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Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference GD45
Title Papers of the Maule Family, Earls of Dalhousie
Dates 11th-20th Century
Access status Open
Location Off site
Description GD45/1 Miscellaneous papers concerning public affairs. Includes papers of Patrick Maule, 1st Earl of Panmure and military papers of William, Earl of Panmure. 1489-1854

GD45/2 American and other papers of Lieut. Col. (latterly Brigadier Gen.) John Forbes. (With a few papers of James Glen, Governor of S. Carolina.) 1746-1759

GD45/3 Papers of the 9th Earl of Dalhousie as Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia (1810-1820) and Governor-in-Chief of Canada (1820-1828). 1789-1839

GD45/3/1-9 Bound Volumes. 1816-1828
GD45/3/10-241 General Series of Letters, memoranda etc. 1789-1835
GD45/3/242-311 Papers concerning public finance and commerce. 1812-1828
GD45/3/312-323 Papers concerning relations with the U.S.A. 1819-1828 (See also GD45/3/119, 136 and 159)
GD45/3/324-429 Military and Naval Papers. 1813-1830
GD45/3/430-466 Papers concerning agriculture, forestry and communication. 1815-1828
GD45/3/467-497 Ecclesiastical Papers. 1818-1826
GD45/3/498-505 Papers concerning education. 1818-1828 (See also GD45/27 and 33)
GD45/3/506-514 Papers concerning Indians and the Indian Department. 1817-1828
GD45/3/5/515-539 Addresses. 1817-1828
GD45/3/540-611 Personal journals, papers and accounts of the Earl of Dalhousie. 1816-1836
GD45/3/612-648 Miscellaneous Printed Papers. 1819-1833 (See also under particular sections)
GD45/3/649-673 Notes etc. on printed works. 1815-1832
GD45/3/674-680 Maps and Plans. 1838-1839 (See also GD45/3/1-9)

GD45/4 Papers concerning the military career of the 9th Earl of Dalhousie, apart from his service in Canada and India. 1790-1839 (See also GD45/14)

GD45/5 Papers of the 9th Earl of Dalhousie as Commander-in-Chief in India (1829-1832). 1799-1832

GD45/6 Papers of the 10th Earl and 1st Marquis of Dalhousie as Governor General of India (1847-1856). 1799-1868

GD45/6/1-118 Bound Volumes. 1848-1856
GD45/6/119-236 General Series of Letters, memoranda etc. 1827-1859
GD45/6/237-308 Papers concerning relations with princely states, including annexations. 1799-1856
GD45/6/309-381 Papers concerning military operations and other military matters. 1836-1860 (see also GD45/6/507-539)
GD45/6/382-439 Papers concerning finance, revenue, expenditure, trade, agriculture, public works and communications. 1807-1857
GD45/6/440-506 Papers concerning affairs of individual provinces. 1836-1857
GD45/6/507-519 Papers concerning relations with Persia, Russia and Afghanistan. 1836-1857
GD45/6/520-539 Papers concerning Burma. 1825-1853
GD45/6/540-546 Diaries of 10th Earl of Dalhousie. 1850-1856

GD45/7 Papers of the 10th Earl of Dalhousie as Vice-President and President of the Board of Trade (1843-1846). 1838-1846

GD45/8 Papers of Fox Maule (latterly Lord Panmure) as Secretary at War (1846-1852), Secretary for War (1855-1858) and a member of the Cabinet (1849-1852 and 1855-1858), together with some later military papers. 1833-1883 (See also GD45/14)

GD45/8/1-125 1833-1852
GD45/8/126-501 1852-1858 (Cf. the 'Panmure Papers' edited Douglas and Ramsay, 1908, passim.)
GD45/8/502-533 1859-1883

GD45/9 Papers of Fox Maule as Under Secretary for the Home Department (1835-1841) and minister chiefly responsible for Scottish Affairs. 1834-1852 (See also GD45/14)

GD45/9/1-23 Papers concerning Scottish Universities. 1839-1841
GD45/9/24-35 Papers concerning measures against Chartist disturbances. 1836-1840
GD45/9/36-145 Papers concerning Crown patronage in the Church of Scotland (arranged alphabetically by parishes with some general papers at the end). 1834-1842
GD45/9/146-161 Miscellaneous Papers. 1837-1852

GD45/10 Naval papers of Admiral George Ramsay, (later 12th Earl of Dalhousie), Commander-in-Chief S.E. Coast of America Station, 1866-1869, and Commander J.W. Ramsay, (later 13th Earl of Dalhousie). c. 1832-1869.

For Maps, plans and charts see RHP 1631-1664

GD45/10/1-40 Bound volumes. c. 1832-1869
GD45/10/41-69 Loose papers and notebooks. c. 1835-1869

GD45/11 Papers of the 10th Earl and 1st Marquis of Dalhousie as Captain of Deal Castle and Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports. 1843-1860

GD45/12 Papers concerning local administration. 1612-1868 (For accounts in Exchequer see GD45/1).

GD45/12/1-317 Papers concerning county business (mostly in Angus), including Parliamentary elections, yeomanry, militia and volunteers. 1633-1862. (For writs concerning the creation of votes see GD45/10)
GD45/12/318-408 Papers concerning the burgh of Brechin. (Includes papers of the justiciar of North and South Esk.) 1612-1779
GD45/12/409-449 Papers concerning the burghs of Arbroath, Montrose and Dundee. (Includes 2 protocol books of Arbroath.) 1613-1868.

GD45/13 Ecclesiastical Papers. c. 1127-1900 (See also GD45/9. For tacks of teinds see GD45/16. For discharges of stipend see also GD45/18)

GD45/13/1-214 Documents concerning individual parishes and churches (arranged in alphabetical order). c. 1500-1900 (with cartulary of St. Giles').
GD45/13/215-300 Documents concerning religious houses. c. 1127-1552
GD45/13/301-403 Documents concerning dioceses, presbyteries, synods, General Assemblies and church affairs in general. 1471-1874 (with register of the bishopric of Brechin).

GD45/14 General Correspondence. (Grouped correspondence normally contains letters both to and from the person concerned. Where both sender and receiver have groups to themselves their correspondence will be found under the reciever's name). c. 1542-1916

GD45/14/1-115 Patrick Maule of Panmure, (latterly 1st Earl of Panmure). 1612-1660
GD45/14/116-158 George, Lord Brechin, (latterly 2nd Earl of Panmure). 1651-1671
GD45/14/159-182 George, Lord Brechin, (latterly 3rd Earl of Panmure). 1665-1685
GD45/14/183-230 James, 4th Earl of Panmure. 1679-1723
GD45/14/231-236 Unidentified Earls of Panmure. 1679-1723
GD45/14/237-314 Margaret, Countess of Panmure. 1690-1731
GD45/14/315-426 Harry Maule of Kellie. 1678-1734
GD45/14/427-468 William Maule, (latterly Earl of Panmure or Forth). 1733-1782
GD45/14/469-477 John Maule of Inverkeillor, Baron of Exchequor. 1744-1767
GD45/14/478-498 George, 8th Earl of Dalhousie. 1757-1787
GD45/14/499-530 George, 9th Earl of Dalhousie. 1786-1839 (See also GD45/3 and 4)
GD45/14/531-539 William Ramsay, (latterly William Ramsay Maule and Baron Panmure). 1791-1834
GD45/14/540-544 Christian, Countess of Dalhousie. 1809-1824
GD45/14/545-550 George, Lord Ramsay. 1816-1833
GD45/14/551-556 Col. Alexander Maclean of Ardgour. 1816-1837
GD45/14/557-619 James Andrew Ramsay (latterly Lord Ramsay and 10th Earl and 1st Marquis of Dalhousie). 1822-1860. (See also GD45/7 N.B. For all correspondence during Lord Dalhousie's stay in India see GD45/6)
GD45/14/620-778 Fox Maule, (latterly 2nd Baron Panmure and 11th Earl of Dalhousie). 1830-1874. (See also GD45/8-9)
GD45/14/779-910 Miscellaneous correspondence. c.1542-1916

GD45/15 Commissions, burgess tickets, patents, licenses, addresses etc. 1543-1886. (For addresses see also GD45/3)

GD45/16 Titles to Land. c. 1239-1917

GD45/16/1-213 Titles to the whole Dalhousie or Panmure estates or to groups of lands in several sheriffdoms or baronies. (Includes York Buildings Company writs.) 1456-1917
GD45/16/214-304 Conveyances and re-conveyances in connection with the creation of votes. 1734-1792
GD45/16/305-530 Baronies of Dalhousie and Carrington in the sheriffdom of Edinburgh. 1367-1904
GD45/16/531-953 Barony of Panmure, including Carmyllie, in the sheriffdom of Forfar. (Includes various writs concerning the Strachans of Carmyllie.) 1346-1891
GD45/16/954-1127 Lordship and Barony of Brechin and Navar and chapel-lands of Caldhame in the sheriffdom of Forfar. (Includes writs concerning the office and lands of preceptory of Maisondieu, Brechin.) 13th cent-1895
GD45/16/1128-1313 Abbacy, lordship and burgh of Arbroath in the sheriffdoms of Forfar and others. 1449-1793
GD45/16/1314-1515 Barony and parish of Barry in the sheriffdom of Forfar. (Includes tacks and other writs concerning Dr. Andrew Lamb of Balskelly or Pitskelly and the Hunters of Burnside, Balskelly and Blackness.) 1537-1882
GD45/16/1516-1736 Barony of Kellie and tenandry of Cuthlie in the sheriffdom of Forfar. (Includes various writs concerning the Irvines of Drum.) 1413-1873
GD45/16/1737-1959 Barony of Edzell and Glenesk in the sheriffdom of Forfar. (Includes various writs concerning the Lindsays of Edzell.) c. 1239 and 1573-1901
GD45/16/1960-2014 Barony of Downie in the sheriffdom of Forfar. 1425-1773
GD45/16/2015-2093 Baronies of Ballumbie and Innerpeffer in the sheriffdom of Forfar. 1509-1896
GD45/16/2094-2163 Barony of Panbride in the sheriffdom of Forfar. 1552-1884
GD45/16/2164-2182 Baronies of Redcastle and Inverkeillor in the sheriffdom of Forfar. 1575-1854
GD45/16/2183-2196 Barony of Kinnell and lands of Braikie in the sheriffdom of Forfar. 1686-1857
GD45/16/2197-2204 Barony of Melgund in the sheriffdom of Forfar. 1643-1689
GD45/16/2205-2212 Lands in the lordship and barony of Rescobie and sheriffdom of Forfar. 1583-1845
GD45/16/2213-2254 Lands of Both and Carncorthie in the parish of Panbride and sheriffdom of Forfar. 1348-1631
GD45/16/2255-2279 Lands of Panlathie and Pitcoura in the regality of Kirriemuir and sheriffdom of Forfar (later in barony of Inverpeffer). 1471-1627
GD45/16/2280-2319 Lands in the parish and burgh of Dundee and baronies of Dudhope and Dronlaw in the sheriffdom of Forfar. 1593-1839
GD45/16/2320-2488 Barony of Belhelvie and other lands in the sheriffdom of Aberdeen. 1379-1780 (See also GD45/16/2811-2983)
GD45/16/2489-2704 Lands in the sheriffdom and burgh of Linlithgow. (Includes various papers concerning the Edwards and Glens of Longcroft.) 1468-1829
GD45/16/2705-2740 Lands in the sheriffdom of Fife. 1472-1773
GD45/16/2741-2781 Lands in the sheriffdom of Berwick. 1473-1625
GD45/16/2782-2789 Lands in the sheriffdom of Roxburgh and lordship and barony of Melrose. 1567-1749
GD45/16/2790-2800 Lands in the sheriffdom of Kincardine. 1553-1664
GD45/16/2801-2810 Subjects in Edinburgh, Canongate and Leith. 1660-1782
GD45/16/2811-2983 Documents concerning the lands and affairs of the Earls of Kinghorn and Strathmore. (Includes some estate and personal papers.) 1550-1766 (See also GD45/16/2320-2488 and GD45/20)
GD45/16/2984-3001 Documents concerning the lands and affairs of the Carnegies of Kinnaird, Earls of Southesk. 1410-1431 and 1638-1715
GD45/16/3002-3024 Documents concerning the lands and affairs of the Earls of Mar. 1674-1697
GD45/16/3025-3035 Documents concerning the lands and affairs of the Ogilvies of Inverquharity. 1514-1769
GD45/16/3036-3122 Miscellaneous titles. 13th cent-1807

GD45/17 Writs not relating to landed property. c. 1400 and 1478-1923 (See also GD45/16 under particular families)

GD45/18 Panmure estate and household papers. (Angus and Kincardine) 1542-1911

Panmure, Downie, Carmyllie, Easter Innerpeffer and Ballumbie. (Includes general papers concerning expenditure at Edinburgh, London and elsewhere and two vols and some papers concerning administration of the whole estates while out of the hands of the Maule family after the forfeiture) 1542-1768
GD45/18/1-145 Factors' accounts. (Each includes rental.)
GD45/18/146-464 Tacks and renunciations
GD45/18/465-521 Rentals and valuations
GD45/18/522-563 Grieve's accounts in cash and kind
GD45/18/564-625 Papers concerning the building of Panmure House
GD45/18/626-827 Miscellaneous estate papers
GD45/18/828-957 Household and personal papers
GD45/18/958-1030 Discharged estate, houshold and personal accounts (arranged by years).

Kellie and Cuthlie. (Includes Ballumbie from crop 1723, Redcastle from crop 1724 and West Braikie from crop 1743.) 1671-1784

GD45/18/1031-1140 Factors' accounts. (Each includes rental.)
GD45/18/1141-1214 Tacks and renunciations
GD45/18/1215-1223 Rentals
GD45/18/1224-1315 Miscellaneous estate, household and personal papers. (Includes papers of Harry Maule of Kellie after he went to Panmure.)
GD45/18/1316-1349 Discharged accounts and discharges to Harry Maule of Kellie and his family for household and personal expenditure (arranged by years).

Brechin, Navar, Balmakellie, Arbroath, Edzell and Glenesk. 1599-1744

GD45/18/1350-1487 Factors' accounts. (Each includes rental or abstract thereof)
GD45/18/1488-1504 Tacks and Renunciations
GD45/18/1505-1529 Rentals and valuations
GD45/18/1530-1671 Miscellaneous estate papers. (Includes papers concerning building at Brechin Castle.)
GD45/18/1672-1687 Household papers.

All Panmure estates. 1747-1911

GD45/18/1688-1862 Factors' accounts. (Each includes rental.)
GD45/18/1863-2037 Tacks and Renunciations (For long leases see GD45/16)
GD45/18/2038-2106 Rentals
GD45/18/2107-2234 Grieve's accounts in cash and kind
GD45/18/2235-2403 Miscellaneous estate papers
GD45/18/2404-2481 Household and personal papers

GD45/19 Dalhousie and Linlithgow estate and household papers. (Lothian) 1567-1904

Dalhousie, Carrington and Coalston. 1567-1904

GD45/19/1-54 Factors' and grieves' accounts
GD45/19/55-106 Tacks
GD45/19/107-218 Miscellaneous estate, household and personal papers. (Includes some rentals and papers concerning coal-working.)

Linlithgow estate. 1662-1827

GD45/19/219-234 Factors' accounts. (See also GD45/19/1-218 for years 1805-1816)
GD45/19/235-276 Miscellaneous estate papers. (Includes some tacks and rentals.)

GD45/20 Belhelvie estate papers (Aberdeenshire.) 1634-1780

GD45/20/1-61 Factors' commissions and accounts
GD45/20/62-125 Tacks and Renunciations
GD45/20/126-172 Bonds by tenants for payment of rent, prices of victual etc. (with some documents following thereon.)
GD45/20/173-232 Miscellaneous estate papers

GD45/21 Letham estate papers. (Angus. Includes some additional papers concerning the Woods of Bonnyton.) 1681-1771

GD45/22 Documents concerning the manor of Collyweston in Northamptonshire, the great park of Eltham in Kent and other English matters. 1605-1660

GD45/23 Business and Legal accounts. 1623-1930

GD45/24 Books, pamphlets, newspapers and other miscellaneous printed papers. 1564-1908 (For music and verse see GD45/26)

GD45/25 Maps and plans. 17th-19th cent. (See also GD45/3,4,8 and 10)

GD45/26 Miscellaneous.

GD45/26/1-16 Transcripts. 11th-18th cents. (Includes 3 vols. of copies of the 1st Earl of Haddington's transcripts. Mostly the work of Harry Maule of Kellie.)
GD45/26/17-39 Genealogical and historical notes. (Mostly the work of Harry Maule of Kellie.) 1580-19th cent.
GD45/26/40-47 Notes on printed works. 1647-1855
GD45/26/48-70 MS. Copies of works on legal and historical subjects. (Includes Bower's Scotichronicon and Commissary Maule's history of the family of Panmure.) 15th-18th cents.
GD45/26/71-93 Diaries, journals and person narratives. 1668-1877. (See also GD45/3 and 4 for diary of the 9th Earl of Dalhousie.)
GD45/26/94-125 Heraldic and other drawings, music and verse. 16th-19th cents.
GD45/26/126-165 Miscellaneous. 17th-19th cents.

GD45/27 Additional Dalhousie Muniments

GD45/27/1-5 Miscellaneous papers concerning public affairs
GD45/27/6-7 Papers concerning the burgh of Brechin
GD45/27/8-12 Ecclesiastical papers
GD45/27/13-23 Commissions, burgess tickets, patents, licences, addresses etc.
GD45/27/24-27 Titles to the whole Dalhousie or Panmure estates or to groups of lands in several sheriffdoms or baronies.
GD45/27/28-64 Barony of Panmure, including Carmyllie, in the sheriffdom of Forfar.
GD45/27/65-66 Lordship and barony of Brechin and Navar etc. in the sheriffdom of Forfar.
GD45/27/67-73 Abbacy, lordship and burgh of Arbroath in the sheriffdom of Forfar and others.
GD45/27/74-84 Barony of Kelly etc, in the sheriffdom of Forfar
GD45/27/85 Baronies of Ballumbie and Innerpeffer in the sheriffdom of Forfar.
GD45/27/86-90 Lands of Panlathie and Pitcoura in the regality of Kirriemuir and the sheriffdom of Forfar (later in barony of Inverpeffer).
GD45/27/91 Lands in the sheriffdom of Fife
GD45/27/92-114 Miscellaneous titles.
GD45/27/115-127 Writs relating to landed property
GD45/27/128-130 Panmure estate and household papers
GD45/27/131 Documents concerning the manor of Collyweston etc.
GD45/27/132 Books and printed papers
GD45/27/133-146 Transcripts
GD45/27/147-157 Genealogical and historical notes
GD45/27/158-159 Notes on printed works
GD45/27/160 MS copies of works on legal and historical subjects.
GD45/27/161 Miscellaneous

GD45/28 Additional Dalhousie Muniments
GD45/28/1-7 Miscellaneous papers concerning public affairs
GD45/28/8-12 Ecclesiastical documents
GD45/13-59 Titles to land
GD45/60-68 Estate papers
GD45/69-73 Miscellaneous

GD45/29 Additional Dalhousie papers (deposited February 1990). For plans see RHP 86251-358.

GD45/29/1 Panmure Chartulary
GD45/29/2-7 Tenants ledgers
GD45/29/8-17 Accounts and financial statements
GD45/29/18-25 Papers relating to Dalhousie Estates Ltd.
GD45/29/26-32 Financial records relating to Burghill farm
GD45/29/33-50 Papers relating to fishings and water supply
GD45/29/51-57 Papers relating to deer and grouse (See also GD45/29/25)
GD45/29/58-66 Miscellaneous estate records, including forestry papers
GD45/29/67-75 Household papers relating to Brechin Castle and Panmure House
GD45/29/76-82 Papers relating to Midlothian (See also GD45/29/14)
GD45/29/8387 Other papers

GD45/30 Additional Dalhousie Papers (deposited May 1990)

Dalhousie estates legal agent's letter books, 1863-1965; Lord Panmure's legal agent's letter books, 1853-1861; Maulesden Trust sederunt book, 1859-1880

GD45/31 Papers relating to the Earls of Panmure and their family.

GD45/31/1-14 : Manuscripts, 1666-1985
GD45/31/15: Legal and Estate papers, 1656-1746
GD45/31/16-23: Panmure Estate and related papers, 1705-1769
GD45/31/24-41: Correspondence relating to the Earl of Panmure, Countess of Panmure and their family, 1649-1835
GD45/31/41-45: Newspapers and printed notices, 1712-1815
Level Fonds
Admin history The presence of the papers of Brigadier General John Forbes (GD45/2) is explained by the connections between James Glen, Governor of South Carolina, and both Forbes and the Dalhousie Family. Glen was Forbes' executor and his niece married the 8th Earl of Dalhousie.

When consulting GD45/6 it should be noted that there are indexes attached to many of the bound volumes and that GD45/6/171 and Appendix B are also indexes to this section.

A number of items must represent the antiquarian collection made by Harry Maule of Kellie. This applies in particular to GD45/13(2) and GD45/16(31).

In a number of cases miscellaneous papers concerning particular families (e.g. the Strachans of Carmyllie) are associated with the titles to lands which eventually passed to the Dalhousie or Panmure family. These have been left with the titles concerned. (See headings of sub-secs. of GD45/16.)
Publication note Various documents included in the inventory have been published in the 'Registrum de Panmure', which is referred to throughout the inventory as 'Registrum'. On many documents there are pencilled notes by Andrew Jervise, who made use of the Panmure papers when writing his 'Memorials of Angus and the Mearns'. Jervise actually recovered the volumes numbered GD45/18/795 and 797, as indicated in the inventory at that point.
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Language English
Archival history Purchased by the National Archives of Scotland in 2007, with the generous support of the National Heritage Memorial Fund and the Scottish Executive.

National Records of Scotland, H.M. General Register House, 2 Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3YY; tel +44 (0) 131 535 1314; email: historical_enquiries@nrscotland.gov.uk