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Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference GD254
Title Papers of the Lindsay family of Dowhill
Dates c 1252-2000
Access status Open
Location Off site
Description CONTENTS


Titles to lands, including heritable securities

Lands in Fife and Kinross:

Barony of Crambeth or Dowhill c.1252-1740 GD254/1-184
Barony of Inchegall 1509-1567 GD254/185-190
Lands of Logie 1588-1600 GD254/191-199
Lordship of Dirlton (Kinross-shire) 1545-1567 GD254/200-202
Lordship of Innermeath 1588-1637 GD254/203-212
Barony of Cleish 1494- GD254/213-
Lordship of Rosyth 1556- GD254/214-
Lordship of Lochorshire 1524-1563 GD254/215-216
Other lands in Fife and Kinross 1427-1656 GD254/217-228

Lands in Perthshire:

Barony of Kinloch 1514-1696 GD254/229-296
Lands of Essindie 1542-1620 GD254/297-310
Lands of Balcarne 1541-1598 GD254/311-317
Other Lands in Perthshire [1306 × 1314]-1668 GD254/318-325

Lands in Forfarshire 1510- GD254/326

Lands in various parts of Scotland N.d. GD254/327

Legal and financial papers 1496-1726 GD254/328-624
Estate and household papers 1549-1717 GD254/625-643
Correspondence 1564-1721 GD254/644-656
Ecclesiastical papers 1542-1712 GD254/657-677
Miscellaneous 1646-18thc GD254/678-683

Additional Papers (deposited 1974):

Correspondence 1738-1965 GD254/684-705
Jacobite papers 1715-1746 GD254/706-711
Papers relating to India 1857-1912 GD254/712-715
Genealogical papers 1749-1959 GD254/716-740, 1178
Testamentary papers 1717-1797 GD254/741-743
Commissions and appointments 1801-1820 GD254/744-759
Literary material 1685-1828 GD254/760-776
Miscellaneous 1669-1906 GD254/777-785
Illustrative material 1862-1865 GD254/786-787

Additional (Hutton) Papers (deposited 1975):

Titles to land
Lands in Westmorland
Overthwaite alias Overforth and Farleton, parish of Beetham 1574-1885 GD254/788-858
Whasset, parish of Beetham 1661-1881 GD254/859-887
Home, parish of Burton and Holme 1628-1839 GD254/888-904
Hale, parish of Beetham 1659-1785 GD254/905-913
Lands in Lancashire
Eccleston; Newton; West Derby 1748-1840 GD254/914-920
Lands in Suffolk
Mildenhall 1866 GD254/921-923
Lands in Yorkshire
Great and Little Crackhall, parish of Bedale 1719 GD254/924
Lands in various parts of England 1784-1865 GD254/925-926
Legal and financial papers 1607-1941 GD254/927-941
Estate and household papers 1669-1883 GD254/1011-1040
Correspondence 1734-1908 GD254/1041-1125
Ecclesiastical papers 1731-1843 GD254/1126-1129
Literary material 1782-19thc. GD254/1130-1133
Miscellaneous 1803-20thc. GD254/1134-1146
Additional (Lindsay) Papers (deposited 1979-81)
Miscellaneous 1854-20thc. GD254/1147-1150
Photocopies of Gaisford Genealogical Papers (deposited 1982):
(Originals penes R. Gaisford Esq., Woodhall, Barrasford, Hexham) 1846-1950 GD254/1151-1164
Additional Lindsay of Dowhill Papers (deposited 1983)
Papers of Sir Martin Lindsay of Dowhill Bt (1905-1981):
(See also GD254/704-5, 756-7) 1929-1983 GD254/1165-1170
Papers relating to Lindsay family 1974-1981 GD254/1171-1172
Papers relating to Hutton family:
(See also GD254/788-1146) 1893-1982 GD254/1173-1174
Additional Lindsay papers (deposited 1984)
Jacobite papers 1745-6 GD254/1175-1177
History of Lindsay family, 'Three Generations' 1978 GD254/1178
Additional Lindsay of Dowhill Papers (deposited 1987)
Papers of Sir Martin Lindsay of Dowhill, 1st Baronet:
(See also GD254/704-5, 756-7, 1165-70) 1915-1984 GD254/1179-1191
Papers relating to the family of Nicoletta, Lady Lindsay of Dowhill: 20th Cent GD254/1192-1193
Miscellaneous family papers 1905-1987 GD254/1194-1197
Additional Lindsay of Dowhill papers (deposited 1988)
Papers relating to the Family of Nicoletta, Lady Lindsay of Dowhill. c. 1880-1988 GD254/1198-1201

Additional Lindsay of Dowhill Papers:

Deposited 1989 c.1870 GD254/1202-1203
Deposited 1993 1993 GD254/1204
Deposited 1994-1995 15th cent-1995 GD254/1205-1223
Deposited August 1999 1896-1999 GD254/1224-1250
Deposited Oct-Nov 2000 c.1938-2000 GD254/1251-1254
Deposited January 2001 c.1942 GD254/1255
Level Fonds
Format Text
Language English
Related material PLANS: RHP 23145, 38182-38190

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