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Country code GB
Repository code 234
Repository National Records of Scotland
Reference GD154
Title Papers of the Agnew Family of Lochnaw, Wigtownshire
Dates 1421-1981
Access status Open
Access conditions GD154/1021-1101 Mountaineering and expedition papers, and other personal papers relating to Sir Crispin Agnew: all documents in this section are closed except to readers having written permission from Sir Crispin Agnew
Location Off site
Description Contents.
GD154/1-137: Titles to land, Sheriffdom of Wigtown, 1421-1782
GD154/138-155: Titles to land, Burgh of Innermessan, 1570-1643
GD154/156-168: Titles to land, Burgh of Stranraer, 1598-1752
GD154/169: Titles to land, Burgh of Whithorn, 1503
GD154/170-182: Titles to land, Burgh of Wigtown, 1474-1725
GD154/183-188: Titles to land, Miscellaneous lands, 1570-1769
GD154/189-194:Titles to land, Inventories, 1426-1824
GD154/195-351: Legal and financial papers, 1551-1874

Wigtownshire estates
GD154/352-359: Baron court of Drummaston, 1705-1744
GD154/360-365: Rentals, 1656-1877
GD154/376-416: Estate and household accounts, 1608-1921
GD154/417-504: Tacks and other papers, 1587-1912
GD154/505-534 Irish estate (Kilwaghter co Antrim), 1636-1712

Local affairs in Wigtownshire
GD154/580-584. See also GD154/537-9, 541, 546 and 560: Taxation, 1640-1667
GD154/585-592: Freeholders, 1647-1831
GD154/593-602: Heritors of Leswalt, 1727-1866
GD154/603-604: Heritors of Kirkcolm, 1729-1788
GD154/605: Road trustees, 1818
GD154/606-608: Larbrax School trustees, 1842-1859
GD154/609-611: Parliamentary elections, 1856-1868
GD154/535-579: Office of sheriff of Wigtown or Galloway, 1556-1747

Military career of Sir Andrew Agnew
GD154/612-615: Scots Dragoons etc, 1705-1715
GD154/616-655: North British Fusiliers, 1718-1746
GD154/656-666: Marines etc, 1746-1761

GD154/667-689: Correspondence, 1630-1868. As most of the correspondence prior to 1747 is printed in "Hereditary Sheriffs of Galloway" only brief particulars of subjects are given here. Where no subjects are mentioned the letters relate purely to legal and financial business.

GD154/690-691: Grant of baronetcy, 1629-1630
GD154/692-693: Grants of arms, 1677-1751
GD154/694-705: Commissions, 1784-1904
GD154/706-714: Genealogical papers, 1747-1837
GD154/715-725: Transcripts and notes, 1426-1890

GD154/726-741: Miscellaneous (including printed papers and seals), 1661-1902

Additional documents deposited 1978
GD154/742-760: Correspondence, 1829-1926
GD154/761-778: Estate and legal documents, 1793-1925
GD154/769-802: Miscellaneous volumes and papers (including diaries, sketches and photographs), 1827-1918

Additional documents deposited 1981
GD154/803-827: Legal and financial papers, 1870-1969
GD154/828-834: Correspondence, 1825-1897
GD154/835-875: Diaries. Most of the diaries are in the form of printed pocket books, 1819-1925

GD154/876-891: Papers of Sir Fulque and Lady Agnew, 1929-1975

GD154/892-914: Miscellanea (including verses, hair, press-cuttings, sketches and photographs). Many of the items listed were found in diaries belonging to members of the Agnew family, 1814-1926

Additional documents deposited 1982-1986
GD154/915-918: Estate records, 1838-1919
GD154/919-934 : Personal and political correspondence etc, 1838-1918
GD154/935-955: Literary and other manuscripts, 1686-1918
GD154/956-974: Printed matter (including press-cuttings), 1823-1926
GD154/975-985: Sir Andrew Noel Agnew's trust, 1928-1939

GD154/986-1009: Photographs and postcards. Photographers or publishers are as shown on the photographs or postcards. Dates are taken from contemporary or near-contemporary identification; those supplied by the cataloguer are in square brackets, including dates taken from postmarks, 19-20 cent.
Subjects or sitters are those for which there is contemporary or near-contemporary identification in the form of titles or annotation; those supplied by the cataloguer are in square brackets, conjectural identification being marked by a query.

GD154/1010-1020: Miscellanea (including sketches and pedigrees), 19-20 cent

GD154/1021-1101: Sir Crispin Agnew: mountaineering and expedition papers, 1959-1981 [records in this section are closed except with permission of Sir Crispin Agnew]

GD154/1102-1130: Papers of Sir Fulque Agnew and Lady Swanzie Agnew, including much correspondence, 1850-1981 [papers deposited in 1997]
Level Fonds
Admin history The Lochnaw estates in Wigtownshire, acquired at various dates from 1426 onwards, comprised lands around Lochnaw Castle and elsewhere in the parishes of Leswalt and Kirkcolm, the smaller 'Machars estate' in the parish of Sorbie and (until 1723) various lands in the parish of Inch, including properties in the former burgh of Innermessan. During the 17th century the Agnews also possessed a leasehold estate in County Antrim, Ireland. The family muniments are concerned for the most part with the acquisition and management of these estates, but there are some papers connected with the hereditary office of sheriff of Wigtown, held by the Agnews from 1425 to 1747, and with the military career of Sir Andrew Agnew, 5th baronet, who served under the Duke of Cumberland in Flanders and Scotland, 1745-6.

Parts of the Lochnaw estate were sold during the lifetime of Sir Andrew Noel Agnew, 9th baronet, who died in 1928. In 1947 his trustees sold the remainder, including Lochnaw Castle, except for the 'Beach Cottage', Larbrax, which Sir Fulque Agnew, 10th baronet, retained until 1969. Sir Fulque, who lived latterly in Malawi, died in 1975 and was succeeded as 11th baronet by his son, Sir Crispin Agnew. Sir Crispin's mountaineering and expedition papers were deposited in 1982.
Arrangement As Sir Andrew Agnew and others appear to have completely altered the original arrangement of the collection, it had to be re-arranged under broad subject headings when the present catalogue was compiled. Additional records deposited by Sir Crispin Agnew between 1978 and 1986 are listed separately. It should be noted that there is considerable overlap between this additional material and the original deposit.
Finding aids Inventory
Publication note The family history was written by Sir Andrew Agnew, 8th baronet, in 'The Agnews of Lochnaw: A history of the Hereditary Sheriffs of Galloway' (Edinburgh, 1864; 2nd edition, 1891), the earlier chapters of which were severely criticised by P H McKerlie in 'History of Lands and their Owners in Galloway' (2nd edition, Paisley, 1906), i. 428-62. From 1426, however, Sir Andrew made extensive use of the family papers and his work (here cited as Hereditary Sheriffs) is of considerable value, despite occasional errors in the transcription of documents. Nearly all the writs prior to 1560 were calendared in Dr R C Reid's 'Wigtownshire Charters' (Scottish History Society, 1960). A collection of returns of the inhabitants of various parishes in 1684 (GD154/567) was printed in 'Parish Lists of Wigtownshire and Minnigaff', ed W Scott (Scottish Record Society, 1916).
Format Text
Language English
Related material Plans (transferred to Register House Plans series)
Original deposit: 1732-1913 - see RHP3727-70, 6486-91
Accessioned 1981: 1875-1941 - see RHP41071, 42538-40
Accessioned 1983: 1819-1869 - see RHP42687-9
Accessioned 1987: 1816-1881 - see RHP83076-118 In addition to the published reports listed as GD154/1037-42, Sir Crispin Agnew contributed articles to the 'Scotsman' and other journals as follows:
Elephant Island: Alpine Journal, 1972; The Times (Malawi), 13 May 1971.
Chilean Patagonia: Scotsman, 7 November, 15 December 1972, 3 January, 5 February, 2 March 1973; Geographical Magazine, September 1974; Alpine Journal, 1974; Soldier, October-November 1973; British Army Review, no.46, April 1974; see also GD154/1040.
Nuptse: Scotsman, 10, 22 April, 12, 27 May 1975.
Everest: Scotsman, 24 February, 10, 30 March, 7, 24 April, 29 May 1976.
Api: Scotsman, 5 February, 14 March, 21 April, 2, 9 May, 25 June 1980; Alpine Journal, 1981.

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