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NRAS2711The Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland, Ingliston1620-1984
Country Code GB
Repository Code 800001
Repository Private
Reference NRAS2711/1
Title The Ingliston Papers
Dates 1798-1918
Access Status Restricted
Access Conditions These records are held privately. All enquiries should be addressed to:

The Registrar
National Register of Archives for Scotland
HM General Register House
Description The following is a catalogue of the section of the archives of the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland at Ingliston, Midlothian, which relates to Gaelic matters. It is the material described in the handlist of the Society's papers prepared by the National Register of Archives for Scotland, pp. 3-4, as contained in a large parcel "on the floor against the back wall shelving". The handlist was issued in January 1968, when the Society's premises were at 8 Eglinton Crescent, Edinburgh; the material is now flattened and stored in archive boxes in the Society's strong-room in Ingliston House. It has been numbered and described exactly in the order in which the bundles were made up, probably in the 19th century, and the sequence and grouping established in the handlist has been maintained.
MSS. A/1-21 consist chiefly of the Society's correspondence. Except where stated, it is addressed to an officer of the Society--usually the Depute Secretary, Lewis Gordon, or his nephew and successor Charles Gordon, frequently Henry Mackenzie as chairman of successive committees concerned with Gaelic matters, occasionally some other person such as Bannatyne, MacGregor Murray, the Secretary William Macdonald of St. Martins, or his successor Donald MacLachlan of MacLachlan. Also except where stated, the letters refer principally to dictionary matters.
'MacLeod' = Rev. Dr. John MacLeod.
'MacLachlan' = Ewen MacLachlan.
Aberdeen Highland Society, letter of Secy. of (1822): A.i.20, no. 5.
Anonymous letters etc. attacking diet. (1819-22): A.i.13, no. 3b; A.i.19, nos. 31, 38; A.i.20, no. 13; A.v.2, no.6.
Armstrong's Gaelic Dict., prospectus and specimen of (1822): A.v.1, no. 9.
Bannatyne, Sir Wm. MacLeod, letters of (1808-27): A.i.2, nos. 1-47, 49-75.
-----letter regarding (1822): A.i.2, no. 48.
Bible, Gaelic, letters regarding (1766-1822): A.i.6, no. 23; A.i.17, no. 1; A.i.19, no. 18.
Black, Adam, publisher and bookseller, letters of (1828): A.i.21, nos. 19-21. ---memorandum regarding offer by (1828): A.i.21, no. 22.
Blackwoods, publishers and booksellers, letter of (1827): A.i.21, no. 15.
Blair, Rev. Hugh; A.v.1, no. 1.
Boog, Rev. Robert, Paisley, letter of (1808): A.i.17, no. 14.
Burnett, Mr., Edinburgh, letter of (1808): A.i.17, no. 13.
"Caledonian", Dunottar, printed letter of (1820): A.i.19, no. 38.
Campbell, Alexander, his proposal to publish Albyn's Anthology (1814): A.i.17, no. 45.
-----letter regarding (1816): A.i.18, no. 15.
Campbell, Rev. Alexander, Portree, writer of A.vi.12-14.
-----affidavits of, A.iv.1.
-----form of arrestment of sum of money from HSS for (1809): A.i.17, no. 15.
-----inventories of his collection: A.iv.4, A.iv.8.
-----letters of (1807-9): A.i.17, nos. 9, 10, 17; A.i.19, no. 25.
-----letter to (1809): A.i.16, no. 16.
Campbell, Rev. Dugald, Kilfinichen, writer of A.vi.3, A.vi.6.
-----additions in hand of, A.vi.7.
-----letters of (1811): A.i.17, nos. 27, 34.
Campbell, H., London, letter of (1818): A.i.19, no. 13.
Campbell, J., of S.P.C.K., letter of (1822): A.i.6, no. 23.
Campbell, J. McL., writer of part of A.vi.21.
Campbell, John, "Tertius", letter of (1810): A.i.6, no. 7.
Campbell, John, "Translator": A.i.19, no. 25; A.vi.4.
-----inventories/of (1809-13): A.iv4 A.iv.23.
-----letters of (1809-14): A.i.6, nos. 1-6, 8-22; A.i.15 a-c, f. etc.
Carswell's Book of Common Order, letters regarding (1823-27): A.i.1. e, g; A.i.20, nos. 29, 53.
-----prospectus for new ed. of: A.i.20, no. 29; A.v.1, no. 11.
Chair of Celtic, letters regarding proposal for (1807-13): A.i.3, no. 17; A.i.13, no. 2; A.i.17, nos. 5, 11, 12.
Comunn Gaelach, diploma of (1821): A.i.4, no. 150.
Constable, Archibald, publisher and bookseller, letters of (1809-25): A.i.17, no. 19; A.i.21, no. 5.
-----formal agreement with (1825): A.i.21, no. 6.
-----letter of trustee of estate of (1826): A.i.21, no. 10.
Currie, Archibald, Prospect, Urinan, letters of (1827-28): A.i.21. nos. 11, 23.
-----letter regarding Gaelic Grammar of (1828): A.i.21, no. 18.
Dalyell, John Graham, letters of (1824-28): A.i.1,a-i; A.i.21, no. 3.
Davidson, Ehenezer, schoolmaster, Coll, letter of (1812): A.i.17, no. 39.
Dewar, Rev. Daniel, letters of (1809-13): A.i.10, nos. 1-6.
-----letters regarding (1809-12): A.i.6, nos. 5, 9; A.i.11, nos. 4b, 4c; A.i.17, nos. 18, 38.
Drummond, Dr. William, printed letter to (1766): A.i.17, no. 1.
Ewing, John, Advocate (acting for heirs of Ewen MacLachlan), letter of (1822): A.i.20, no. 8.
Fleming, Rev. Dr. Thomas, letter of (1823): A.i.20, no. 28.
Fleming, William, printer, Edinburgh, letter to (1827): A.i.14, no. 19.
Fletcher, Archibald, Advocate, letter to (1811): A.i.17, no. 29.
Fletcher, Archibald, schoolmaster, Greenock: writer of A.vi.17.
Forbes, John, Advocate, letter of (1816): A.i.18, no. 15.
Foulis, Sir James, letter regarding mS. dict. of (1811): A.i.17, no. 29.
Fraser, Capt. Simon, of Knockie, letters of (1815-16): A.i.18, nos. 13, 16.
"Gáel Dúimach", letter of (1819): A.i.19, no. 31.
Gerard, Rev. Dr. Gilbert, letter of (1807): A.i.17, no. 5.
Gillies, H. Cameron: A.vii.
Gordon, Charles, Depute Secy., HSS, letters etc. of (1822-23): A.i.3, nos. 75, 77; A.i.13, no.4; A.i.20, no. 7.
Graham, Rev. Dr. Patrick, Aberfoyle, letters of (1807-18): A.i.17, nos. 6, 8; A.i.19, nos. 10, 12.
-----letter regarding (1807): A.i.17, no. 7.
Grant, Miss A., letter of (1820): A.i.19, no. 35.
Grant, Mrs. Anne, letter of (1823): A.i.20, no. 31.
"G. Rothseanus", Clifton, near Bristol, letter of (1819): A.i.13, no. 3c.
Irvine, Rev. Dr. Alexander, Little Dunkeld, letters of (1809-24): A.i.o, nos. 1-35.
-----report of (1823): A.i.4, no. 188.
-----inventory of MSS. etc. in possession of: A.iv.12.
-----note on death of (1824): A.i.5, no. 36.
Jameson, Robert, Prof. of Natural History, Edinburgh: A.ii.1.
Jamieson, Robert, antiquary, letter of (1828): A.i.21, no. 18.
Johnson, Dr. Samuel, printed letter of (1766): A.i.17, no. 1.
Kerr, Hugh, writer, Glasgow, letter of (1820): A.i.19, no. 36.
Kilbride MSS., letters regarding (1816-21): A.i.3, nos. 66-68; A.i.4, no. 153; A.i.18, nos. 23, 26; A.i.19, nos. 32-34, 36.
-----inventories of: A.iv.7, A.iv.16.
Liddall, W. J. N., Advocate: A.v.3.
MacAlpine, Neil, letter of (1826): A.i.21, no. 8.
-----prospectus of Pocket Gaelic Dict. by (1826): A.i.21, no. 8.
MacArthur, Rev. Archibald, Kilninian, letter regarding MSS. of (1810): A.i.17, no. 25.
-----note in hand of, A.vi.3.
McCallum, Rev. Duncan, Arisaig, letters of (1820-21): A.i.19, nos. 41, 46, 47.
McCoinnich, lain, diploma signed by (1821): A.i.4, no. 150.
MacColla, Alastair, diploma signed by (1821): A.i.4, no. 150.
McConnick, Daniel, Town Serjeant, Dundee, letters of (1818-22): A.i.19, nos. 2, 7, 21, 23; A.i.20, nos. 1, 2.
MacDhonuill, D. ("an old Highlander"), Edinburgh, letter of (1815): A.i.18, no. 8.
MacDonald, Alexander (Mac Mhaighstir Alasdair), letter regarding life and writings of (1820), A.i.19, no. 41.
MacDonald, Fr. Alexander, Crieff, letters of (1820-23): A.i.3, nos. 1-3, 5-9.
-----contract with HSS of (1822): A.i.8, no. 4.
-----letter to (1823): A.i.4, no. 205.
MacDonald, Archibald, letter of (1805): A.i.17, no. 3.
MacDonald, Archibald, Rhue, Arisaig, letter of (1821): A.i.19, no. 48.
MacDonald, John, corrector of press to Gaelic Bible, letters of and regarding (1823): A.i.20, nos. 32, 33.
MacDonald, Capt. John, Thurso, writer of A.iii.1.
MacDonald, Rev. John, Gaelic Church, Edinburgh (later the "Apostle of the North"), ??? letter of (1809): A.i.11, no. 4b.
MacDonald, Rev. Malcolm, Gigha, letters of (1824): A.i.20, nos. 38, 43.
MacDonald, Ranald, cf Laig prospectus for Ring??? Collection of (1808): A.v.1, no. 10.
MacDonald, Ranald, of Staffa, letter of (1819): A.i.19, no. 19.
MacDonald, Ronald, Arisaig, an illiterate collector of poems, "Memorial" of, (1821): A.i.19, no. 44.
-----recommendation of (1821): A.i.19, no. 48.
Macdonnell, Col. Alexander Ranaldson, of Glengarry, letter of (1822): A.i.20, no. 14.
Macdonnel, Dr. James, Belfast, letter of (1821): A.i.19, no. 43.
Macfarlan, John, farmer in Auchaltie, per. Drymen, letter of (1815): A.i.18, no. 10.
Macfarlane, Patrick, translator, letters of (1811-13): A.i.17, no. 32; A.i.18, no. 12.
-----prospectus for a published work of (1811): A.v.1, no. 1.
Macfarlane, Patrick, ILLEGIBLE, letter of (1815): A.i.18, no. 7.
McGibbon, Rev. James, Inveraray, letters of (1823-24): A.i.20, nos. 29, 53.
-----prospectus for his ILLEGIBLE of Carswell (1823): A.v.1, no. 11.
McGillivray, Mr, assistant to Prof. ILLEGIBLE
MacGillivray, William, Jamaica, letters of (1816-23): A.i.7, nos. 1-31. William, naturalist ILLEGIBLE
McGregor, John: A.iii.4.
MacGregor, Col. Patrick: A.iii.3.
McHardy, James, Advocate, Aberdeen, letters of (1822): A.i.20, nos. 8, 9.
-----letter regarding (1822): A.i.20, no. 7.
-----account of (1823): A.i.3, no. 77.
MacIntyre, Rev. Duncan, Iaggan, letters of (1811-14): A.i.17, nos. 27, 44.
MacIntyre, James, of Glenoe: A.vi.7.
-----letters regarding MSS. of (1811-14): A.i.17, nos. 28, 44.
MacKay, James, son of Rob Donn, letter to (1810): A.i.17, no. 23.
-----letters regarding (1810): A.i.15 a, f.
-----prospectus and specimen of his ed. of his father's poems (1810): A.v.1, no. 2.
MacKay, Rev. Mackintosh, letters of (1822-23): A.i.14, nos. 1-25.
-----letters regarding (1823-27): A.i.2, nos. 72, 73, 75; A.i.20, no. 31.
-----letter to (1883): A.i.21, no. 8.
-----inventory of books, MSS. etc. borrowed by: A.iv.5, A.iv.10.
MacKay, Rob Donn, letters regarding poems of (1810-19): A.i.4, no. 114; A.i.15 c, e, f; A.i.17, nos. 22, 23.
-----prospectus and specimen of ed. of poems of (1810): A.v.2.
Mackenzie, Alexander, divinity student, 8-page tract, ??? Caraid, by (1822): A.i.20, no. 43.
-----letter of (1824): A.i.20, no. 41.
-----letter regarding (1824): A.i.20, no. 43.
McKenzie, Rev. Donald, Fodderty, letter of (1822): A.i.20, no. 15.
Mackenzie, Henry, letters of (1811-27): A.i.2, no. 48; A.i.13, nos. 1-8.
-----letters of Lewis Gordon to (1819): A.i.19, no. 17.
-----his report on Rev. Alex. Campbell's collection (1809): A.i.19, no. 25.
Mackintosh, Rev. Donald, copies of letters of (1801): A.i.19, no. 36; A.iv.16.
-----letters regarding (1811-20): A.i.17, no. 33; A.i.19, nos. 33, 35.
-----notes in hand of, A.vi.15.
-----inventories of: A.iv.2, A.iv.7, A.iv.16.
-----list of MSS. left by (1808): A.iv.16.
MacLachlan, Donald, of MacLachlan, letters of (1808-11): A.i.17, nos. 12, 30.
MacLachlan, Ewen, letters of (1811-22): A.i.3, nos. 1-70, 72-74; A.i.4, no. 103; A.i.15 d; A.iv.9; A.iv.19.
-----letter to (1811): A.i.13, no. 2.
-----letters etc. regarding (1808-24): A.i.2, nos. 1, 29, 33, 36; A.i.3, nos. 75-77; A.i.13, nos. 1, 4; A.i.17, no. 12; A.i.19, nos. 24, 26, 33, 37; A.i.20, nos. 5, 7-9, 14.
-----copy of his description of "Mr. Thomson's Gaelic MS", now John Rylands Library of Manchester Ir. MS. 35 (1821): A.i.19, no. 50.
-----other material written or compiled by: A.i.2, no. 5; A.i.3, nos. 6b, 71; A.ii.2-6; A.ii.8; A.vi.1; A.vi.8; A.vi.10-11; A.vi.16.
-----inventories of papers of: A.iv.11; A.iv.13; A.iv.20.
MacLagan, Rev. James, Blair Atholl, notes referring to (1817): A.i.18, no. 36.
MacLaurin, Alexander, Edinburgh: A.vi.2.
MacLeod, Rev. Dr. John, letters, reports etc. of (1809-25): A.i.3, no. 71; A.i.4, nos. 1-102, 104-149, 151-187, 189-204, 206-223.
-----letters to (1815-23): A.i.3, nos. 59, 61, 63, 66, 74; A.i.5, nos. 19, 22, 27; A.i.8, no. 8; A.i.12, no. 19; A.i.16 c, d, i; A.i.18, no. 1; A.i.19, no. 24; A.i.20, no. 7.
-----letters regarding (1822): A.i.20, nos. 11, 14.
-----MSS. written or compiled by: A.ii.2-7; A.vi.5; A.vi.9; A.vi.11; A.vi.16; A.vi.18-24.
-----inventories of MSS. sent to, 1813-14: A.iv.14, 17, 18, 21, 22.
MacLeod, Rev. Norman, Campbelltown, letter of (1810): A.i.9 h.
MacMurchy, William, Kintyre, writer of A.vi.4.
-----letter regarding (1808): A.i.17, no. 14.
MacRae, Colin, Depute Secy., HSL, letters of (1806-7): A.i.17, no. 7; A.v.1, no. 3c.
McVean, Rev. Patrick, Kenmore, letter of (1810): A.i.17, no. 25.
Marshall, Mrs. Christian, letters of, regarding Kilbride MSS. (1816-20): A.i.18, no. 26; A.i.19, nos. 32-34; A.iv.16.
-----letters regarding (1819-21): A.i.3, nos. 66-7; A.i.11, nos. 6, 7.
-----list of correspondence relating to her claim to Kilbride MSS., 1816-20: A.iv.15.
Munro, William, India, letter regarding (1815): A.i.18, no. 7.
Murray, Sir John MacGregor, of Lanrick, letters of (1807-20): A.i.12, nos. 1-25.
-----letters regarding (1820-22): A.i.19, no. 35; A.i.20, no. 14.
-----MSS. of, A.iii.4-5.
Murray, Patrick, London, letter of (1808): A.i.17, no. 11.
Ogilvy, Rev. Dr. Skene, Old Machar, letters of (1819-20): A.i.19, nos. 26, 37.
O'Reilly, Edward, Dublin, letters regarding dict. of (1815): A.i.16 a; A.i.18, no. 1.
-----advertisements for dict. of (1815): A.i.16 a; A.v.1, nos. 6, 8.
-----letters of (1816-18): A.i.16 b-i.
Plans of dict. (1814-20): A.i.4, nos. 8, 12; A.ii.2-7; A.v.2, no. 2.
Playfair, Rev. James, Bondochy, Coupar Angus; writer of A.iii.2.
Prospectuses of printed works: A.i.16 a; A.v.1; A.v.2.
Questionnaire (1815), A.i.4, no. 33.
Rennie, Rev. Robert, Kilsyth, letter of (1801): A.i.17, no. 2.
Richardson, Wm., Prof. of Humanity at Glasgow, letters of (1810): A.i.9 j; A.i.17, no. 21.
Robertson, Alexander, schoolmaster, Kirkmichael: writer of A.vi.2.
Robertson, James, letter of (1822): A.i.20, no. 22.
-----letter regarding (1822): A.i.20, no. 21.
Ross, Rev. Dr Thomas, Lochbroom, letter regarding (1822): A.i.20, no. 15.
Sinclair, Sir John, his printed Observations on Gaelic Poems of Ossian (1806): A.v.1, no. 4.
-----letters of (1807-24): A.i.5, nos. 3b, 3c; A.i.11, nos. 1-8, 10, 11.
-----letters to (1809-23): A.i.11, nos. 4b, 4c, 9.
-----MS. of (1811): A.iii.3.
Smith, Dr. Donald, MSS. of, letters regarding (1806-10): A.i.6, no. 7; A.i.9 a-d, f-j; A.i.17, nos. 19, 21.
-----descriptions of (1812-13): A.iv.23-24.
Smith, Mrs. Helen, Smerby, widow of Rev. Dr. John Smith, letters of (1810): A.i.9 g, i.
Smith, Rev. Dr. John, Campbelltown, letters etc. of (1806-7): A.i.9 a-f.
Smith, John Jr., son of Dr. Donald Smith: writer of A.i.9 f, A.iv.24.
-----letters regarding (1806-10): A.i.9 a, h-j.
Specimens of dict. (1814-18): A.i.4, no. 62; A.ii.8; A.v.2, no. 5; A.vi.10; A.vi.16.
Stewart, Mr., memorandums from report of, A.iv.3.
Stewart, Rev. Alexander, Dingwall, letters of (1809-15): A.i.11, no. 4c; A.i.17, nos. 18, 31, 36, 37, 41; A.i.18, no. 1.
-----letter regarding his Grammar (1812): A.i.17, no. 35.
Stewart, Charles, printer, Edinburgh, letter of (1810): A.i.17, no. 22.
Stewart, Rev. Dr. Charles, Strachur, letter of (1810): A.i.17, no. 26.
Stewart, Col, David, of Garth, letters of (1822-24): A.i.20, nos. 21, 52.
-----letter to (1822): A.i.14, no. 1.
Stewart, Joseph, Blairannich, son of Rev. Dr. John Stuart of Luss, letter of (1822): A.i.20, no. 11.
-----letter regarding (1822): A.i.4, no. 173.
Stokes, Dr. Whitley, Trinity College, Dublin, letter of (1815): A.i.18, no. 14.
Stuart, Charles, W.S., executor of Rev. Donald Mackintosh, letters of (1811-17): A.i.17, no. 33; A.i.18, nos. 23, 26.
Stuart, Rev. Dr. John, Luss, letters of (1806-19): A.i.17, nos. 4, 24, 38, 42, 43; A.i.19, no. 18.
Tait, bookseller, Edinburgh, letter of (1825): A.i.21, no. 4.
Thom, Walter, Correspondent Office, Dublin, letter of (1815): A.i.16 a.
Thomson, Thomas, Depute Clerk Register, letters regarding (1821): A.i.3, no. 66; A.i.4, no. 152.
-----description of MS. of (1821): A.i.19, no. 50.
"Tren-beg Mc Goel", letter of (1819): A.i.13, no. 3b.
Turner, Peter or Patrick, letters of (1809-10): A.i.15 b, e.
-----letters regarding (1809-10): A.i.15 a-c, f.
-----affidavit of (1809): A.i.15 g.
-----MS. of, A.vi.4.
University Printing Office, Edinburgh, letter of (1826): A.i.21, no. 9.
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