughter to the deceased Alexander Gun of Eillisnan in conjunct fee and liferent of Nyne pennie half pennie land of Melnes [Melness], in the barony of Kintail, and other provisions as contained in Marriage Contract between said Angus and his spouse, dated at Toung [Tongue] 1 May 1658, nevertheless said Angus for himself and as taking burden for his spouse renounces his liferent of three pennie land and a half penny of the said 9 1/1/2d. land of Melnes commonly called the lands of Skinnatt; and said Angus, failing heirs procreated between him and his spouse or spouses at the time of his decease, dispones to said Lord his whole estate heritable and moveable. Dated at Durenes [Durness] 27 January 1666. Witnesses: Thomas Mansone [Manson], sheriff clerk of Sutherland, Thomas Mansone, his servitor, and Andrew Mansone, writer in Dornoch, writer thereof. 27/1/1666 This record is Open.
GD84/1/28/7 Letters of Inhibition at the instance of Robert Forbes of Newtoune [Newtown], as executor confirmed to umq. Sir William Forbes of Craigiewarr [Craigievar] against John, Lord Reay, Hugh McKie [McKay] of Strathie, son to umq. ........ * McKie of Strathie, and Hugh Monro of Eriboll, son to umq. Hector Monro. Signeted 28 February, and registered P.R. Inhibitions Sutherland 24 April 1678. [* In the first certificate of execution the name is given as John.] Two certificates of execution attached - the first by Alexander Boynd [Boyd], messenger, dated 1, 3, and 5 April 1678 - witnesses, Hugh Gune [Gunn], in Strathie, James Duglas [Douglas] there, John Bayne in Irreboll [Eriboll], John and William Sinclair in Deirnes, Donald Mckeloud [McLeod] and Andrew Gow, servitors to said Alexander Boynd; and the second by Hugh Thayne, messenger, dated 24 April 1678 - witnesses, Alexander Dempster, burgess of Dornoche [Dornoch], John Glas [Glass], there, and William Gordon, servitor to said Hugh Thayne. 28/2/1678 This record is Open.
GD96/609 Decreet by the sheriffs of Caithnes (Caithness) in a suit by Sir William Sinclair of Canesbie (Canisbay), Rorie Mansone (Manson) in Staymster (Stemster), Duncan Miller in Knocktoo, Alexander Mansone in Staymster, and John Gune (Gunn) there, against Jean Cunynghame (Cunningham), lady Ratter (Rattar), William Sinclair of Ratter, John Sinclair, his brother, William Budge in Toftingall (?Tofts), Alexander, Nicolas and John Budge, his brothers, Robert Nicolsone in Reaster, Thomas Fairweather there, Angus Skeaner (Skinner) in Ratter, John Mulikine (Mulligan) there, Alexander Johnstoune (Johnston) in Inkstake (Inkstack) and Nicolas Begsone in Cempster (Camster), anent the lands of Staymster (Stemster) and Knocktoo. 13/6/1655 This record is Open.
GD96/667 Discharges 1605-1698 This record is Open.
GD112/52/277 Petitions and Memorials nd. This record is Open.

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